28 05 2014



Yesterday was a big day for the inside chickens.  The caravan  was moved by David’s boys into the yard and cleaned out.   Fresh hay and some DE was put in the nesting box.


 They had a wonderful day taking dirt baths and finding bugs and plants.



 I put Morticia out today too with them.  It will take them time to get used to her again.   She was getting sick of the kids and now they are bigger than her and are still jumping on her back!!!!!!



 Everyone did well and this morning Milly just couldn’t figure how to get out.


 She had never been in the Caravan before it took her a little while but with some help and the sound of the food dish she scurried out.   She has always had foot problems and her feet always need special attention.  Through all that she is such a sweet-tempered girl.  But yesterday when Hazel made some advanced towards her she gave him a good peck  and I am sure he won’t be bothering her again!



The chicks were fine during the night too.  All is well.

I have to unload my car from the show and put things away today.  ALso I need to get things ready for the farmers market on Friday.


 Tomorrow night  Liz is giving a talk and slide show on The Orkney’s.   It’s a special event free of charge.  I am meeting Patti there, it will be a lot of fun.

Many thanks for reading my blog on this cool, damp day.  I hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole









30 07 2013







                               Yesterday we went and picked  bunches of tansy.  They are just beautiful this year.  I love having them through-out the house as a deterrent to insects.  In the net few weeks the house will be filled with their scent.









The New Hooking Book






. I have been wanting to find a book with some very old rugs in it.  I wanted to see how they were done and thought about making a couple for the shop.  This book is a treasure.  It is about the life of Magdalena Briner Eby.  SO many times  all information is lost about hookers in the 1800’s but luckily all her information is available.  She was born in 1832, was widowed at age 25 and lived the rest of her life working and caring for family members and quilting and rug hooking.  Family letters of the day held much information. They say that she made between 30 and 50  rugs in her lifetime.  Her history in the first part of this book will excite you. Most of her rugs were simple designs of life around her. Farm animals and flowers. Her life was so interesting, you will love this beautiful book.

Yesterday we did get the Chicken Caravan moved.  It was a challenge , with flat tires and going up hill.  It’s in a good spot now where there is easy access.

Today is a beautiful cool morning and the sheep truly enjoy the cooler weather.  I didn’t get the pickles done yesterday so it’s on my list for today.

I hope  you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.    Carole


29 07 2013



Minnie is doing well upstairs. her coat is in better health, she is eating more and seems more relaxed.  I just think she was probably a solitary cat and is happy to be that way again.





bean tree

bean tree







I love morning glories, to me they say summer.  The ones in the Herb bed have put out a lot of growth this summer but not a lot of blooms.  All the herbs are doing well, which reminds me that I better get drying.  The string beans were planted late so they are just setting beans now and that’s fine with me.  Today I am hoping to make a few more jars of dill pickles and make a batch of bread and butter pickles.  July is almost over where did the summer go.

Moving the Chicken Caravan

Well my plans of hops shading the caravan worked but it worked too well












.  They are bringing down the netting and the caravan will have to be moved today.  I am going a way for a few days next week and my animal sitters will have a hard time just getting to them to close the hens  up at night.  It looks like I will have a good crop of Hops this year.  I will be making dream pillows  soon for the shop.

Grant Money

The town of Colrain has some grant money which you have to pay back at some time.  Its helpful because there are mostly old homes in this town and many have been neglected.  You have to jump through many hoops which cost money and is annoying.    One of them is the lead testing.  Lets face it all old houses have lead paint.  That’s what they used in the old days.  I don’t want to spend money that I have to pay back removing lead I do know how important it is to check for lead but I feel if my money is going to be used I should have the choice to do it or not. Its expensive and would take away from the really important things that I need doing.  I need new windows to replace ones that just don’t open and they  create mold in my dining room and I need a new chimney and much cement work in the back of the house.  This alone will cost around 18,000.  I have already got an estimate.  I am hoping to have it done this year.  Don’t get me wrong I am grateful to be able to get this grant. I would love to have the walkway rebuilt from the second floor to the back.  I doubt if that will qualify though and it might be something Pat could tackle at some time.  It would be wonderful to have as I age, it would be another way to get out to the back gardens..  Its interesting that they put in that door isn’t it.?



Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole


8 07 2013



My cousin Gary send me some information on chickens.  It seems that people are just running out and buying chicks without thinking of the consequences.  They are under the impression that hens lay till they drop and don’t live long lives.  Neither is true.  I have some hens that are over 11 years old and have not laid an egg for ages.  I feel that all creatures should live out their lives and when I take on an animal I am with them for the long-term.   This may not be everyone’s reality and you can always find homes for unwanted hens and roosters through any local chicken group/    Some people get rid of their hens after their first year and I have bought hens that way and they are still laying.  Francis is still laying wonderful blue/green eggs and she is getting close to 10 years old.  The sanctuary in Watkins Glen, New York where lucky farm animal spend the rest of their lives has noticed a huge increase from 5o or so hens and roosters to close to 500 now.

