28 10 2017


We have been getting some wonderful days and just the right amount of rain.   Although I think we have had enough rain for a while.    It seems to come down in inches now.

I even took some time to sit in the sun and knit one day.  The Chestnuts from my Son’s trees are falling and getting them collected before the Chippy’s and squirrels get them is a feat for his family.   At this time of year many restaurants in the Boston area love to have them.  Today the weather has turned sharply cooler with winds but beautiful sun..  We may have a frost tonight and more torrential rains on Sunday.


My friend Jane asked me if I would like to ride along with her to Adams , she needed to go to social security.  It’s a beautiful ride along route 2 ending with The hairpin Turn.  It’s a ride that I have taken since I was a young child.  The store where my Grandfather  bought my little drum is still there!   The leaves are slow to change this year so it was mostly yellows and browns with the occasional red thrown in .    We had a leisurely lunch and she took me on a tour of the town.  Jane was a Vicar there for  a few years.  It’s a town of Church spires and much beauty. The social security visit was quick and we took another route home 8A which was even more beautiful than the ride over.  A wonderful day with a good friend.  We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful and diversified state.

Mt. Graylock


A new venture was started by some local weavers and I attended  one venue of it.  It was well attended.  My Friend Lisa had her handwoven and some handwoven and hand spun towels and on her spinning wheel was some flax that she was spinning.

 Another friend Emily,  had  towels, napkins and a whole array of handwoven things.  She was giving tours and answering all kinds of weaving questions.  Both weave on Swedish looms.  



I  have dehydrated all the catnip and hope to do some other herbs but right now there are hot,red peppers being done on the porch. Then will come the orange slices which will go into potpourri .   The house always smells good at this time of year.


Last week my grandson Charlie and I cleaned the barn.   He also put up the extension cord for Maude’s hot water bucket.    We need to cover the window with plastic and clean up around the entrance to the barn and the sheep will be ready for winter.

I hope to get the downstairs front chickens  sorted out tomorrow  I would like to separate the bantams from the regular hens.    They get picked on .  I have figured out how it will be done and need to get working on it.  The trip to Ireland is coming fast and these things need to be done.


It is one of my favorite days of the year.  Deb and I have been doing the Woolen Memories Hook Inn for 17 years.  Starting in Hardwick, Ma and now at The Salem Cross Inn.    This year we had a lovely group  of gals 7 in total.  It was a wonderful day.  It was  close to 70 out, usually we have snow flurries!  The vendors were great carrying things from wool to needle punching things, cookies to antiques.  Looking forward to next year.

Ahhhhhh Homemade apple pie with whipped cream


Every once in a while I get a surprise package in the mail from my Cousin Gary.  It could be a box of black walnuts or some sheepy item he found.  I don’t know where he ever finds these unique sheepy things but I do love them.  This rain gauge is so cute and the last torrential rains we had there was over 3 inches in the gauge.  I have always wanted a rain gauge.  Of course he will be coming in soon and go back out in the spring.   Thanks Gary for brightening up my day.


Many thanks for reading my blog on this windy day.   Carole


13 02 2017




The howling winds are blowing snow into mini twisters this morning.  Snow is piled  almost up to the porch floor and I am running out of places to put it..  More expected on Wednesday.  I used 1/2 of a cord of wood in less than a month just to keep the kitchen pipes from freezing.  I liked last winter so much more.  Although I must say the chickens were out a lot this winter but of course since the snow is now up to their doorway they are in to stay till spring. The sheep are in today too as the winds from the mountain will fill the barn with snow.  

THE FARM IN WINTER Read the rest of this entry »


1 11 2016


What started as a few snow flakes lead to 3 or 4 inches of the slushy stuff with bad driving.  It will melt in a few days when the temps get back to normal.  I hope that this isn’t a sign of what is to come. I did like last winter’s snow.  We need just enough to keep the rivers full of water but no more!!!!!!  The new stove-pipe was installed by my son so the stove is going on these chilly days














I bought this book in  1995   and in those days I was working full-time and taking care of a farm and doing many shows.  I bought books that interested me in hopes to read them.  Most of the were skimmed over and put away.  Now I a going through all my books and this one popped out.  I am into it and find it so interesting.  It is about the people of the south, weaving and so many other things.  Coverlets are covered at length.  Overshot weaving is has been my favorite thing to weave and is why I will probably get back to weaving but on a smaller loom  It discusses the patterns and how people wove and how they were put together.  So many interesting  facts are explained in this book.  One example is when you do see old coverlets where the blocks don’t match it may be because when they were taken apart to wash the person decided that there was too much wear and reversed the material.  Another fact is when a house was burning you got all the people out and then got the coverlets.    Most were family heirlooms. .   This book is full of interesting facts both for the weaver and the historian.


