17 02 2019


An almost full moon shines into the woods and barn tonight.  Making long shadows in the woods.  After a warm day we will be having colder temps tonight. 




What a surprise when I opened this years Christmas present from my Cousin Gary.  MY favorite Sheep show has always been the Maryland show.  It’s the biggest and most exciting show.  I was a vendor for many years and miss it so.   The group of people who put on the show are accommodating and so nice.  My Cousin always helped me at this show, he lives about an hour and one half away.  We got T-shirts every year.  This year I got this wonderful quilt with lots of memory T-shirt pictures.  It’s a treasure.


20190214_131110_HDR (1).jpg








I have been asking the universe for a few more cats, it has been sort of empty with only two cats here.   I spotted an ad on Facebook about the Inky brothers.  Two three-legged cats that were mostly feral that needed a home.  They were sitting in a cage for some months  in Rhode Island with two adoptions that fell through.  I talked it over with my Grandson, Ricky and came to the conclusion that I could take them in.  I have a small sunny bedroom with two windows that overlook a bird fly-way.    With help from Gayl, Genevieve,, and Dr. Annette Rauch they are now here safe and happy.

I am hoping that eventually they will come to trust me but am giving them some space to get adjusted.  I will eventually spend time in the room  and i talk to them every time I go into the room so they will know me..  There are dozens of nose prints on the windows so I know they are watching bird tv every day.  PAAWSRI did a wonderful job with them giving them all the time they needed to find a new home  Thank you .

Moxie came to me as a 8-year-old cat who had been with the same person his whole life.  The gentleman needed to move in with a family member who was allergic to cats.    He has had a bit of a tough time adjusting here.  He was quite mad  at me and wouldn’t look at me for days.  He has been in my downstairs bedroom  but because he has weight issues I don’t know when I will put him with Sam and Willie.  He is such a sweet boy and know he will fit in nicely here.





An article caught my eye on Instagram and I develed into it further.  At the least to say I was shocked but not surprised ro find out that our own government may be responsible for the tick outbreak.

Dr. Ken liegner had this to say about Lyme:  In the fullness of time, the mainstream handling of lyme disease will be viewed as one of the most shameful episodes in the history of medicine.. because elements of academic medicine, elements of government and virtually the entire insurance industry have colluded to deny a disease. 

I know this to be true because the clinic I go to many of the doctors have told me so, I have been laughed at, told I never had the disease ect.  He is  reveling  his secret role in developing bug born biological weapons. I am going to buy the book BITTEN The secret history of lyme disease and biological weapons.  300,000 Americans are affected with Lyme disease each year.  This book devels into Willy Burgdorfer the man who discovered the microbe    The author believes that it was an experiment gone wrong.

This disease is in epidemic proportions and has affected so many people.  It has taken their life away.  Only if you are lucky enough to have Doctors that know this disease know how to treat it can you ever hope to get some resemblances of your old life back.

I have been sick again since October.  Through blood work taken at Integrated Medicine I have a very high level of mycoplasma.  Which means that I will be under treatment for the next month .  It is an interesting disease as it has no cell covering so I have to take one medicine which encapsulates it so the two antibiotics that I will be taking will work.  I am also taking an immune booster to try to improve my health.


 I have so many wonderful birds coming to the feeding station.  Lots of cardinals, Mourning Doves, all kinds of Woodpeckers, and so many more.    The cats are enjoying wild bird tv.

Many thanks for reading my blog on this clear moonlight night.


















13 01 2019


  It is bitter cold day, the wind whips down the mountain and throught the barn.  Every once in a while in this old farmhouse breezes flow through the house.  Curtains are drawn to keep the warmth in.  Layers are worn and books read.


I have been dyeing with black walnut hulls for years.  This year i wondered where I would get some.  Then a sign appearedon the main street of my town, free walnuts and I investigated.  The woman has 2 trees and they were loaded.   I now have a 50  pound feed bag full of dried walnut hulls.


