17 12 2013
  1. Hello,
  2. The cold has arrived and snow will be arriving this afternoon.  I have got the wood stove going so the house will be toasty.


My friend Mary Jane who has lived in England for many years and is now back in the states e-mailed me yesterday about the Shipping News. You can listen to the music alone on you tube by  typing in Sailing By.  Mary Jane use to fall asleep by it too.

A friend from Ireland Anne e-mailed me to say that BBC is thinking of taking it off the air because most people can access weather via the internet.  I think that will cause quite a stir and hope it won’t happen.  Some traditions are better left as they are.

I found a little history about the SHipping News.  Its was started because of a terrible shipping accident  in 1859.  The sinking of The Royal Charter off the coast of Anglesey with the loss of 450 souls.  After this terrible accident England introduced a warning system, although things have changed since then, ships having onboard technology to provide the information, most still use The Shipping News .  And that is not counting all the people who just love to listen to it.  



My catalog arrived a few days ago and its full of information plus so many different kind of seeds.  There was an interesting article about GMO’s.  Baker Creek used to sell  around 24 types of corn seeds.  Once they began testing the seeds they are now down to half that for sale. A significant loss for all of us, the farmer and Baker Creek.  They won’t sell these seeds till  the seeds are free from GMO.  Even if you have planted non gmo seeds if the farmer next door plants them you are likely to have some in  your crop.  It’s a disaster for the farmer for Baker Creek and for all of us.

With many people  getting on the GMO band wagon you have to wonder if the corn you are buying is really non GMO.  I will only buy corn this coming summer from a stand that has its seed tested.


The snow arrived mid morning and at 6 pm its till snowing heavily.  The 3-5 inches has been long surpassed and I just wonder how much we will get.  I did get my roof shovel out and shoveled the porch roof this evening.  I hope you had a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.   Carole


16 12 2013




Saturday night into Sunday we had a foot of snow, it was the light fluffy stuff so it was easily removed.  The temps warmed up to the upper 20’s which made things more bearable.  More snow is expected on Tuesday.  I will get sick of the snow in late January but for now its beautiful.  In New England we need the four seasons.  WInter brings much snow and it keeps the water table up for the summer, helps the maple trees produce a better quality of Maple syrup and keeps business going with winter clothing, skiing and other outdoor sports.

Last night  we had a beautiful full Moon rising over the mountain.  The Moon with the help of the snow luminated the whole area with a bluish tint.  It was beautiful.


Charlie and Tyler were out sliding, living on a mountain is great for kids so many places to slide.  I have three places just in my yard.  Lil was out too.



Today was cemetery day.  I make the rounds of three cemeteries to put greens or a wreath on the graves of family and friends.  I usually get it done before the snow flies but  this year I am a little later.  cemeteries are  beautiful with snow.  The views in the South Hadley cemetery where my Childhood friend’s parents are buried are spectacular.   It gives me a chance to spend some quiet time remembering these wonderful people who were like family to me.  Then to Holyoke where my Dad and his Brother and Sisters and Mother are buried.  That cemetery is park like  with beautiful plantings and mausoleums.  I do miss my Dad every day he was a wise and loving man.  Then I am off to my Mom’s and my friend Carol in Greenfield.  I think about her a lot we had so much in common.  All the wreaths were put in place, it was such a peaceful thing to do in this frantic time.


Tonight while starting the wood stove up I was listening to Vermont Public Radio.  They had a show on about the British SHipping NEws which is on every day 3 or 4  times giving the shipping news from Iceland to Africa and all around England , Ireland and the Islands.   British people have their radios tuned to it and it lulls them to sleep.  Tonight I listened to it, it starts with beautiful music and then the forecast, I can absolutely see how it could lull you to sleep.  I am going to see if I can get the boys to get it set up on my Ipad so I can listen to it every night.

