3 09 2016



We need rain so badly , today there is a chance but it doesn’t look like it will happen.  Luckily the hay crops are good and garden still flourishes.


Cosmo’s lump has grown larger which is a huge concern for me.  Yesterday he went to Brookside  Animal Hospital and he stayed overnight there and is having surgery this morning.  With his FIV status these things happen.  I am very hopeful that he will be okay.  He really has been through a lot in his life and really hates being put in a carrier.  It was very generous of the clinic to keep him overnight at no cost to me.



The pumpkin is an amazing plant.  Watching the pumpkins form and grow is so interesting.  They change every day, growing larger and larger.  This year I used up all my pumpkin seeds and so now I really don’t know what kind is coming up.  They look like Cinderella ones.





My friend Patti visited recently and brought up more catnip which I am now drying and some wonderful turf and turf houses.  I will enjoy them this coming fall and winter.  I love the smell of a turf fire.  She visited with her two girls who are now integrated into the side yard flock.  SHe and her husband are moving to Ireland in the fall


If you live near the area and haven’t been you are missing a treat.  Goat Cheese and soap, maple products, fresh veggies, mushrooms, honey and herbal products, Lamb, duck and pork products, all my stuff  fresh home-made soups, farm fresh eggs and  so much more.There are always demo’s going on and many times samples of the products sold.  This week Jill Horton Lyons was spinning from a rabbit and I was rug hooking.  Come on down we are located in the alley way near Greenfields market  Every Tuesday from 1:30 to 6:30 rain or shine.




Her voice is so beautiful.  Haunting music on the cd The Book of Secrets.

Cosmo is home he will have to be quiet for a while.  He was very hungry and glad to be home.  He went around and around looking at everything and checking out his favorite spots.  I won’t get the results of the path for a few weeks.  I am hoping all will be well.  Glad to have him home when one is missing its not the same.  Thanks for reading my blog on this beautiful day. Carole

As you can see his arthritis is bothering him

As you can see his arthritis is bothering him


25 08 2016


Hot and humid weather is making another brief appearance.  it will be gone by the weekend though.  we may have some much-needed rain tomorrow.



Edna is a New Hampshire Red.  I have never had one of these types before.  She is shy and sticks with her friend Margaret.  Both are slowly adjusting to the rest of the flock.  She was an escape artist in the beginning  having lived on a farm that allowed her to free range.  Unfortunately with all the flying predators here that is impossible.  She is making the adjustment very well.


Some hops and hot peppers are in the dehydrator this morning and this afternoon lots of spearmint will be going in.  The dehydrator will be going non stop for days from now on.  The spearmint  will use in teas and for a special blend of herbs for the chickens nesting boxes throughout the winter.  The hot peppers are the hottest, brought on tears and a coughing and a  sneezing spell.  It will make a great arthritis Salve.


 The hops will go into Dream  Pillows  and some will be packaged up for people to make their own.


Elderberry syrup was made last week in anticipation of the long cold winter we are suppose to have.


Morticia is now broody.  Her daughter, Violet spent 3 months int he nest box trying to hatch some eggs.  Now her mother is in there doing the same thing.  Those Banty hens are the greatest little Mothers.  My ratio of hens to roosters isn’t good so no eggs will be hatched.IMG_7084

Lots of beans, cukes and tomatoes coming from the garden, its been a good year despite the lack of rain.  Hope you are having a wonderful day and any thanks for reading my blog.   Carole





17 08 2016



Finally cooler weather with less humidity.  Even a cool breeze this morning.  Yesterday was dreadful at the Farmers Market with high humidity and rain.  We still need rain but not the down pours a gentle rain for a few days would fill the coffers.


I usually take the back road to Greenfield.  It use to be dirt but now its paved.  On the way into town I always passed this white house with a woman with her hair in a bun. She was always busy in her garden or sitting in her lawn chair.  She would often put things out for sale on a little table.  Bouquets of flowers  from her gardens, raspberries, chestnuts grapes and antique glassware.  I never knew her name but would often stop and we would chat.

Passing her house lately I have had an odd feeling.  I haven’t seen her out  for some time.  On the way home from the Farmers Market I saw a huge green dumpster in her driveway.  In it was her beautiful furniture and all her things almost tumbling out.  A great sadness came over me although I never got to know this woman she became part of my life.  I always looked for her on my way by..  I imagine she has passed on and this made me think of all the people who have come and gone in my life.  I appreciate them for all the gifts and lessons I have learned from them.  