 I bought a coffee grinder and am grinding them up.  It seems that people  are getting back into natural dyeing but want the convience of having the dye near ready for them.   I will package it  up into 4 and 8 ounce jars and sell it online and at shows.  I have always want to do more with natural dyeing and hope to do some madder this year too.  

I am going to plant some of the seeds and sell some of the trees at farmers market too.


Every year I have a few chickens in and of course Helen is in every winter.  This year Charolette is in.  She is a delightful hen who always heard me coming out to fed them and jumped up to the window.  The past few days she has not been herself.  She has not jumped up onto the perch to sleep and today just stood there ruffled up.   I brought her in and she is thin,  All the food she has been eating has gone to keeping her warm.


I do think as in all animals there is indiscriminate breeding.  People just don’t have the understanding or the skill to know that some hens are not able to take extreme cold. 

She has had a dose of poultry drench, some yogurt and mealy worms, and chicken food and is now enjoying some warm oatmeal.  Who knows how this will go but it looks like she has a fighting chance of survival.  She is talking up a storm.  Sammy the cat has already inspected her and approved.  He rather likes chicken watching.  A neightbors cat comes almost every day and jumps onto the fence and then to the window box and watches the chickens.  I guess he missed chicken watching when they came in for the winter and has found their new home.



I was looking through my bookcases for something to read today and this book popped out.  It has never been read, probably picked up on a trip to  Ireland in the early 2000’s.    It’s called A COUNTRY LIFE-At Home in the English Countryside by Sir Roy Strong.                

The First chapter describes the house and the things that are he and his wife’s loves.  Its full of artistic clutter, books rambling from one room to another geraniums and other plants doted everywhere spending  their winter inside and last but not least two cats who have the run of the place and no expense or ancient wooden doors were spared for their exit to the gardens.    It sounds a little like my house although my cats aren’t allowed outside.  Missing the sheep and chickens but i imagine they will play a part in the book somewhere.  

I am glad that I put this book away, for now was the perfect time to read it.  He worte the book in 1994 but added a postscript to the book (2002) which I am now reading   He was lamenting about the Hoof and Mouth disease outbreak and how the fields and meadows were empty.  It was a horrific tragedy but the fields and meadows are now filled with Sheep and Cattle again.

I hope you are all snuggled in your warm houses.  All the best.


SALLY                                         SAM IN HIS HUT ON THE RADIATOR


7 01 2019



I have missed blogging and my readers so much.  I have been down to an IPad for many months now and finally got another computer which is now up and running thanks to Ricky.  In trying to get it up and running, Staples told us twice to throw a hardly used, 3 year old Dell computer away.  But Ricky was determined and all that was wrong with it was the charging cord.  It does pay to be persistant.


Wow, what a bad year for the garden.  I planted cucumbers, and pumpkins three times and they never grew, too much rain.  I was able to harvest few tomatoes and some string beans.  The one watermelon plant that I planted produced 8 small watermelons..  I did make some pickles but they were soft and i ended up mulching them.  The cukes that I bought would mold overnight.  The garlic and raspberries were great this year luckily.




My hazelnut tree produced two nuts.  Global warming is here to stay.



I have been longing for another Border Leicester sheep since Sadie passed away some years ago.  I love them and they were my first flock of sheep  A friend of mine had what she called a naughty sheep.  Gretel kept looking for greener pastures and finally had to be put into stonger fencing away from her friends.  She asked if I wanted her and despite my age and infermities I agreed.  

I was worried that she might not fit in.  My sheep have been a herd for quite sometime and sheep sometimes give a new sheep a run for their money.    Everything went fine and she is so happy here with her friends.  We are a motly crew here with two old dark sheep who are afraid of their own shadows, Carol K who can be a little naughty and Maude who has only one eye.  I am so glad that I got her.   Her Curly locked wool is sold o Camp Wool in Kennebunk, Maine.

The past year has been a stuggle with lyme, real bad gardening weather and tradegies but the New Year is bright with anticipation of travels with family, better gardening , spinning and rug hooking with friends and many adventures.  Hope you all have a wonderful and Happy New Year.






