15 01 2017


I have been out of commission for a few weeks with a wrenched back.    Getting back into the swig of things again.    The weather has sure been fickle and  there are many bare spots now.  We are in for a cold snap of zero temps at night for the next few nights then back in the 40’s for a while.

Winter Sights

img_7409 img_7410

These were all taken in Colrain.

Mable the chicken

I got Mable this summer with Edna.  Both were due to lay  in the fall.  Edna laid beautiful  pinky-beige eggs and I waited and waited for Mable to lay.  She is the second Cuckoo  Maran that I have had.  Maran’s are suppose  lay very dark almost chocolate colored eggs.  I never did get a dark egg until one cold night I was doing my nightly count and I noticed 5 dark eggs on the floor.  Mable had finally done it and the eggs are dark with some chocolate specks all around them.  A delight for me.  These two sweet birds are named for two of my favorite Great Aunts.  This coming year I would love to get another Olive Egger.  The kingdom of chickens has changed since I first started with them.   It’s exciting to have such a selection of birds to pick from in the spring.

Cranberry-Rosemary Vinegar

I have had the most fun making this delightful vinegar during the holiday season.  It’s easy to make and  can be used as a marinate or as a salad dressing.  I used it in making a dressing for Coleslaw and it added a new dimension to the dressing


If you want to make this find a nice  bottle.  I have friends saving wine bottles for me.  Get some organic cranberries and place them in the jar.  Add one or two branches according to the bottle’s size.  Fill with a quality white vinegar.  Cap and let stand at least two weeks.  A festive holiday 


Cosmo has been doing very well, although the tumor has grown.  He snuggles with me in bed now and talks up a storm when I am on the computer.   Each day is a gift.



Many thanks for reading my blog on this cold winter day.  Carole







15 10 2015


A very foggy morn today, you can hardly see the Church at the end of the street.


We are expecting a frost on Sunday night with temps in the high 20’s. Then another warm spell.  The chipmunks and squirrels are busy as can be gathering up nuts and seeds for the long winter ahead.  The sheep have enjoyed an abundance of acorns this year and are putting on their winter coats.


                                                          Carol K.




There are 4 American Chestnut trees on my Son’s property.  His family has already sent out 40 pounds to a restaurant in Cambridge, Ma.  And have almost 50 pounds more picked with many more still falling to the ground.





He is back and caught in the act eating food put out for a cat.   I love having him around he keeps he farm free of rodents.  


Both my son’s family and myself have been putting out food for a cat who doesn’t seem to have a home.  I am sure its a she and we would like to catch her and bring her to the vets.  Too many people still dump cats and its such a shame.  There are so many places that will find them forever home.  I hope we can catch her soon.


The garlic has come up which is good.  I still have some more to plant and hope to do it soon.  


Plants are on sale now so I bought this small arborvitae and planted it near the newly deposited rocks.  It will grow quickly and will be a safe place for birds in the back yard (right near a bird house) and I plan to put some twinkle solar lights on it when it gets bigger.  So nice to look at on a cold winters night.



Dorthy, Emma and Rosemary are doing  very well.  All the side yard hens are together now and the pecking order has been established without any bloodshed.  They will be coming inside in a couple of weeks.  I will batten them down with lots of hay for the frosty Sunday night.


Many thanks for reading my blog on this fine day.  Carole





4 10 2015



It’s been quite chilly the past few days  This old cement farmhouse keeps in the damp and it takes a while to warm up.  No frost yet though so the garden is still providing me with  veggies and herbs.  I did get another couple of garlic bulbs to plant and hope to get them in today.



You either love it or hate it.  It is an invasive plant and some of my friends are horrified that I would have it in my yard.  Its been growing on the side of my barn with its heavy roots located in the front of the barn .  I trim it every year and I have plans for a trellis over the front doors of the barn.  Hope to get that done next year.


As a child getting bittersweet was part of fall activities.  We would take a drive and find some on a county lane and pick it. It would be hanging on our doors and in bowls.

I like being able to just go out and pick decorations for the house.  In the spring I have Pussy Willows and I have planted Winterberry bushes for winter decorations .

Of the three winterberry bushes I planted only one survived and this year although it had many flowers only one berry was on it and the birds got it.  Its in a shady place.  I hope to buy a few more bushes and I now have a wonderful place  in the area that was dug up for the trench work,    I think would be suitable for them.


This Fall’s Spin Off Magazine has arrived and has a wonderful article about core spinning.  Something I have done in the past and want to do again.  My friend Ceacy is giving me all her wonderful English Leicester fleeces which are perfect for core spinning.  Wonderful scarves can be made with this yarn or it can be an embellishment yarn for projects.



I am on Facebook and just love it.  I have met some wonderful and inspirational people on this venue.  One person I met and we follow each other is Kristen Nichols.   I saw her colors  and was hooked.  The surprising fact was that she lives in the next town over and has sheep!!!!  Who knew.  She offers classes at her  farm and she is a self taught artist.  The latest issue of Mary Jane’s Farm has a wonderful article with  pictures of her art and her house.  Its been an inspiration to me and I am ready for lots of color in this old farm house.  


Hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.  Carole

Sammy loves his hut. especially when its chilly and the radiator is on

Sammy loves his hut. especially when its chilly and the radiator is on


28 04 2015



Another nice spring day today.  The robins are out digging for worms and the CHipmunks are busy making new tunnels and collecting food.  Lots of people don’t like them, I have had a fondness for them since I was a child.  So I enjoy their antics.


