28 02 2017



The long shadows of spring have arrived and most of the snow has left the mountain. The great thing about this time of year is that any snow that comes  along won’t last.


The pussy willow tree is budding out but I know that the tree is living on borrowed time and I must get a replacement this year.

The Canadian Geese are back in Greenfield by the thousands now, as I stopped to take this picture I thought in a few short months nest-building will occur and babies willhave to be taught the ins and outs of the geese life.


As I feed this sheep this morning, someone down stairs is announcing that she laid an egg..  Its theses little things that brings me joy everyday. .  Maude with her one eye happily eating her hay and carrots .  The chickens getting to go out every day now,. cats getting the most of the sun that shines in the house.

Boxes of wool sit on the porch waiting for a trip to Green Mountain Spinnerey to be made into yarn.  Another pile of wool to be sorted and added to the boxes.  Back will come bulky yarn to sell .  Lucy and   Sally’s wool is soft and will make a fine yarn.


Today I saw what I think is  animal abuse in my town .  It was shocking and left me saddened.  It’s not the first time I have seen it in this small town.  I wish I had the money to take these animals in 2 little goats shoved in a tiny space, nowhere to get out of the sun, dirty and sad-looking.  I did report this behavior but it seems that even though it is horrible it is within the law.  If only those people had to live this way.  I am hoping for arma.  This is a right to farm town but animals have some rights too, proper housing and good care are among those rights  .Ahhhhhhhhhhhhm if only I were  in charge!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been trying to finish up the many projects I have started over the years and have finished up these two wash cloths.  The smaller one is made from handspuun cotton/linen.


I have finished the drapes for one set of windows in upstairs bedroom and am now looking at paint chips to refresh the room.  All the rooms in my house need a do over and this year I hope the house will get repainted.  I want to do it a charcoal gray with either cream or white trim and cranberry red doors.   I this the gray will hide some of the imperfections of the cement..

ON my way home from Greenfield I saw steam rising from The Sugar House on the trail .  Tomorrow they will open for a 6 week run .  I hope to get there for some good pancakes and maple syrup.   I so hope that next year I will be making my own.

Hope you have a lovely day, thank you so much for reading my blog today.  Carole











2 01 2015


I was happy to see the year 2014 go.  It wasn’t a particularlly good year for me.  2015 looks very promising.


With high temps in the 20’s and winds its mighty cold out there.  The house is staying warm with oil and lots of wood.  I have been keeping the wood stove going all night which means waking up a couple of times a night.  It’s worth it not to have frozen pipes

The cats seem to be handling the cold well.  Sammy especially finds the warmest place quickly.




Chris and Charlie cleaned the barn today.  They did a great job.  The sheep and Elliott were anxiously waiting for it to be finished.


 Carrots, and apples were waiting for them when it was done.  Great job boys, a huge help to me.   Later this evening Chris and I wormed the sheep.  It’s an easier job where there is two people.  We also bought another loom down which I will be selling.  Lots got done this week.


I called Green Mountain Spinnery this week and next week I will be bringing the almost 50 pounds of wool up to be spun into yarn.  Its Sally and Lucy’s wool and will be the first time that I have had their yarn spun.  Green Mountain now accepts lower wool weights so now there will be no more shipping costs.  It’s a short 45 minute drive for me and right off the highway. I love doing business locally.

I hope you have a wonderful New Year.  Many thanks for reading my blog on this cold night.   Carole.