4 10 2015



It’s been quite chilly the past few days  This old cement farmhouse keeps in the damp and it takes a while to warm up.  No frost yet though so the garden is still providing me with  veggies and herbs.  I did get another couple of garlic bulbs to plant and hope to get them in today.



You either love it or hate it.  It is an invasive plant and some of my friends are horrified that I would have it in my yard.  Its been growing on the side of my barn with its heavy roots located in the front of the barn .  I trim it every year and I have plans for a trellis over the front doors of the barn.  Hope to get that done next year.


As a child getting bittersweet was part of fall activities.  We would take a drive and find some on a county lane and pick it. It would be hanging on our doors and in bowls.

I like being able to just go out and pick decorations for the house.  In the spring I have Pussy Willows and I have planted Winterberry bushes for winter decorations .

Of the three winterberry bushes I planted only one survived and this year although it had many flowers only one berry was on it and the birds got it.  Its in a shady place.  I hope to buy a few more bushes and I now have a wonderful place  in the area that was dug up for the trench work,    I think would be suitable for them.


This Fall’s Spin Off Magazine has arrived and has a wonderful article about core spinning.  Something I have done in the past and want to do again.  My friend Ceacy is giving me all her wonderful English Leicester fleeces which are perfect for core spinning.  Wonderful scarves can be made with this yarn or it can be an embellishment yarn for projects.



I am on Facebook and just love it.  I have met some wonderful and inspirational people on this venue.  One person I met and we follow each other is Kristen Nichols.   I saw her colors  and was hooked.  The surprising fact was that she lives in the next town over and has sheep!!!!  Who knew.  She offers classes at her  farm and she is a self taught artist.  The latest issue of Mary Jane’s Farm has a wonderful article with  pictures of her art and her house.  Its been an inspiration to me and I am ready for lots of color in this old farm house.  


Hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.  Carole

Sammy loves his hut. especially when its chilly and the radiator is on

Sammy loves his hut. especially when its chilly and the radiator is on


2 10 2015


A cloudy and brisk morning, the chestnuts are falling from the huge CHestnut tree on my son’s property, more trees are turning bright yellows and orange. Fall is upon us.  My favorite season.


For years and years in my bureau were these glass plates.  They were passed down from generation to generation..  They were wrapped carefully in tissue paper and all I do know about them is they are pictures of my family.  My family was keepers of our history, Some members handed down things and others wrote books about the history. All things were passed down from wooden bowls to kitchen ware to quits and material.  Sometimes it feels like a burden because I  am the keeper of things but most times I am comforted in having it all around me.  It feels like  I am surrounded by well-worn loved things that were important to family members.  I use the quilts and kitchen ware, things should be used. All these things will be passed down to my Children and Grandchildren.  I am hoping to bring my memories alive so they will cherish them.

  Cindy took the plates and I forgot about them till I got an e-mail yesterday with the pictures on them.  I wish my Dad was here to ask who was in these pictures.   We are guessing that they were taken around 1880 when my Grandfather was a boy in Chesterfield, Massachusetts.    I think the below picture is of him with his Mother, my Great-Grandmother.  I wish they had kept diaries so I could have known them better.  I am going to be better at keeping a diary and writing what I know about my family for future generations.



Wow its a wonderful no water in the barn, I went up during the worst of the rain and the water was passing by the door on its way down the side of the barn.  We had more than 5 inches of water in a very short period of time.  There was minor flooding and in some parts of New England like Portland, Maine there was major flooding.  Now I can address the things that have happened because of all that water like some rotten boards.

A hurricane is heading up the Eastern Coast, there is a chance that it will go out to sea, I sure hope it does.

The sheep were very glad not to have water flowing inside.

You can't make me go out in this said Maude

You can’t make me go out in this said Carol K.




Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.  Carole




29 09 2015


The huge harvest moon lit up the sky Sunday night and the eclipse was a sight to behold.  Cooler weather will be arriving with burst of color in the trees.  Rain is coming in for the next few days and we certainly do need it.



The three hens seem to be doing quite well.  Before the end of October everyone will be in the barn.  And in December most of the gals will be laying again.  I am getting two or three eggs a day now and just a few months ago I was getting 8 or 9

Eddie is quite happy with the new arrivals



Keeping this farm going is a full-time job.  I just don’t have the time to keep up with old projects.  Here are a few of the projects that I want to get finished and will be working on them this fall.


