19 04 2015




Last night was a beautiful starry night and Elliott passed away.  It was such a blessing and he was in his barn with his sheep.  Today we buried him and the sheep got to say their goodbyes.  Marley spent the most time with him smelling him and looking, their protector is gone.   Everything will change about the herd now, it will be interesting to see who steps up to the plate and tries to take Elliott’s place.

Last years sheraing

Last years shearing


I was very disappointed in my Vet who is not local but practices in another state..  When I called him Thursday he said he was too busy to come and would be here on MOnday.  Compassion must not be important in that group.  They have been here for the sheep and Elliott before, I would never recommend this group to anyone. 

When living in Belchertown I went to Mill Valley Vets .  Dr. Morcum was my vet.  He is a compassion and loving person who cares deeply about the welfare of animals.  Everyone who works at the clinic is kind and caring.  My friend Renee has worked there for years.  I wish I lived closer so I could still go there.

I will be looking for a new vet and will make sure that if there is an emergency they will come.

Many thanks for reading my blog today.  So many changes ont he farm this past year, I hope that this is it for a while.  Carole



17 04 2015


Its raining here today and we do need it.  It has been dry and this will help to prevent forest fires.


This year has been the hardest year for me.  With the death of my Mother and many animal family members passing on, sickness and worries, it seemed never-ending.  My family and friends have stood by me, helping me in many ways.  In my darkest hours someone has been there.  I am eternally grateful.  My blogger friends have sent kind e-mails . each one is treasured.  I am grateful to have all of you in my life.



Elliott has taken a turn for the worse, I knew that he couldn’t come out of this but as long as he wanted to carry on I would do whatever I could for him.  The Vet has been called and he will come Monday to send him on his way to the sheep that have been waiting for him..  I didn’t really realize how much his illness has affected me till the other day when I had a complete meltdown.  Then and only then did I realized how much I have worried about him.  My friends Ceacy and Lynn came over yesterday  And got him moved with a lot of snorting and spitting and growling from himself.  We made him quite comfortable and left him eating hay.    He has pain meds too.  

When I was offered him I refused.  I didn’t want another large animal.  Llamas aren’t the friendliest of creatures and at that time my flock of sheep were well-trained.    My friend Lynn talked me into it and the deal was done.  Poor Elliott had never seen a sheep before.  You could almost see his eyes rolling when he saw them.  Right from the beginning he knew his job.  He guarded his sheep  and would patrol the perimeters of the pasture.  If something was in the woods he would lay down in front of the barn door and the sheep could not go out.   No dog with any sence would venture too near the fence or Elliott would come running and spitting.That flock of sheep respected him and would follow his lead.  He is the best Llama in the world.

MOre and more bulbs are popping up, I am hoping to plant some herbs seeds today.  Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.  Carole


9 02 2015


My son shoveled off the porch roof which had a foot and a half of snow on it and Charlie and Tyler put most of the wood on the porch..    It’s so wonderful to have those two things done.  I do not have to worry about the porch roof  anymore and the wood is easier for me to get right off the porch.

Taken by my neighbor CHrista during the last storm  Thanks Christa

Taken by my neighbor CHrista during the last storm Thanks Christa


Elliott is recovered from his ordeal and is getting up and moving around..  Things are back to normal for him.


They are calling for 18 inches of snow starting this afternoon through early Tuesday morning.  This kind of storm reminds me of winters we had  when I was a child.  There was always enough snow to build an igloo . The snow along side the roads was much higher than our car when going  to see family in CHesterfield.   Kids will have to make up snow days now.  And at the end of the week we will have below zero temps again.  The days are getting longer and winter won’t give up without a fight, spring will be here soon.  Hope springs eternal.


While I was cleaning up their winter quarters a few days ago Mrs. Brown laid and egg and immediately started to make a nest.


 Hazel gave her a hand flicking some hay her way.  It was exciting but then I though it will probably be another rooster.  Oh No,   I have 4 roosters and enough is enough.  I did leave them and came back later and the nest was scattered and the egg cold and it was buried under some shavings.  She had her couple of hours thinking about being a Mom again and thought against it.


Many thanks for reading my blog, hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole




6 02 2015


It is 14 below zero this morning.  Luckily the barn keeps the animals warmer.  I still have frozen pipes and will call the oil company to see what can be done today. Today there is a meeting of The Shelburne Falls Farmers Market and I hope to attend.  The market has been decreasing in the number of vendors and the number of customers and we will talk about what can be done.


I went up to the barn after 5 last night to feed Elliott and the SHeep.  Elliott was acting strangely and I went in for  a closer look and he had probably stepped in the water bucket and somehow it got around his knee and he laid down.  I tried to get it off but couldn’t so I called Lauren to see if she could help.  We just could not do it so I called my good neighbor Pat and he came right over.  He with Laurens help was able to free him but not without a lot of screaming and yelling from Elliott and a little spitting here and there.  Elliott  is a gentle soul but he doesn’t like strange people in the barn and he hates to be touched.  Both things were happening to him at the same time.  I checked on him many times during the evening and he was fine and this morning he was patiently waiting for his breakfast.  The sheep must have thought the Vet was coming and they made their way out of the barn when the noise started, Elliott hates the Vet and makes the same noises when he comes.  All is well and in a few weeks I will laugh about this incident.