Another year has passed by and we enjoyed what may be the last hook in at The Salem Cross Inn.  It is a big undertaking and Sandy has done such a wonderful job.  We will know in the spring if it is to take place.  For my friend Debbie and I it has been a day which we had looked forward to all year.  Our favorite day to be exact.  Full of hooking, seeing old friends and meeting new ones.  A time to replenish stocks and get new ideas.  Always a wonderful atmosphere and a great meal.   We hope if Sandy decides not to do it someone else will take it over.  



This wheel was given to me in a box.  I have spent many hours trying to put it together but it wasn’t until I went to Lavender friends Sandy and Glen did we three finally figure out how it all goes together.  Glen is going to glue the pieces he can, and fix whatever he can, he is a genius woodworker!!  I am in the process of sending pictures to THE BOBBIN BOY, the fixer of all wheels.  I just found out about him and he and his wife are extraordinary people.  I hope I have a chance to meet  them in person..  I will keep you informed of the wheel’s makeover.  This wheel is very small and is decorated with some fine carvings  of leaves and acorns.  It looks to have been used a lot which is wonderful  I can’t wait to spin on it.

Many thanks for reading my blog today.  The snow is almost gone but the cold is here this morning.  Warmer weather is coming in for a few days.  The forecast for this winter is cold and snowy.  Hope you have a wonderful day.  Carole




7 08 2016


A gentle rain fell this morning and thunderstorms are predicted for this afternoon.  It will take more than that to recover from the drought.  We in Colrain  have had enough rain lately to keep the grasses green and the gardens going.  I am getting ready to put another planting of green beans in and hope to get the last raised bed in and some turnips planted for fall enjoyment.

Big rain drops in Maude;s water bucket.  The board is to help chipmunks get out

Big rain drops in Maude;s water bucket. The board is to help chipmunks get out


For those of you who know me I do have a huge amount of unfinished projects.  Mostly mine but some of my Grandmothers.  Today my goal was to finish two of them so here they are.  The Hen Proddy was started years ago and the Seamus Rug was started a month ago. I am still working on the Folk Art rug and hope to have it done in a few weeks..  I still haven’t decided what to take to Star Island yet.  If I get the dyeing done it will be the Farmers Market Rug from 2014.

The Seamus Rig

The Seamus Rug

  My first Proddy rug

My first Proddy rug


I am thrilled to be a volunteer at The Linen Symposium to be held at Old Deerfield Village in Deerfield Massachusetts next weekend.  It will give me the opportunity to meet and hear many of today’s experts on Flax and Linen from all over America and Canada.  So many people are growing their own (and I hope to be one of them next year and will prepare a bed for that purpose this fall.) flax in large acreage and small plots. I want to grow a patch and finish it myself this coming year.

We buy linen clothes and may quibble about the high price but the time and energy that goes into the process of making  clothing from plant to  blouse is astonishing.    We don’t think of these things when we are purchasing them..   When I learned to spin I appreciated the amount of work that it takes to make a sweater.  The tending of the sheep, shearing, cleaning the wool then spinning it and finally knitting the garment.  It’s a long process but so worthwhile in the end.

 I love the process and besides do love spinning flax of all types.  It’s always been one of my favorite fibers to spin.  So this is what has led me on this journey to find out more about Flax and be with like-minded people and learning what they know.  I plan to pass this onto you and  think now that I may have to make a loom to weave some material on!!!!!!  My goal is to grow enough to make a pillowcase with.  I have a vision in my head of a pillow case (and it may be for just a small pillow) with some embroidery on the edges.  We will see what happens.  The Symposium is full to the brim and has a rather large waiting list.   It has peaked the interest of so many.  My thanks go to all who helped plan this great event.

Many thanks for reading my blog today.  I leave you today with some pictures from breakfast at the barn.




We would like some grain please.

We would like some grain please.


30 07 2016


We have been fortunate enough to get some rain some folks in the Northeast have gotten nothing and are in a severe drought condition.   The river is so low and with this being the hottest summer on record I doubt it will get back to normal till fall.


Deb and I headed off in the wee hours of the morning to Rutland Vermont for a day of rug hooking.  I love the drive through Vermont.  Lovely quaint villages nestled between green mountains.  It was one of those perfect days.  We soon meet up with our friend, Louise from Montreal.


She is working on another family rug this time of her father studying for a test at McGill University.  Her rugs are full of  family history and are so beautiful.

Deb is working on a beautiful cat and bee skip rug .  Its being done in the primitive style which Debbie and I both love.


There were vendors there and people brought things they no longer needed and they were free or for sale.   I brought some wool and other things to sell and give away and came back with a few things that I needed.

Louise is going home with these lovely handmade baskets .

Louise is going home with these lovely handmade baskets .

I am working on this folk art  rug which I started many years ago..  I am determined that this year is the year of finishing those started projects.   I take it almost every week to the Farmers Market.


