11 11 2016
One of the many beautiful views of Colrain

One of the many beautiful views of Colrain


The elections are finally over but the people didn’t have their say.  We really don’t have a civil way of electing officials these days.  In the end the popular vote doesn’t count and I for one want to change this.  Neither candidate were liked one disliked more than the other. Let us hope that all the freedoms for everyone that we have fought for will not be taken away.

Winter is showing itself in the woods behind the farm.  Every tree but the mighty Oak have shed their leaves and a  cold wind comes off the mountain now.


My Dad on the left My Grandfather in the middle and my Uncle Roger on the right 1943

My Dad on the left My Grandfather in the middle and my Uncle Roger on the right 1943

My Dad was a soldier in World War 2.  I will always be proud of him.  He was in China, Burma and India.  It was not easy but he served his country proudly and honorably.  Happy Veterans Day to all who have served and now serve.  We honor you.


Last Saturday night I was honored to attend a dinner for The Massachusetts Debt Relief Foundation in Springfield.   My Son-in-law, Richard Ravosa Esquire started this a few years ago and my daughter Cynthia Ravosa  works alongside him helping people in Massachusetts with low incomes get out of debt.  This work is non-profit and provides pro bono bankruptcy representation.  These days it is so easy to get into debt.  One major illness can do it.  I am proud that my family can help these people in many ways.

I am also so proud of my daughter Cindy, she received the news that she has passed the bar and will be sworn in sometime this month.  Its been a long haul but worth it 

Chris on the left, Rick and Cindy and Ricky on the right

Chris on the left, Rick and Cindy and Ricky on the right


It’s that time of year again folks, and I have been busy making all sorts of wonderful things.  This year I was suppose to be at the Brick Meeting House in the center of town.  Unfortunately the repairs on the place have not been finished and I am hoping that next year things will be done.  I will be at my son’s house on 4 High Street.  There is easier parking and no stairs and hopefully the sheep will come out of the barn for your viewing pleasure.  Be sure and give Maude a wave, she has recently had eye surgery and loves people.  Come visit me I would love to see you.  I will have lots of Salve and many balsam products and so much more.img_7299

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope to see you this weekend.  Carole






3 11 2015


We  are enjoying some wonderful weather for November.  I am trying to get all the outside chores done before it ends.


The Oaks are still holding onto their leaves 


Helen is still in the house and I am preparing a caged in area for her , Hazel and Mrs. Brown for the winter.  Next Spring I will put her out in a an area with Hazel and Mrs. Brown.  I can easily monitor them if they are all together and it will be best for Helen not to be tempted by long grasses and hay.

Today she laid an egg the first one since the end of July.  She is pretty proud of herself.



I finished another wall in the kitchen, the last one I will be doing before The Crafts of Colrain. On this wall originally their was a window.  They just put some insulation there and I always thought I would replace the window.    I have given up on that idea so I insulated it more and covered it with a sheet of plastic and now it will be warmer in the kitchen.IMG_6040.



There is still time to get your Hyacinth bulbs.  I have 6 so far and hope to get another package.  They will go in the fridge till January at which time I will put them in the Hyacinth glasses.


Cosmo is settling in.  We have made some adjustments and he is happy  Now he is staying in my bedroom and computer room and loves it.  The other cats scared him and soon I will be leaving the door open for and hour or so a day and see what happens.    He is a  loving cat.  So glad he came into my life.  And last night I was almost asleep and heard this racket, Cosmo had caught a mouse.  





The evening sky has been spectacular lately.  Some views from the back of the barn.



Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you are enjoying lovely weather.















8 05 2015


It’s another beautiful day here, it looks like we have jumped from spring right into summer.  Some rain For Mothers’s Day maybe.  We are in desperate need of it.



Yesterday I cut up some hot red peppers and put them into the dehydrator which was called for in the recipe I found online.  Then they will be warmed up in oil and I will leave them to set on the wall of the porch for a few weeks.  This salve is for sore joints and muscle pain.  It like the capsaicin rubs you buy in the store.  I am going to add a few herbs  and maybe ginger to the mix and see how it works.  I spend a fortune on this stuff and it would be great to make my own.