I also felt sad that all her positions were headed for a land fill instead of given to a charity.  This has happened with my Grandmother’s things.  All were thrown in a dumpster  and tossed  without a thought to my Mother who lived far away.  By the time she got there it was gone and I remember her tears.

So to the woman with the bun I thank you for showing the passers-by endurance, kindness and hard work.  You will be remembered.



Cosmo had a doctors visit yesterday.  He has been having problems with one of his legs.  It usually happens with attempts to jump on or off the bed.  The first time it happened he recovered but happening again I wondered if he had something wrong with his leg.   I really didn’t know how I was going to get him in the carrier and down the stairs but it wasn’t as hard as I had thought.  He weights 15.1 pounds and is a hefty cat.  He also has a small lump near where his eye was taken out.  That was worrisome too.  He had an x-ray and pain meds were given..  He had a pedicure and will return in 6 weeks for a repeat x-ray to see how it is progressing.  No brakes so that is a relief.  He is now on a bone supplement which will help him and I will no longer succumb to his pleas  for a 3rd or 4th Fancy feast.



I am happy to say their are now flying higher with confidence.  But they still remain close to their nesting spot and are still occasionally under the watchful eye of their parents.



The pumpkins are forming in the most interesting places.  I wish I had grown more of them but there is always next year.



Many thanks for reading my blog on this day with cool breezes.  It will take this cement house a few days to cool down.   Carole



14 08 2016


Yesterdays pickings from the garden

Yesterdays pickings from the garden

I would not be surprised if this is the hottest summer on record.  Lots of thunderstorms with sharp lightning come with this weather. It sure is miserable.  I do look forward to fall with its warm days and cool nights.The chickens have survived with plenty of water frozen peas and watermelon.  The sheep don’t venture out of the barn much and the cats seem to gravitate to the upstairs where it is hot!




I am stocking up this summer and getting a good supply of string beans from the garden.  I have planted them at two different times and plan to plant a third crop today.  Peppers from The Farm Stand are going into the freezer too.




 Too hot to dry herbs when it gets cooler I will get to them.


We seem to be so lucky here.  We have been getting enough rain the last couple of weeks although some comes in down pours which happened last night.  My friend Susan lives some 50 or so miles away and she is in a severe drought condition my friend Debbie lies less than 20 miles away and has water restrictions and a burnt lawn.  Usually my downstairs is cool even when the upstairs is stifling but not so now the downstairs is almost as hot as the upstairs.  Fans are going and it cools it off some.




Two teenage Mourning Doves are living in my side yard.  I was surprised to see them having never seen baby doves before.  I know that we have Mourning Doves they can be heard and seen at the feeders in the winter.  I love their sound and the parents have been spending lots of time in the Pussy Willow tree.  It seems that they use Blue Jay nests and there was one in the willow.  I am so grateful the neighborhood cats have not gotten them.


I hardly use this beautiful front porch.  This year I am trying to use it more.


Many thanks for reading my blog of this hot and humid day.   Carole





7 08 2016


A gentle rain fell this morning and thunderstorms are predicted for this afternoon.  It will take more than that to recover from the drought.  We in Colrain  have had enough rain lately to keep the grasses green and the gardens going.  I am getting ready to put another planting of green beans in and hope to get the last raised bed in and some turnips planted for fall enjoyment.

Big rain drops in Maude;s water bucket.  The board is to help chipmunks get out

Big rain drops in Maude;s water bucket. The board is to help chipmunks get out


For those of you who know me I do have a huge amount of unfinished projects.  Mostly mine but some of my Grandmothers.  Today my goal was to finish two of them so here they are.  The Hen Proddy was started years ago and the Seamus Rug was started a month ago. I am still working on the Folk Art rug and hope to have it done in a few weeks..  I still haven’t decided what to take to Star Island yet.  If I get the dyeing done it will be the Farmers Market Rug from 2014.

The Seamus Rig

The Seamus Rug

  My first Proddy rug

My first Proddy rug


I am thrilled to be a volunteer at The Linen Symposium to be held at Old Deerfield Village in Deerfield Massachusetts next weekend.  It will give me the opportunity to meet and hear many of today’s experts on Flax and Linen from all over America and Canada.  So many people are growing their own (and I hope to be one of them next year and will prepare a bed for that purpose this fall.) flax in large acreage and small plots. I want to grow a patch and finish it myself this coming year.