5 03 2018


I am so glad to be back in the land of the living.  Sometime in January I started feeling like the Lyme had returned.  I got an appointment in February and had loads of blood test and was taken off all medications and awaited the results.  Meanwhile I came down with this awful chest thing that put me in bed for 3 weeks.  While in bed I found out the results of the tests.  I no longer have the lyme but have a  disease from the tick bite.  It is called babesia microti. It’s a parasite that infects the red  blood cells.. 

I am so lucky that a friend, Vickie told me about Northampton Integrated Medicine  or I would be just walking around with the symptoms.    The blood tests done to diagnose this were not known  to a local lab and my regular doctor told me that  it would be  a short-term of antibiotics.   I will be on a 4  month course of a malaria drug and antibiotics with lots of probiotic.  It takes 3 months for all your blood cells to renew themselves  

I have learned so much since my diagnosis  .  This is spread by the white footed mouse.. It can lay dormant for weeks or years, cause flu lie symptoms, fatigue and others.  More and more people are getting this and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health is tracking the people who do get it.  At this time in my small drug store I am the second person taking this unusual medication.



If anyone out there has had this please send me a note.  I am sharing this with you because the medical field doesn’t have a lot of knowledge about lyme and are not putting the funding into it.  It’s a dangerous disease which can ruin your life and even kill.

One of the sad things for me about this disease is that I won’t be able to hang clothes out.  I have watched and helped all the women in my family, from my Great=Grandmother to my Mom hang  clothes on the line.  There is nothing better than slipping into a bed with the smell of freshness in the sheets.. I have concluded this is how I had gotten bitten in the fall and found ticks on my inside cats.  I hope that I can figure out a way to be able to continue but at this point I will be drying the clothes inside.


I am still living in the glow of the trip to Ireland and was so grateful to have been feeling so well during that wonderful trip.

I love  my kitchen, it’s a joy to work in and looking forward to the summertime when I will do lots of canning.

The sheep and chickens have survived the terrible, bone chilling cold of this winter and it looks like another nore-easter is coming on Wednesday.


Nellie came in during the 20 below days.  She just couldn’t function in that weather and would have frozen to death.   She has enjoyed being inside with lots of snacks and outings and will go out when the weather gets warm with the smaller and gentler hens.  

I am doing a wonderful Maple Sugar Festival in Whitingham Vermont, March 17 and 18.  Come visit me it will be such a fun event.  I can smell the sap boiling now.


Many thank for reading my blog , hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole.


Assorted dark-colored wool strips waiting to be dried, ironed and put into a labeled boxIMG_8115


28 02 2017



The long shadows of spring have arrived and most of the snow has left the mountain. The great thing about this time of year is that any snow that comes  along won’t last.


The pussy willow tree is budding out but I know that the tree is living on borrowed time and I must get a replacement this year.

The Canadian Geese are back in Greenfield by the thousands now, as I stopped to take this picture I thought in a few short months nest-building will occur and babies willhave to be taught the ins and outs of the geese life.


As I feed this sheep this morning, someone down stairs is announcing that she laid an egg..  Its theses little things that brings me joy everyday. .  Maude with her one eye happily eating her hay and carrots .  The chickens getting to go out every day now,. cats getting the most of the sun that shines in the house.

Boxes of wool sit on the porch waiting for a trip to Green Mountain Spinnerey to be made into yarn.  Another pile of wool to be sorted and added to the boxes.  Back will come bulky yarn to sell .  Lucy and   Sally’s wool is soft and will make a fine yarn.


Today I saw what I think is  animal abuse in my town .  It was shocking and left me saddened.  It’s not the first time I have seen it in this small town.  I wish I had the money to take these animals in 2 little goats shoved in a tiny space, nowhere to get out of the sun, dirty and sad-looking.  I did report this behavior but it seems that even though it is horrible it is within the law.  If only those people had to live this way.  I am hoping for arma.  This is a right to farm town but animals have some rights too, proper housing and good care are among those rights  .Ahhhhhhhhhhhhm if only I were  in charge!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been trying to finish up the many projects I have started over the years and have finished up these two wash cloths.  The smaller one is made from handspuun cotton/linen.