I have spent more time in the grocery store lately.  I use to be one of those shoppers that knew what I wanted and was in and out.  Now with so many product originating from China I want to know where things are coming from.  I was surprise how many products that I though were made here are not.  I will be making my own or going to River Valley more.


I have been with The Crafts of Colrain when it originated some years ago.  Had to step away for family issues and now I will be in it again this year.  The brochure is wonderful in itself with some many lovely pictures with artist and their crafts.  I wanted a picture with Carol K and myself but unfortunately she made herself unavailable.  Marley stepped right in so one of these two will be in the brochure Read the rest of this entry »


11 11 2013



Sundays are always slow days at shows.  People came but not the crowds of Saturday.  Many people were interested in the sheep and of course the sheep came out to get carrots.  Ricky led the sheep tours.  I think more is need to entice people to come on Sundays.   Now I am moving forward to the next venture which is a drop spindle class at SHeep and Shawl, then the Shelburne Falls Autumn Farmers Market.

Chris and Ricky

Lots to be done today, the rubber mats need to be brought into Sadie’s area, the chicken caravan needs to be moved into my son’s barn and my barn cleaned.  I hope we can get it all down before the boys leave.


If you want to hear Hazel’s crow please click onto the following, it takes a few minutes before he does it, unfortunately he has not learned to crow on command!!!!!

Hazel really enjoyed the Crafts, crowing and having a good time.  He liked all the attention that was given to him.  Today I let him out and he now can fly again without getting out of breath.



Our newest product is clothes pins soaked in essential oils that are moth repellents.  They can be used to help keep moths away in woolens, or just put one in your purse or knitting bag to keep things smelling fresh.  Look for lavender ones to be added to the collection.

I found my camera in the most unusual spot.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.    Carole


10 11 2013



Sweet little Emma passed away yesterday.  She was one of the new gals.  Even though she had only been here for such a short time she was loved by me and her mates.  I was so happy that the Chicken Man had a Buff Orpington, My first Emma was one and she was a gem, well It wasn’t meant to be.  I miss her.


photo (5)

I was still rushing around in the morning getting last-minute things done. The sign explaining the farm was put on an easel near the kitchen door, signs were made for Hazel , the loom and the old spinning wheel.  The day was nippy and my son started a cozy fire in the wood stove, some welcoming essential oils permeated the air, and the boys at their post.  Ricky cleverly set up his IPad to see when there were customers by putting a small camera in the upstairs window.  That was very helpful because if he was giving a tour of the sheep I would step into the kitchen to greet everyone and tell them about Hazel.  Chris helped me with anything chore that needed to be done and checked on Sadie during the day.  Over 70 people came and many sales were made.  Between sales I was needle felting more leaves.  I am going to make pins out of them.  It was a good day, people enjoyed cider from Pine Hill and cookies.

photo (9)

Looking forward to another day of good sales and many people passing through.  I am always nervous about having people in my house.  The house is old and quirky, needs a kitchen and bathroom do over, the walls aren’t that great and windows are needed.  These are the things I see when I go into my house.  I guess that stems from living in houses that these things have been done.  Other people see the house differently they see it as a cozy, old house and the defects that I see they see them as quant.  It changes my prospective when I do the Crafts.


photo (7)

There was talk of a birthday surprise that Chris has made before they came.  I had no idea what it could be.  It was this hand painted on canvas picture of Sammy.  I love it  and hung it in the dining room.  Many comments on how wonderful it  is were made by customers.


photo (6)

Hazel’s crow is really getting so much better.  He was a star yesterday I think really enjoyed the attention.

I have misplaced my camera, its nothing new for me to misplace my phone or keys but my camera has always been in a certain place.  I hope I find it soon as I really miss it.  The pictures on the bog today are from an Iphone that belongs to Chris.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.  If you live nearby stop in I would love to see you.   Carole


8 11 2013

Good Morning



It went from rain to flurries this morning with a dusting on the ground and a few still coming down.  I need to get the bulbs in sometime today.  Still lots of work to do outside, I will have the boys do some of while they are here.  I want the little dog house brought near the barn as I will bring it in.  The caravan needs to be brought into my sons barn for the winter.  Its getting old and needs more protection. Oh well they will get done in time.


