27 03 2016


It’s an overcast but warm day here, too early for spring flowers only the pussy willows are out but tulips are sprouting up and soon bouquets will be all over the house.  Cindy bought me an Easter Lily which is one of my favorite flowers.  The kitchen smells of them and the last hyacinth.



I love Scented Geraniums.  My friend Susan sells them and I always buy a few.  This is the first time I have tried to start them myself.  I used a rooting hormone that my Mom had and so far so good.


The Pussy Willow starts are all doing well.


I have found embroidery again and love to do it evenings.  I have this pattern which I plan to do for some of my shows this year.  I will make them into little whimsical pillows



I picked up my pea seeds and will be planting them soon


.  I have also ordered some flax seeds from The Hermitage in Pa.  Just enough to grow a small 5ft x 10ft plot of flax.  Hoping that I can produce enough to spin into linen yarn.  So exciting.  I have been picked as a volunteer for The Linen Symposium which will be held in August at Old Deerfield Village.  I am over the moon about that.    The symposium is full with a waiting list.


When my children were young we spent a lot of time at Old Sturbridge Village.  I love the time period and it was an educational experience for all.  I did this piece in the early 80’s and it has been frameless for many years.  This has become a priority in recent weeks to find the right frame.  There are fewer places to find old things these days but I did find a shop and was thrilled to find this frame.  It is perfect for the piece.


I also found a marble sink that may be a replacement for the ugly 60’s sink that is in the bathroom now.  Measurements will be taken to see if it will fit.


This is my favorite quote by him and something I try to live by. As we see our country declining we see an increased rate of animal cruelty..

“The Greatness of a nation can be judged by the way it animals are treated”

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25 03 2013


The Moon last night was spectacular!!





This morning I planted the four packages of tomato seeds.  Having some left over for next year.  I am sending my seed order soon.  I want to get one more package of tomato seeds which they don’t carry  at the feed store.  They are called Principe Borghese.  They are a traditional tomato for sun drying or oven roasting.  Very sweet and high yielding.  I am anxious to try them.  I have brought the small greenhouse down to start those seeds when they come.










I have been reading this magazine for quite some time.  The March/April issue is full of wonderful projects and many helpful hints.  I have found that this particular magazine saves me much more than the price of it .  I love the idea of making a stand up garden with pallets.  Especially since with each order of wood pellets a pallet comes with it.   Strawberries come to mind , vertical planting will make them much easier to pick.  I think I will plant herbs on the bottom two shelves.  What a great project.   Check out the magazine for more projects to help you become more self-sufficient.

There was much chattering in the hen house when this giant pumpkin was brought in.  Charlotte was more interested than anyone.  


Shearing Day  

I have to get busy cleaning out the barn door so it can be closed, and if my sheep are still damp tomorrow I will have to post-phone the shearing  I am thinking about getting covers for my sheep in the fall.  There fleeces really got messy this year,  the hay seemed dryer than usual.

Catattitude in the house

Willie was the last cat to come to the farm therefore it a was the duty of Angus to make sure that Willie got bossed around.  Angus would hide in back of doors in back of the pellet stove and pounce on poor unsuspecting Willie.  He suffered in silence for these past 3 and a half years until Millie arrived.



 Now it seem the right of passage has fallen on  Willie.  He chases Millie.    Although he was quite surprised when Millie screamed and fought back.  The dynamics are changing.

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19 03 2013



The house has turned cold and damp this afternoon.  A storm is approaching, with 6 to 8 inches of snow to fall here.  I have noticed this year especially that when a storm is approaching the dry cold turns to a cold with humidity in it.   The kind of cold that goes through the bones.   Its suppose to start around 7 and go all night ending with sleet and rain tomorrow afternoon.  I just got the barn dried out.   Hope this is the last of it.


Recently the EU didn’t vote for banning pesticides containing Neonicotinoids despite evidence that this is the cause of Empty Hive syndrome.  All one has to do is look at the shelves of major store to see how many different kinds of pesticides are on the market.  The shelves are lined with them.  It sad to see when most times just a little work or an herbal solution will do the trick.



I took this picture today, the camera doesn’t even wake her up any more she has gotten used to things here.  Now I have to start removing the basket from the table.  She loves it up there.  That may be a harder task than I thought.


I never got the seeds started I will sometime this week.  The whole day revolved around paperwork for my Mothers house, delivering eggs and getting some groceries, next thing I knew the whole day was gone.  Hester won again!


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7 03 2013




The snow was supposed to start last night and go into Friday.  It snowed maybe and inch and blew away.  I was able to go out and get lime and oyster shells at the feed store and pick up some hay.  Its snowing now but very fine.  We could get between 2 and  8 inches no one seems to know.  Then from Sunday on it will be in the low 50’s.  When I get back from Florida it may be mud season here.  Well in my walk way it’s already mud season.  The wood stove is going and the smell of lemon grass oil is making its way through-out the house,


I have felt like baking and made brownies, date nut bread and some wonderful macaroni and cheese.  The macaroni and cheese has a dash of mustard and some finely chopped onions, that really does add to the flavor.




















I have bought a few more seed packages.  2 watermelons and 2 pumpkins and 2 cucumbers.  I do have other pumpkin seeds from last year that I will grow too.