I have finished the drapes for one set of windows in upstairs bedroom and am now looking at paint chips to refresh the room.  All the rooms in my house need a do over and this year I hope the house will get repainted.  I want to do it a charcoal gray with either cream or white trim and cranberry red doors.   I this the gray will hide some of the imperfections of the cement..

ON my way home from Greenfield I saw steam rising from The Sugar House on the trail .  Tomorrow they will open for a 6 week run .  I hope to get there for some good pancakes and maple syrup.   I so hope that next year I will be making my own.

Hope you have a lovely day, thank you so much for reading my blog today.  Carole











13 02 2017




The howling winds are blowing snow into mini twisters this morning.  Snow is piled  almost up to the porch floor and I am running out of places to put it..  More expected on Wednesday.  I used 1/2 of a cord of wood in less than a month just to keep the kitchen pipes from freezing.  I liked last winter so much more.  Although I must say the chickens were out a lot this winter but of course since the snow is now up to their doorway they are in to stay till spring. The sheep are in today too as the winds from the mountain will fill the barn with snow.  

THE FARM IN WINTER Read the rest of this entry »


20 05 2016


Beautiful weather temps me to garden instead of getting ready for The Mass Sheep and Woolcraft Fest .The Lilacs are in bloom and the smell permeates the air.  Baby Robins are peeking out of their nest at the barn door while Mama screams for me to leave. This is my favorite part of Spring.

Congratulations UTE

Board News: Coverlet Museum Adds New Board Members
The National Museum of the American Coverlet is pleased to introduce three new members of the Board of Directors.  The new members bring extensive talent and knowledge of technical and historic aspects of weaving and conservation.  These folks are most exciting additions to the Board.  We are thrilled to welcome them to the NMAC family.
Inline image 1
Ute Bargmann (Massachusetts) – Ute grew up in the German Bavari- an Alps and studied in
Switzerland, Germany and at the Language Institute in Munich where she graduated as a translator.  She met her American-German husband, Robert Bargmann and they moved to the United States in 1965. She bought a loom in 1972 and began studying weaving at the Hill Institute in Florence, MA, three years later, receiving her Master Weaver diploma in 1979.
Ute was an early member of the Early Weaving Books and Manuscripts Group for Complex Weavers and applied her considerable knowledge of German manuscript paleography as well as her lifelong interest in world history to her continuing research and study.  She has translated late medieval German manuscripts from as early as the 1420s on the technical aspects of tablet weaving and has delivered papers on subjects as diverse as “the Journey of Cotton into Germany and Slovakia” to “Counterpanes” at the Handweaving Museum annual conferences in Clayton, NY.
For several decades she has been researching her special interest in the European origins of what became known as ‘colonial’ coverlets. Ute has been a member of the Weavers Guilds of Boston, New Hampshire and Vermont as well as local chapters in western Massachusetts and has spent more than forty years demonstrating
Ute is a dear friend and a terrific and prolific weaver.


Finally the chickens  and Maude are out.  The only one left int he house is Helen and I can’t bring her out till all the grass and weeds are eaten.  What a job it was to get this all done.  Thanks to David for bringing down the dangerous limb that had been hanging in Maude’s pasture. And also thanks to the Boys, Charlie and Tyler for  helping with the chicken yard.  Everyone  is happy.

Maude has gone out in the separate pasture with Carol Kinnivan.  I went well although it is a pain to let them out.  I still have to separate them and watch them as Carol has pushed Maude.  I can’t trust her yet.




Tuesday I picked  up Olive   The only remaining hen from a hawk attack.  She is bubbly and talkative.  She was separated from the group by a small fence , she made such a fuss I put her in with the others on Wednesday.  All went well and she even laid an egg.

 The rescue where I got Sammy sent and message out to all their face book readers a few weeks ago warning that there were more predatory birds around this year.  And all small animals such as cats and dogs should be watched carefully when outside.  Last week a small dog got attacked by an Eagle but the Eagle couldn’t lift him.  He was battered but alive.  I have notice just in my small area many more hawks and I heard there was an osprey nest close by.

Hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.  Carole