TOMORROW starts the 2 day event, I will be ready, in a much better situation than last year.  I have made a bittersweet swag , my friend Susan told me about this and it really came out nice, I put the lights on last night.


 With pumpkins and pinecones and sweet annie drying on the porch it will be welcoming for customers. I am lookingforward to it.


I had a wonderful time last night at one of the SHEEP AND SHAWL’S classes.  Check out their web site for many more fun and interesting classes and lots of knitting  time at the store  I had needle felted many years ago but my daughter CIndy bought me a fantastic book on it my interest was peaked again.


I think that I would have liked to have felted the leaf a little more and the acorn needs to be a bit smaller or the cap a bit larger, but all in all for my first time doing the both of these I think they came out good.  I will be out in the back yard looking for more caps.  I hope to find some double ones.These were fun and easy to make.  The wool is some of mine carried at the shop.  Thanks Deb for offering this class and also to Liz for having wonderful classes at her shop.


I am teaching a drop spindle class at Sheep and Shawl on Sunday, November 17th and the 24th.  If you have every wanted to spin but didn’t want the expense of a spinning wheel this is your opportunity to learn.  Hope to see you there.

Many thanks for reading my blog on this flurrying  morning.  I hope you have a wonderful day.  Carole and Minnie


6 11 2013


On Sunday coming home from the show I drove by my family homestead..  I was glad to see the house and it reminded me of the sense of security, the years of family gatherings and love that the house held..  It was a simple 5 room ranch house build for returning soldiers from World War 2.  A small development of 4 and 5 room homes built on old farmland.  I often wish my Mother had not sold it, but she was living in Florida and felt the need to do so.  Much had been done to the house by my family, a garage and sun porch added with a stone patio with a rock with a  dinosaur print in it., stone walls build by my Uncle and my Grandfather, a large garden area build above the stone wall and every bit  of dirt was sifted and all rocks removed by my Grandfather.  Every year manure was brought from the farm in Chesterfield and dug into the soil.    I had my first garden at age 5 there.  I planted a Christmas tree there from the farm, which was enjoyed many years later, lots of cucumbers which had always been my favorite vegetable and flowers.  Our garden was very large and the cellar was always full of canned fruits and vegetables. Sometimes its good to visit the place where you grew up, remembering all the wonderful times there and family that is now gone, and taking the time to appreciate what I have now.

The Hens,

Winter approaches It’s hard for the hens to get use to the time change.  The hens are just waking up when I feed them.  Even Elliott just doesn’t want to eat that early.  The water pipes to the barn froze and thawed yesterday.  A warning to me that the winter routine is in full force.  It requires 4 trips up and down the stairs when water is needed, 2 to get it on and 2 to shut it off and drain it.  It’s certainly worth it.  Before I used to have to connect a 25 foot hose to the sink and drag the hose upstairs. Cold air sweeping in the house as the door had to be left ajar.  Small changes like that make life easier at the farm.  There was an egg laid today,


I think it was Lucy who laid it.  Yea!!!!!!!!

Last night I took a picture of Sally, really it wasn’t all that cold in the coop but she had puffed herself up just in case.



  She is 12 years old, one of the first hens I got.  She has minded her own business, got away from disagreements and never was on the top of the pecking order, she is a middle of the road gal.


Hazel and I made the trip to Dr. Connor this afternoon.  She and the staff felt he was improved, one side of his chest is cleared up but the other still has some infection in it.  He will be on antibiotics for another 2 weeks.  He is eating better now so I know he on the road to recovery. 


He will be in the house for The Crafts of Colrain,  the large cat carrier sits on the kitchen table.  He will like all the activity and people will be surprised to see a rooster in the house.   I am going to start letting him out for periods starting next week.    Anyway I am glad of the good news.  Mrs. Brown has been lonely and will be glad to see him.

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.