Our Products

$25.00 per pair

We sell unique and original Handmade Jumbo Birch Knitting Needles. Each are original and different from others we make. You can make use of old clothes, yarns and other old stock clothing’s and blankets by turning them into useful rags for your feet and hands.

Handwoven Balsam Filled Pillows ($15.00)

We sell Handwoven Balsam Pillows for $15.00 per bag.  Each Pillow is 5×5 and is carefully made with handwoven overshot pattern. The designs are inspired from the colonial era and each of the designs are also unique from each other. Each pillow is filled with Balsam and they are guaranteed to give you comfort.

Aromatic Lavender ($2.25 per bag)

We also sell Aromatic Lavender for $2.25 per bag. This is a great idea to keep off moth away from your place. And at the same time gives your place a nice and good aromatic smell from the lavenders.

Natural Lavender Heating Pad( $15.00 medium - $18.00 Large)

We also sell Natural Lavender Heating Pad for $15.00 for medium and $18.00 for large size. Make this heating pad as a warmer during cold and winter season. And the best thing about it is that it has the scent of the relaxing aroma lavender smell. The pad is filled with rice and lavender and you can show or offer you different variety of covers. You can choose from a sheep, horse, cat and other covers you want.

$3.50 each

We also sell Bath Sachets for 3.50. The Bath Sachets are available in Rose, Lavender, Rosemary choices. Each bath sachet is made of an organza type bag filled with lavender/ or rosemary, rose petals and calendula. Hang it over your faucet or leave it float in your tub. Your bath will be filled with wonderful scents. Can be used any time, just hang to dry between uses 

$3.50 each 3 for 10.00

We also sell Camomile Lavender Bath Sachets Camomile lavender bath sachets – soothing and relaxing blend for luxurious herbal baths! $3.50 each 3 for 10.00. Best use for spa and home self treatment when relaxing and chilling out. This would be the best solution you can use it on shower and your dream bubble bath and to your exact needs and preferences.

$1.50 per cup

We also sell Balsam Potpourri Mix Bring back smells of the forest or your favorite Christmas with Balsam Potpourri. This mix is filled with balsam, flower petals, and small balsam cones.

$1.25 pcs, $3.50 for candles

We also sell Raw Beeswax and Beeswax Products Bars and Octagon pieces of beeswax each approximately 1 ounce. Used for cosmetics, use on drive band on spinning wheel, also used on sewing needles, and many other uses. Candles are of bee skips and approximately 3 inches high.

$10.00 each

We also sell Spinning Hooks Beautiful, handmade beaded spinning hooks. This spinning hooks are use to thread your yarn through the spinning wheel orifice. And this hooks are also durable and long lasting. This are some Specic or preferred color -blue, green, purple or red which at $10.00 each as the selling price

$ 90 per ounce

We also sell different colors of Lustrous wool from my flock We offer hand dyed wool from Border Leicester & Romney Sheep. Colors usually available are fall colors, greens, golds, orange, rust and reds, purple mixes and green mixes. Please e-mail me for other colors.

$2.25 each

We also sell different kinds of Cat Nip Toys Sure to please the cats in your family. Each toy is made of cat print and other assorted prints and is generously filled with organic cat nip that is grown on the farm and tested and approved by the cats at the farm.
$2.25 each

$2.25 each

We also sell Cat Toys Felted cat balls with a bell inside. This is a great toy for your cats and kittens at home were in they can play around with it. And your cat will also enjoy playing the ball because the bell inside can create a sound. The Felted cat balls are sold for $2.25 each.

$2.50 each card

We also sell Picture Note Cards These cards are images from Ireland, of my sheep, my chickens, florals from the United States and Ireland. More images to come. Great cards for birthdays, thank-you cards, or that special someone. Each card is custom made.


9 responses

7 07 2012

Wow Carole, you have beautiful things!! I can’t wait to visit.

7 07 2012

Thanks for your comment Patti, I am working on using a room in my house for a shop and workroom, I hope it will be finished by early fall.

23 02 2013
Mary Jane

It looks good! Do check the price listed for your wool, doesn’t seem like it should be $90 per ounce… otherwise, everything looks great!

19 03 2013
An Older Woman

Congratulations. This looks fabulous! You have been busy this winter, and I wish you every success. I’ll be back often and will link you to my blog. Patsye

6 10 2013
Lisa Bertoldi

Hello! I just sent you a card in the US Post. I am hard at work handing out postcards for the MA Sheep and Woolcraft Fair. As well as working on the fiber end of things for the fair. I would love to talk with you….Lisa Bertoldi

6 10 2013

Please e=mail me wspines@aol.com with your phone, we do need to talk and I need cards to put in my booth at ny and winter farmers market, and Crafts of colrain tour. I hope to do some shows in the winter so I need lots of them.

16 10 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

I can testify to the Catnip bags and the incredibly soft and gorgeous wool…a wonderful shop Carole!
Blessings from Ireland
Colette X

11 08 2014
Barbara Wallace

Super blog and products Carol! Makes me happy!

11 08 2014

Many thanks for the kind comments. Hope to see you sometime. Read about your doings on facebook. Come to spinning at Janes some Thursday or Knitting at Pin Himm on Sat>
Love to see you’ Carole

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