Many thanks for reading the blog today and I hope you had a wonderful day, more snow is coming for us tomorrow and a cold night is here with temps only in the lower single digits.      BURR   Carole


15 12 2013


The storm has started mid afternoon, the forecast is for 10 inches or more, then freeing rain and sleet.  I would rather it stay cold and to have more snow.  I worked outside this afternoon till I couldn’t feel my fingers.  Charlie helped me move three bales of hay to put in front  of the kitchen as that is where the pipes always freeze.  I left a place for Cornelius but I think he has moved inside the barn  I haven’t seen him in a while but its been very cold so he is probably cuddled up somewhere.


I shut the sheep in the barn tonight and gave them some grain, they won’t like staying in the barn but tomorrow morning I will let them out.  The chickens are huddled together for warmth and today they had extra rations of corn.


I Stopped at FUNK SHUN today to bring a few more things down and stopped  by the Salvation Army on my way there.  I found this beautiful hand painted tray for $.79.  What a bargain and it’s just the kind of thing that I love




I am still working on the bag of crochet pieces and handkerchiefs that I got from Carol.  I saw a project in a magazine some months ago that sewed some together and used them on the dining room able with flowers on it.  It looked like a good idea so I am trying it.  I appreciate all the work that went into these.  In one of the few closets in this house I have a box of crocheted doilies that my Grandmother made, I will have to get on with that sometime soon


.Many thanks for reading my blog on this snowy evening and I hope you have a wonderful evening.    Carole

funk shun


13 12 2013


Today was a cold day with snow showers all day.  I though maybe the big storm was coming earlier than expected but that’s not the case.  Snow to start in the afternoon tomorrow with 6-10 inches expected.  I hope to get some errands done before it all starts.  Christmas cookies are on the agenda for the weekend.  

Salve Making Day


I am very low in Salve and both shops need it so today I decided to get things out and make some.    It came out wonderful and the whole house smells of it.



I still had some plastic to put up and knowing that the chickens won’t go out till spring I could finish up today.  I got the back door of the back coop done and the door to the front coop done.  That will keep the cold air out..  I plan to make many draft dodgers for the windows after the holidays, these old windows are nice but let a lot of cold air in.  More curtains to be made too.

You just never know what you will see in Greenfield, today at a gas station I sat a car or small truck that looked like the old woman in the shoe boot.  It was red with laces and a wonderful green wreath, and I didn’t have my camera!!!!!!!!

I hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.   Carole and Minnie


8 12 2013



We did get snow the other night but not the 4-6 inches called for, it was just enough to cover the ground. Another storm is called for this afternoon and is supposed to produce lots of snow and a wintry  mix.  I have done most of the things that needed to be done and brought the barn window in and will repair that this afternoon and hopefully get it up today.

House Repairs

I will finally be able to finish painting the house next year!!!!

I will finally be able to finish painting the house next year!!!!

The men came yesterday and got things set up for work on the chimney tomorrow.  I doubt they will be able to do anything because of the snow  but at least I know that it will be done soon.


Even though it’s just been a  little over 24 hours the pills seem to be helping Hazel, a lot less sneezing.  My friend Patti send me some useful information about respiratory illness in chickens and I am going to pass that along to Dr. Connor.  Surprisingly the pills are much easier to administer than the liquid and with Tyler holding him I can easily pop a half pill and some water in.


Stockings have been hung in hopes that St. Nick will bring these two good little chickens some treats.  They are both lucky to have survived the illness and I am grateful.



While looking for some black roving I found this natural dyed roving and think its perfect for the acorns.  It might have been dyed with acorns, I did a lot of natural dyeing in my early days of spinning.


Winter is not officially here but Mother Nature decides on when the seasons come not humans and today we shall see her beauty.  Thank you so much for reading my blog and I hope wherever you are you are enjoying the day.



7 12 2013



I bought this breadbox many years ago for under 50 cents, I have another bigger one that is on the a radiator upstairs which I use occasionally to put blankets in to warm them up.