Having animals for so many years strange things can happen. My wonderful and favorite sheep Lottie was curious.  In the summers my sheep went to pasture and I would check on them every day.  This one morning  Lottie came running up to me and her face was covered with quills.  None in her mouth or eyes. I called my Friend Ceacy and she came over with pliers and gently took out all the quills.  I still have the quills!!!!!  


   A porcupine must have wandered near the electric fence. 



On this cold morning I found 2 eggs in the nest box.

Many thanks for reading my blog on this bitter cold day.  I hope you are warm and cozy .  Carole




30 01 2015


Its gently snowing today and won;’t amount to much.  Its much milder but the bitter cold is coming back tonight and lasting for days.  More wood will be brought in and stacked on the porch today.

This is how Shorty handles a blizzard

This is how Shorty handles a blizzard


In the late 80’s and early 90’s I made lots of baskets.  I found a kindred spirit in basket making, spinning, weaving and now rug hooking in my friend Deb. We have had many adventures over the years and I especially remember one such adventure in the wilds of New Hampshire where we learned to pound ash.  It was something we both  remember with laughter and wonderful baskets.  

This market basket was on the porch full of wool in a  sad state of disrepair.



 I brought it in and luckily I had the materials I needed to fix it.


It only took an hour or so and now I have a usable basket again.


In the spring I plan to make some willow baskets from my willow.  


Thought I would show you Elliott;s new area

Sally would love to get in there to eat the grain.

Sally would love to get in there to eat the grain.


I have renamed Morticia’s son Eddie.  The name suits him.


 Yesterday I purchased a mirror for him.  He had to be separated from his sister and Mom, he was getting so unruly.  In many articles I have read the mirror will entertain him.  He is enjoying it and talking to it.


 When Chris comes all will join him in the box room in separate cages .  In the summer Eddie will rejoin his family outside.

Sammy is enjoying is favorite activity, bird watching.



Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole



27 01 2015



All the preparation was for not.  We had around 6 inches of snow.  It was very windy and still is windy but we didn’t lose power and the snow was light and fluffy.    It was and is very cold.  Icicles now hang from the roofs.



One of the preparations for the storm was separating Elliott from the sheep.  I had a gate which almost fits across the barn and he has been very comfortable there.  He will get up and move around but doesn’t have to worry about the sheep eating his food and tripping him.  I notice on warmer days he is much better much like me arthritis does that. It’s hard to watch such a vibrant and regal animal wind down.  He has protected the sheep day and night and now deserves some peace from them. 

This is the year of separating Marly too.  At least in the winter.  He is so unruly and can be quite mean.  I can never turn my back on him or I will be flying in the air like a cartoon character.  He will be in the same area that the sheep are in but he will not be with them.  


The birds have kept me hopping, eating food faster than I can fill the feeders.  Our neighborhood Ruby Woodpecker even came around trying to finish off the suet.


Not the greatest picture taken through the kitchen window, he was pecking at the suet 100 miles an hour!

I have been spending this down time mending some things.  I have a whole basket full of things that need a little hand sewing here and there.  It’s a perfect thing to do on a cold, windy day.  I also managed to fix a problem on my computer although it took me a few timeS of playing around with it to get it done.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and i hope you have a wonderful day.  Carole




4 01 2015


Canadian Geese cleanning up the cornfields in Greenfield.

Canadian Geese cleaning up the cornfields in Greenfield.


I have noticed that Elliott is not walking as well and called a friend who knows a lot more about LLamas than I do.  SHe was worried that it may be the meningeal worm which is carried by white tail deer.  But after a closer look she thinks its arthritis.  After all he is almost 20 which is the age when bad things happens to llamas.  

I have had many old animals, each is different in things that happens to them.  Elliott still gets up and eats and moves around.  I will have the vet come and he will make suggestions and I will also check out the internet to see of other things I can do.  He has been the best LLama and I will give him the things he needs to make his life more comfortable.   


Tonight a winter storm is coming , snow sleet and then rain and tomorrow’s temps in the higher 40’s.  I am hoping that rain does not come into the barn.  Then we are in for a spell of cold weather.  I have already gone through a cord of wood.  I will have to get another cord at least.  Next year maybe 4 cords will do me.


I bought this feeder a few years ago for a very low price on e-bay.  I thought that it would work out in the barn but it didn’t.  I looked at it for a while and thought it would look good as a small tea-table next to my chair in the livingroom.


But its taken me all this time to find a round tray for the top  The metal tray was all rusted and came from my Cousin Bertie.  Ricky drilled a couple of holes in the middle and Chris sanded it and now this is a piece of folk art.  I do love it

The chickens have been enjoying these extra days out this winter.


I hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog. Carole