Minnie is settling in.  Today she wanted to be out with the other cats.  She likes drinking out of the large water dish and settled herself in a easy chair.  After 13 years of living on the streets, or in a shelter she finally has a home.  The stories she could tell.

I hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.    Carole


3 03 2013



A few days ago  I saw an ad in my local poultry group online.  It was offering part of a ton of organic layer pellets for sale.  I don’t know about your part of the world but organic layer pellet prices have been soaring and so have other organic grains.  I called and had Dimitri put 3 bags aside for me and I picked them up this morning. 

Dimitri owns  Woodstar Cafe’  in Northampton. It is a family owned bakery, sandwich shop and espresso bar.  He has 31 hens and uses all the eggs at his restaurant and he also grows all his own greens, some fruit  and veggies at his farm nearby.   He uses no trans fats and all of his baked goods are baked from scratch. It is wonderful to have a local restaurant who cares so much where his food comes from that he grows it himself.


The food is called Morrison’s Organic Layer Pellets which is my Mother’s maiden name.  I am sure my hens will love it and I like pocketing the savings.


I purchased 2 more package of tomato seeds and I think I will purchase two more and that will be more than enough.  I have done more calculating on just what type of tomato and what I am planning to do with them this year.  

I have picked out another Heirloom tomato.  Its called Principe Borghese by Botanical Interest seeds.  It has heavy yields and is traditional for oven roasted or sun-dried.  I would really like to do some sun-dried tomatoes this year.

I never seem to have luck starting peppers so I will be buying them this year.  I love to get green, yellow and purple, which look great in summer pasta salads and freshen up a dish during the winte



Minnie had another good day.  I decided to give her another day to feel really secure in the bedroom.  She knows there are other cats out there and the other cats know she is here.  Tomorrow I will let her out watching Angus every moment.

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27 02 2013


Heavy snow, then sleet and rain and back again to huge flakes of snow.  The roads are quite bad and its a day to stay inside by the fire.  

P1020430A Chance Meeting with another Sheep farmer

On Monday I got grain for the chickens.  I had an interesting conversation with a gal who raises a variety of animals about 5 miles from my grain store.  I had never met her before and never knew her farm existed and she had no knowledge of my farm.  This is how it is now in this country.  Before there were farm groups and they had suppers and meetings.   You knew every farmer around, when they had troubles you helped them and when you had troubles they helped you.  Now we are isolated.  I want to change all that in my area.

We have a chicken group online, and  have a get together once a year. Unfortunately I missed the get together this year but last year I learned so much from the 3 hours I was there. Sharing tips on feed and bedding, illness and egg production.

 I would like to put up a sign at the grain store for a get together of small sheep and fiber farmers.  I have a web site which is up  but not running that will list small wool producers of fleeces and yarns in our area.  Its time not to be isolated, to share ideas on farming .  I doesn’t matter if you have llama’s, alpacas, sheep or angora goats and rabbits  in these troubled times we need to band together.  We need to be there to help people who are starting off with fiber animals and people who are just interested in buying the fiber from us.  I am going to make up the sign  and will keep you all informed. 



While I was at the grain store I bought the usual grain for the chickens.  I buy Green Mountain Organic feed.  There are no GMO’s in the feed but it is more expensive.  $10 to $16. more a bag.  I have never bought anything other than organic feed since I got chickens over 11 years ago.  I am on a limited budget but believe that my health depends on the food I eat.  I will save in other areas of my life and grow more food this year. 


I have bought  2 packages of heirloom tomato seeds so far.  Beefstake which is a pole variety and Speckled Roma which is also a pole variety.  I plan to grown these on some fencing which will be sturdy enough to hold them upright.  I plan to get two more varieties, a purple cherry tomato and another variety of Roma.  I plan to freeze and can the Roma’s.    Using them whole and diced will work in all myP1020434 recipe’s.  










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7 12 2012



It was a little chilly in the house last night,   I had started the pellet stove a little later than usual, I turned on the mattress pad heater on my bed and with the fresh sheets Sam found it a most agreeable place.



Its finished and hanging.   I hung some fresh greens around it to give the hallway that wonderful holiday smell.

 Which reminded me that I need to plant a few more evergreens.  I have been wanting to plant two tall Junipers near my front steps.  It would make another hiding place for the birds and give me some different greens during the holidays and also would be a great place for lights and that would lighten up the steps more.     I plan to get at least one cedar to plant near the sheep and barn area and at least two hemlock to plant near the woods.  These will add to my collection of greens for the holiday season and  give birds and animals  good nesting and hiding places.   More birds mean less damaging insects.


Well I gave him the relax and sleep half pill and  it made him a little more relaxed but not enough for me to catch him.  I will get more medication and we will try again on Monday.



P1010736 P1010737

The catalog arrived today.  Its time for a cup of tea and a quick look over.  I have been ordering and growing their wonderful seeds for years.  The catalog is 211 pages long and full of colored pictures of the plants.  There are also many informative articles as the one in this catalog about GMO’s.  They have 3 locations, Mansfield, Missouri is their headquarters, Petaluma, California and they bought out the Comstock, Ferre and Company in Wethersfield, Ct.  www.rareseeds.com  They sell their seeds worldwide.

Hope you have a wonderful day and thank you so much for reading my blog,    Carole