Peg Irish gave a slide show and lecture on felting birds.


  She  started with making needle felted chickens and then went on to make other things including these beautiful water felted flowers.


The Screech Owl she did was so life like.    She also gave the three of us some information about TIGHR  a international group of Rug Hookers that Deb and I belonged to a few years ago.  I am going to rejoin the group.  In 2018 they will be meeting in the Dales of England and some of my Dad’s family originated from there.  It would be fun to go there.  Peg even had some ideas of flying into London and taking the train up.  Its always fun to dream.  TIGHR also offers ways to connect with like minded people all over the world.

Deb and I have another adventure coming up in September.  4 days and three nights on the lovely Star Island off the coast of New Hampshire.  I have spend many wonderful days there as a youth and returned later in life for time away from my harried life. We will spend our days hooking and enjoying the sights of this wonderful Island.  And if we are really lucky we will be able to travel to see Ceila Thaxter’s garden.  Home made food and sea air, sitting on the porch of an old Victorian hotel in rocking chairs, who could ask for more.

Every day can’t  be as wonderful as yesterday but there are enough of those days  in life to keep one uplifted  in darker times.  I hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.   Carole



28 06 2016


HOT and humid weather is with us now, it makes the garden grow.  Much needed rain may come tonight and tomorrow,  What we really need is a day of gentle rain.




To my sadness I found that they have been trapped and killed.  These joyful little things running and playing are now gone and  I have spotted one river  rat in my barn.  

The most shocking thing I found that My own state allows this to happen.  A person has the right to trap these animals and they MUST kill them immediately.   So now in my neighbor hood we have no skunks or opossums  Both may dig up lawns so they are not wanted.  Now we have ticks and rats..  I live in a country and community that think they can do anything they want to do with nature, kill anything they want to ,over fish the oceans and there will be no consequences.    Well there are consequences and they are here and all over our country.  Karma will and has come back to bite us all.  Fortunately there are many people who care about the land and animals and do their best to protect the environment.  But  there are lots of unintelligent people who do the opposite. I have sought help from the environmental Police but so far only information has come forward.  It’s all politics .  Anyone have any suggestions?



The weather was perfect, the crowds the best ever.  It was a wonderful two days.  I met loads of wonderful people and saw many old friends.  There were new vendors, sheep and Angora goats and a potter it was perfect.  Mark you calendar for the end of June next year.


I don’t know who laid this wonderful egg but its weight is off the scale



Located near Greenfield’s Market

Come on down, fresh veggies, yarn, soaps, salves, hot sauce, honey and so much more.  Today I have some cute pot holders and I will be working on a rug hooking project. Hope to see you there.

These pot holders will be there

These pot holders will be there



Slowly the wood pile is getting stacked.  I may not have to buy wood this year, my son and I are thinning out some trees.  

I bought the sweet pea vine last summer.  It was  almost dead but revived but never grew much.  I don’t have luck with sweet peas but I love them so much.  This vine is dong so well, I can’t wait to see the flowers.

Many thanks for reading my blog on this cloudy, humid day. The bleeding hearts have gone and now the beautiful wild roses and Lilly’s have taken over.  



15 06 2016


Summer days are upon us with bright blue skies and balmy weather.  I am still planting my garden, better late than never. I took this picture of Charlie the Chipmunk this morning.  I was wondering where all my tiny strawberries were.  His mouth is covered with  juicy strawberries.  There is plenty for all.




Next years hay for the sheep is in the making now.  I have found a reliable farm to buy my hay from.  A farm that has been in existence for over 100 years.  The farming practices have changed with the times.  From Milking cows to hay, compost and straw.  Its long grueling work but so satisfying.  John takes good care of his fields and has a long list of people whom he sells to.   Below is a picture of the hay in progress.



Progress has been made on the Seamus Rug.  I hope to finish it this coming weekend.  I hope to get a class gong at SHeep and Shawl but first have to make a small sample.



On my second time up to the barn this morning I noticed that Maude and a pink spot on the side of her face.  Now she could have gotten this from rubbing on the barn door.  Her fleece is very greasy and that can be itchy.  I looked up onto the hill and saw a piece of a fence that had popped up.  It must have been buried and with all their walking and eating it came to the surface.  It was easy to pull up and all is well.



Maaaaaaaaaaaa there is not enough clover in this hay was the morning call from Lucy

Maaaaaaaaaaaa there is not enough clover in this hay was the morning call from Lucy


I am giving the small South Bedroom a through cleaning and decided to wash the quilt.  No easy job as it entails taking out the stitches of the bottom and removing the wool batting.  While attempting to do that I see some wear and tares  in  some of the fabric.  An easy job may take days to fix.     I will spend the afternoon and evening getting it back in shape.

IMG_6832 Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a lovely day.  Carole