We buy linen clothes and may quibble about the high price but the time and energy that goes into the process of making  clothing from plant to  blouse is astonishing.    We don’t think of these things when we are purchasing them..   When I learned to spin I appreciated the amount of work that it takes to make a sweater.  The tending of the sheep, shearing, cleaning the wool then spinning it and finally knitting the garment.  It’s a long process but so worthwhile in the end.

 I love the process and besides do love spinning flax of all types.  It’s always been one of my favorite fibers to spin.  So this is what has led me on this journey to find out more about Flax and be with like-minded people and learning what they know.  I plan to pass this onto you and  think now that I may have to make a loom to weave some material on!!!!!!  My goal is to grow enough to make a pillowcase with.  I have a vision in my head of a pillow case (and it may be for just a small pillow) with some embroidery on the edges.  We will see what happens.  The Symposium is full to the brim and has a rather large waiting list.   It has peaked the interest of so many.  My thanks go to all who helped plan this great event.

Many thanks for reading my blog today.  I leave you today with some pictures from breakfast at the barn.




We would like some grain please.

We would like some grain please.


1 08 2016


We have gotten the much-needed rain and slightly cooler temps.  The garden is happy.   Sammy has found a wonderful place to spend these hot summer days in comfort.  Under the umbrella bench at the top of the stairs.  With a nice hooked rug underneath who could ask for more.




Yesterday I picked up my bushel of corn from The Farm Stand n Colrian.  They grow the best non GMO corn around.    Many more ears were added to that bushel and the cost was a mere $25.00.  I made a spicy corn relish yesterday with a couple of hot peppers from the garden.


If you are planning to freeze corn the little device above is a time saver.   Unfortunately the red peppers weren’t ready so I used purple peppers.

Today I hope to get lots of corn in the freezer.  Going to try freezing a few ears too.


The Day Lilly’s are mostly gone and its time for Phlox and Tansy to take over.



The tansy has grown quite tall it must love this area.   I will keep planting more to fill up this space.


The pumpkins have come down the hill and spilled over the stone wall.  I will have to gently remove them from Mr. Peppers fence.  I don;t have any idea what kind of pumpkins these are I thew all the pumpkin seeds into a dish and just planted. 


The hops are forming and have provided shelter  and shade for the side yard chickens.


The hot peppers are doing well.


I have had a few of these tasty heirloom tomatoes already.  Many more to come.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and if you are in the area tomorrow stop by at The Tuesday Greenfield Market.  I will have a limited supply of eggs from the gals.  Carole

The age old question why does everyone want to lay their eggs in the same box at the same time?

The age old question why does everyone want to lay their eggs in the same box at the same time?


28 06 2016


HOT and humid weather is with us now, it makes the garden grow.  Much needed rain may come tonight and tomorrow,  What we really need is a day of gentle rain.




To my sadness I found that they have been trapped and killed.  These joyful little things running and playing are now gone and  I have spotted one river  rat in my barn.  

The most shocking thing I found that My own state allows this to happen.  A person has the right to trap these animals and they MUST kill them immediately.   So now in my neighbor hood we have no skunks or opossums  Both may dig up lawns so they are not wanted.  Now we have ticks and rats..  I live in a country and community that think they can do anything they want to do with nature, kill anything they want to ,over fish the oceans and there will be no consequences.    Well there are consequences and they are here and all over our country.  Karma will and has come back to bite us all.  Fortunately there are many people who care about the land and animals and do their best to protect the environment.  But  there are lots of unintelligent people who do the opposite. I have sought help from the environmental Police but so far only information has come forward.  It’s all politics .  Anyone have any suggestions?



The weather was perfect, the crowds the best ever.  It was a wonderful two days.  I met loads of wonderful people and saw many old friends.  There were new vendors, sheep and Angora goats and a potter it was perfect.  Mark you calendar for the end of June next year.


I don’t know who laid this wonderful egg but its weight is off the scale



Located near Greenfield’s Market

Come on down, fresh veggies, yarn, soaps, salves, hot sauce, honey and so much more.  Today I have some cute pot holders and I will be working on a rug hooking project. Hope to see you there.

These pot holders will be there

These pot holders will be there



Slowly the wood pile is getting stacked.  I may not have to buy wood this year, my son and I are thinning out some trees.  

I bought the sweet pea vine last summer.  It was  almost dead but revived but never grew much.  I don’t have luck with sweet peas but I love them so much.  This vine is dong so well, I can’t wait to see the flowers.

Many thanks for reading my blog on this cloudy, humid day. The bleeding hearts have gone and now the beautiful wild roses and Lilly’s have taken over.