I love this Camp Wool rug of Nubble Light.  I want to finish it this year.  I would hate to say how long I have been working on this rug.  Taking it out and doing the rocks, then its put away then doing the grassy areas and put away etc etc etc.  Its been a hard rug for me as I didn’t want it to look like all the other rugs in this pattern.  I wanted it to look real and after taking a class at Deanne’s in Nova Scotia I was able to get the look I wanted in the rocks, sea, and grassy areas. I have used all kinds of material, from handspun yarn and roving from my sheep to special wool material picked up here and there.  The pin is something my Mom used to wear and I will put it in the sea when I am done.  The puffin flying is Cindy’s favorite bird.    I have to get this done as I have two more rugs to make for David and Betty.  As my friend Deb said its just a weekend’s work.  Will keep you posted on the progress.


This rug pattern I got many years ago too.  I started it and then put it away. Didn’t like the look of the straight lines mixed in with the lettering.   I am not a straight line person. I think I will rip out everything but the lettering.  I do love the chicken and cat and will do the area around the lettering in cream and white.  Drawing little circles to the design which will add depth to it.  I may change the middle to include a sheep or two!

Rug Hooking is so much fun and as you gain  experience your hooking changes..  I love hooking with yarn, I think you can be more creative with it and am so grateful to Deanne for showing the world  how creative one can be with hooking.  I have come to a place in my hooking where I am mostly satisfied with what I do.  Most times its very different than others do but I never was one to follow rules!


Usually I plant the garlic late when its cold.  Yesterday was a beautiful, warm day so the garlic got planted..  Today I will mulch it.   Last year I just didn’t get around to it and I was very sorry.  I love having my own garlic and not having to worry about adding it to my grocery list.  Organic garlic is around $5.00 for 4 bulbs.  Planting garlic cost me $.85 per bulb.   Each bulb had at least  10 cloves on it so I come out way ahead even it only half of them survive.  I hope to get a few more bulbs..


I have a little more room in the hill garden since the work was done in back so more things can be planted in the spring.  I am getting my raspberry patch ready for plants that my friend Joan is giving me .  My two apple trees have survived all the work that has been done on the house and I hope to have a grape arbour put up in two places next spring.


Bird watching

Bird watching

Hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.  Carole


25 09 2015


We are still enjoying the great weather. It has enabled me to get the fencing done.


I am so gad that its  done.  Moving and setting up those 16 foot sections of fencing was harder than I remembered.  Of course I am a lot older now.  Today I hope to start seeding, small areas of the fenced in area.

The sheep had been in the barn for 4 days.  They were glad to be out but bewildered by the fenced in area.

What's going on!

What’s going on!

All was forgotten soon enough when acorns were spotted.  Soon they were  gobbling them up.



Still lots to do out of the sheep area and fixing up the gardens there.  


Its fall and time for my annual visit to John Peters (The Chicken Man)  It’s a trip I always look forward to with anticipation , what kind of hens will come home with me this year.  I promised myself to get only two birds.

Lynn and I met Sheila a fellow chicken lover from Williamsburg and off we went.  Between us we bought 9 hens.  Sheila getting the most at 4, Lynn got two and I got three.  I bought an Easter Egger and two bantam Easter Egger.  They will all start laying in late fall.

Lynn with Emma

Lynn with Emma

I put them in the dog house and there was quite a bit of discussion between them.  There is just enough time for the adjustment and they will be part of the other flock.


Emma is the buff colored Bantam and Rosemary is next to her the bigger bird is Dorothy

Emma is the buff colored Bantam and Rosemary is next to her the bigger bird is Dorothy


I had beautiful large peaches this year but this is how they looked.  I think it’s caused by a moth but don’t know what to do about it.  Any advice?



Woody is back

Woody is back

Many thanks for reading my blog on this beautiful day.  Carole


22 09 2015


We are enjoying a long stretch of great late summer weather with some needed rain coming next week.  The side yard chickens were concerned about the activity in the sheep pasture, every so often I would hear the alert call from Eddie.




