17 08 2013


Ricky is here.  The boys and I went up to drop my things off at the Fair last night.  I am hoping to finish my chicken nesting house there.  We are in a tent and every year we demonstrate spinning, weaving, rug hooking , quilting , knitting and other things.  We also sell a few things.  Its great fun and nice for the people to see what is going on in neighboring towns.    I visited the Heath Library tent and gave them three bags of books and in turn bought a few.   $1.00 for hard cover and $.50  for soft covers.

heath fair  chicken nesting basket 003


 This is always a stop for me, as I love books so much.  Last night was the tractor parade, it’s so interesting to see all the tractors and after this they have a tractor pull and fireworks.

heath fair  chicken nesting basket 002

heath fair  chicken nesting basket 001











Today we are back at the fair, its much busier today, the boys watched the horse pulls and I worked on Mrs. Brown’s new nesting  basket.  I worked on it for over 3 hours, I just have the back to do.  Its made out of oat grass.

heath fair  chicken nesting basket 004

Its a little wonky but I think I will soak it and try and reshape it when its done.  The top will have a point .  I left the oat seed on thinking Mrs. Brown might want a snack while laying her egg.

  Would do a lot of things differently and a lady mentioned that cat tails would make a wonderful one.  Years ago I braided cat tail leaves and made baskets in the winter.  I really think I will try that.    It was a fun day for all of us.  Tonight we are have smores cooked over David’s fire pit.

I think the flowers are exceptional this year.  I caught a bug just leaving the rose.

heath fair  chicken nesting basket 007

heath fair  chicken nesting basket 005




Thank you so much for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.