Yesterday I made a double batch of Calendula soap.  I have three more different kinds of soap to make, Oatmeal, Summer Rose,  and the Basil/Lime gardening soap.  The making of soap is a time-consuming process.  Just setting up take about 45 minutes.





 I started yesterday at 7:30 and finished cleaning up after 1.   It has cooled off overnight and cutting it is the next step, then it will sit and cure for 3 weeks or more.  

I am hoping to sell some on my Facebook page this year.


I have raked up and seeded part of the chicken yard in front.  Now all we need is some good rain which is supposed to come at the end of the week.


I still have manure to get rid of in spite of giving 2 truck loads away.  I will be cleaning the barn during the weekend but there won’t be too much then.

 I want to get the chickens in the house out soon but there is a big clean up from the fallen tree and I need to move some fencing.  I think that I will plan on doing that this coming weekend when the temps are suppose to go to about 70.   


Whenever in Claire, Ireland Cindy and I always went to Doolin Pottery.  The cottage and shop was old  and well taken care of, and samples of the pottery that was available was put out on the old stone wall.  One year we went there and someone else was living there we were so disappointed and found out that she had moved to Australia.  I love this sweet little wall vase and have it in my bathroom always filled with flowers.


Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.  Carole

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16 03 2015


Well so far so good the water trickling into the barn in minimal.    We will be having warm and cold days ahead with winds on Wednesday which will help get rid of some snow..  I can now see the rocks in my sons yard and some leaves too.

The Brick Meeting House

The Brick Meeting House

On Sunday while cleaning out the barn I hurt my shoulder.  I was lifting up a pitch fork full of barn sweepings and heard a crinkling sound and then came the pain.   I decided not to go to the ER.  I could move my arm and still function.  Nevertheless nothing more got accomplished that day.  I have called the doctor and cannot be seen till Wednesday  They think it might be a muscle tear.  


Please, I told you I don't like this kind of food

Please, I told you I don’t like this kind of food

Sam has come into his own here at the farm.  He wants to be loved, follows me around,a different cat then the one who came here In Sept.  The picture of him with his food and a toy on top of the food is a dissatisfied cat.  He like certain types of canned food and these weren’t among them.  He will eat some of it then he gets a toy and deposits it on top, while trying to cover up the food with and invisible towel.

I will be setting up an appointment for shearing day soon.  They will be glad to get this wool off.


Carol K and Lucy

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a lovely day.


1 03 2015





Helen is improving slowly, these things take time.  The vet said that she will be prone to these problems in the future so she will have to be watched closely.  SHe and Eddie will be together in the dog/chicken house on the side yard.  The bantams will be in the other  enclosed yard on the side.  I am going to change things around there so that I have a little more garden space.



6-8 inches is expected  and its started as flurries .   I was suppose to go to a Mass Sheep Show meeting in Hadley.  Even though its only 20 or so miles away it can be a world away in a snowstorm.  So I have decided not to go keeping safety at the forefront.  Our higher elevation tends to get more fierce driving conditions and going home could be dangerous.




The days are getting longer and the chickens have started  laying  more eggs.  Yesterday I got 5 eggs from the outside coops. There are 12 birds outside, 2 of them are roosters and Francis is 12 years old and is in semi-retirement (although this past summer laid a wonderful blue egg every other day) so 5 out of 9 is a great number for mornings that start out with 10 below temps.




The local sugarhouse is open for pancakes and more but the sap is not running yet.  Its still frozen in the trees.  We need some above freezing days and freezing night to get things going.

IMG_4636This is the back road up to Joe’s place where I get hay.  Its lined with Maple trees as they did in the old days.  Lots of back roads are lined with spectacular Maples making it easier to get a horse drawn sled  to the trees.  My Cousin Ernest sugared with a team of horses deep into the woods that sloped to the east.  He and the team of work horses worked well together.  I am glad that I was able to spend time at his farm each spring .  It is a beautiful memory.


The sky was so blue yesterday with no clouds.  I may complain about the winter and summer weather but I do love New England.

Many thanks for reading my blog  and I hope you have a wonderful day.  Carole


26 08 2014




Yesterday was a delightful summer day, Angus back to the vets and has gained on tenth of a pound hopefully he is getting back to his old self.  I found periwinkle in where the sheep were so it was a hectic moment getting them out of there.  The plant is a poison to sheep and goats.  I am going to pull it up in that area and  reseed the area in Orchard grass and clover seed.  I discussed it with Joe yesterday and he is the leading authority around here on hay.  Because I have such a small area for them to graze Orchard grass will come back quicker and clover has a good root system.

Some of the Maple trees are starting to turn colors already. My Dad used to say that this was a sign of a weaker or damaged tree.






In this section of The Deerfield River there are many large boulders and pot holes in the rocks left by glaciers.



Ricky is here for a few days and he loves the river so we went yesterday afternoon.  I think the water is too cold for my arthritic legs but i sat in a chair in the water.  Ricky swam for well over an hour.  The water is beautiful with fast moving currents.  Plenty of rocks to dive or jump off of.


I have started a cat adoption process.  I found a wonderful 1 year old tuxedo cat on pet finder.  His name happens to be Big Sam.    He has a sad story as most animals for adoption do.  I hope that I will be able to get him. I found him on Petfinder which so many people use these days.  I should know by he weekend.   

Many thanks for reading my blog on this sunny day  I hope you have a glorious day.   Carole