 This one in the kitchen is where I keep my gloves, mittens and hats all winter long.  If they are wet I dry them on the radiator and put them back into the box.  There are a few wonderful things about it, I always know where my hats and mittens are and most likely they will be warm when I  need them.


I had a wonderful time in this class. IMG_1984

 6 people  came including my friend Patti.  We all made such different sheep.  Some made pins and some of us made ornaments.


   I have thought up some wonderful ideas for the Easter season.  This is what is happening at next weeks class at Sheep and Shawl.


Here is my sheep hanging on the Holly bush near my front walk.




Both returned to Dr. Connor for a recheck.  Hazel is still sneezing so I wanted to make sure his lungs were clear.  They are so cute together. Of course they were the hit of the place.


 Hazel started crowing soon after he entered the exam room.  WHen he was put on the table Mrs. Brown  started talking and he answered.  They do not want to be separated.  Its endearing. Hazel other lung is having problems, while the other antibiotic worked it took a long time to and now he is on a 1/2 pill of a stronger antibiotic.  I will call in a weeks time to let them know how he is doing, meanwhile I will watch Mrs. Brown to make sure her symptoms don’t come back.  On arrival home they were greeted with oatmeal and blueberries.  They are happy to be home.

Its sleeting as I write this and Vermont Public Radio said we could get 4-6 inches of snow overnight.  It won’t last as its suppose to be warm the next few days.  Glad that I don’t have to go out tonight.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole.


13 04 2013



Yesterday we had snow and sleet, It started off as rain and on my way to the class it turned to heavy sleet and snow.  The yard this morning is covered with snow but its suppose to be int he 50’s so it will melt.  Better weather is coming and after all its New England and in April anything can happen.



I have unloaded the pop corn  and today will get the flour and oatmeal put away.  I was asked by Patti where I got the containers.  Over the years I have collected jars and tins.  Living on a farm always includes pests like rats and mice.  They are in search of food and there is plenty of it. both chickens and sheep are messy about the food they eat and spill stuff everywhere.  SO early on most of my food was stored in some sort  of container.  I have bought them at tag sales, junk stores and people  have saved them for me.  You can even buy them at your local farm supply.    I just placed an order for salve jars and included 4 gallon jars in that order.  They quickly got filled with the popcorn and some cloves.













The Unexpected Visitor

Last night I headed out into the barn to feed the sheep their carrots and almost ran into my friend The Skunk.   I ran back into the house to get my camera but he has disappeared.  He doesn’t want people to know who he is, I am sure he/or (hope not) she is doing undercover work.  So I went up the stairs and as I was half way up I saw him go for the kitchen door and disappear.  Well I knew that I had shut the door so the kitchen was safe.  Since its arrival my kitchen smells mighty skunky, especially in my pantry.  In the pantry there is an opening to the dirt floor below covered with hardware cloth so the plumbing is easy to reach .  Upon coming downstairs I realized that the insulation had been removed  between the barn wall and the kitchen wall right on the floor line so it wasn’t visible to me before now.  He has a good entrance to under the kitchen and into the cellar.  The trick will be the next time I see him in the barn to get the entrance blocked.


How handy is this.  This little entrance goes right under the kitchen floor into the basement.  So far no spraying in the basement.


Today is the the big day for Mom.  CIndy is on her way there right now and all is in place for her to be moved at 3pm.  Hospice has done an amazining job at getting things all together at the last moment.  Her bed and all her supplies that go with the bed and wheelchair will be moved and set up at Canal View, they have arranged transportation.  I sent all the paperwork overnight so the new place will have it before Mom comes and Cindy will be with her and take her belongings  to the new place.  I am anxious to hear from CIndy how Mom is doing.  We were down there a month or so ago but I am sure the changes with be dramatic.

The boys are coming tomorrow, so a busy week is ahead.

Hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.                   Carole