What a wonderful feeling to have it done.  Still more work to do getting the fencing up and some seed planted on the berm.  Luckily I have help from Lauren.  Its been years since I have done fencing, great exercise.



am so grateful that I finally found the right person for the job.  He knew exactly how to make the water flow.  Demers Landscaping out of Turners Falls did the job and he was recommended by my Vet.  6 old tires and some fencing and other odd things were dug up.  Lots of large boulders were placed near a retaining wall to further stop erosion.


It will make a nice focal point for flowers and a bird house.  The garden area will change next season and I will have the winter to think about it.  



I cut out lots of primitive hearts yesterday and mix up all the herbs except for Lemon Balm which is  drying in the dehydrator for the dream pillows.  I hope to get some sewing done tomorrow and get them packaged up.  They really do help with a more restful sleep.



A couple of days ago I finished up making my Herbal Vinegar for the year.  I love finding uses for bottles and one darker one is a olive oil  bottle and of course a coke bottle.  Garlic and Rosemary are my favorite kind to make .   You can make them out of any herbs but the more tender herbs like oregano will need to be drained out after a couple of weeks.  As I am writing this I think I will do one more, a vinegar with lavender in it.   These make simple, wonderful gifts with little cost and time.   My recipe :

Vinegar (good quality)  enough to fill your bottles (I guesstimate) 


Lavender, Dill, Chives, Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme are a few I have tried and I do add Garlic to many of my mixes.

Clean bottles throughly , add vinegar to sauce pan and bring to a simmer (do not let it boil)   Add herbs to the bottles.  For a large bottle I usually add 3 stems of rosemary and one garlic sliced.  Add vinegar with a funnel and I like to cap with a cork.    I do like to put a tag on the with the ingredients and a ribbon or raffia for gift giving.

Many thanks for reading my blog on this delightful day.  Carole 


20 09 2015


Its a beautiful, crisp morning with a hint of fall in the air.   Tomorrow the men come to do the drainage in the back of the barn.  Lots of fencing has to come down this afternoon.  It will be great to have that done. I have had some computer woes this week.  Updating and cleaning up has caused havoc.  I upgraded my iPad and now I can’t do anything with it.  THANKS APPLE, I WILL NEVER UPGRADE AGAIN!!!!! My lap top I did manage to get it going again but when Chris comes he will have to  work on it.  He will have it fixed in a jiffy.

Knit Me Some Happiness

utube GEM 



I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.


Because of the work being done in the back some things have to be picked now.  I pulled up this gigantic heirloom  radish.  I will try it in my next salad.


I also planted leeks this year and had to pull up some.   They will be frozen in slices for soups or tarts.




I have been busy dyeing wool this week for CAMP WOOL in Kennebunk, Maine.  (If you haven’t been there its a wonderful place for lovers of all wool crafts) I hope to have it all dried and sent out soon.  


Why buy when you can get it for free right on the farm.   Great for starting new gardens just spread it on top and let winter do its work.  Bring a truck or bags.  Ingredients: sheep poop, some hay and shavings.  Most of it has been brewing all summer so its safe to put right around plants now.


Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a lovely day.  Carole



17 09 2015


Warm days and cool nights are perfect.  The leaves in the back mountain are ever so slightly showing changes.  This summer has been a funny one.  With torrential rains and cool enough temperatures to warrant a wood stove being lit.  Terrible fires in the west with flooding everywhere.  Climate change is here to stay and we have to learn to live with the abrupt changes.


Packing up for the show I found my Cat Pincushions.  Well should I say what was left of two of them.  The cats found them and thought that they were cat toys and ripped them open only to find that there was no catnip in them only walnut shells.  I will have to make sure that the new ones I make are in cat proof boxes.



I have found a great Podcast for knitters called KnitBritish.  The pod cast are many and they want British people to buy wool grown and spun  in Britain.  I love it and encourage all you knitters here in the states to follow suit and buy only wool grown here when you can.   Not enough is done to encourage that but I do know that Liz of Sheep and Shawl carries many wool’s grown locally.

 I love listening to the podcast for he  helpful hints and interesting facts about the wool’s she finds.  It inspires me while I am working on my projects for shows.



I have been getting another order ready for Camp Wool in Kennebunk, Maine.  I have finished the purples today and am onto the flesh  and pumpkin colors .




Hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog today.  Carole

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