I can tell you that my life has been enriched by the hens and roosters here at the farm.  I have met some wonderful, caring chicken farmers, some raise hens for meat and others for just the eggs.  All have contributed to my knowledge of raising healthy and happy birds.                                                                  Last night I stuck my camera in the caravan to see who was where.


Brookside Animal Hospital

This morning Chris and I had to stop by the Vets to get a recipe for food for Minnie Bisbee and meds for Sam.


 We walked in the door and were each handed a kitten.  Dr. Funk and his wife each brought home two from a farm where they buy their hay.  Two have already been spoken for and this one and another one are available.  No we didn’t take them home, but they sure are cute.


The horseradish is doing well, I hope there will be enough root to save and to do something with.



 I would like to make a horse-radish dressing if I can find a recipe.


I use Hops in my dream pillows and have been growing them near the front coop for shade.  Last year I planted  them on the side coop and as you can see in the picture they have taken off.IMG_0779

 I have had to put a wooden post in to hold the netting up.  The vines can leave red welts on your face if you happen to walk into them.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.                                           Carole



10 06 2013


The Mock Orange is glorious this year.

The Mock Orange is glorious this year.



Yesterday I spent a good part of the day getting some of the tomatoes in and some green beans.  I needed to fix a few fences and the netting in the outside coop.  Today I planted a dozen peppers before the rain got heavy, I have 6 more to plant another day.

I decided to plant tomatoes on a cattle panel fence.  I think today I planted half of them, I have room for about 1/4 more so  the rest I will scatter around the yard.    I put up the bean poles which I bought last year.  I do really love them, you can grow a lot of beans on them.  I will plant the two in pole beans and have also planted a row of bush beans.


The pathway down from the sheep which was dug up by the big machinery has been planted in clover and timothy and hay covering it to hold the seeds.  On the side of this was manure from last year which I never spread around.  I planted hubbard squash, cucumbers and some pumpkins there plus a row of bush beans.  I hope they do well there. 


We are getting lots of heavy rain today with more off and on this week so the back can’t dry up.  The spring was running pretty well today.  I  have been thinking of digging a pathway down through the pasture and putting small stone in the trench.  Maybe it would lead to a pipe and I could pipe it somewhere.  My son tells me that there are springs all over the mountain in back.

Mystery in the Caravan 

chicken caravan and minnie bisbee 011

Everyone in the barn is settling down now.  But in the outside caravan there is a mystery.  I noticed that Helen the white hen was  really picking on Hester over the weekend, I also noticed that everyone seemed to laying eggs except Helen.  Today there were 6 eggs in the nest and a smashed up white one.  I just wonder……………………….Hester are you getting your revenge!!!!!

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.    Carole


21 05 2013


I have had a lot of interested in the Chicken Caravan so I though I would  share more pictures of it and some more information on it.  Mine is made of all things that were lying around except for the metal wagon which I purchased.  I purchased it at my local farm supply store.  The bottom is metal  lattice-work so poop and stuff falls through and the tires are good for carrying heavy things.

chicken caravan and minnie bisbee 011







 I made changes over the years to it.  With the nesting box inside of the original box there just  wasn’t  enough room for the 8 hens I have.  Last year I made a nest box and attached it to the outside.  I also put hinges on one of the screens so it would be easier to clean out.  This year I will do the other side.  I rarely move mine so each year the tires need some air in them.  If you have any questions please e-mail me and I will be happy to answer them.  I have had this  for 10 years, I did repaint it last year.  For an investment of less than $100 I think it was a good value.

Hen Moving Day

I spent  the whole morning getting things ready and moving the 8 hens.   They are happy to be out .  The first thing they did was take dirt baths.  Oh what fun.


Today I planted some pumpkins seeds.  All heirloom, sugar pumpkins, warty pumpkins, green ones and cinderella ones. I planted them on the embankment near my son’s house.  I still have room for more and will plant them another day.  I need to make a wattle fence so that these plants are protected from neighborhood dogs who use that area as a bathroom stop.  I have a few rogue garlic growing there and weeded lots of grass out of the area.  I brought the grass up to the  sheep and was walking down near the chicken area when I saw a huge snake (every snake to me is huge and dangerous this is from a very dangerous child-hood expierence.    Now I am terrified of snakes and  wish they would either hide when they see me or move on.  I called my son who heard a rattle sound.  Well anyway it turned out to be a milk snake.  I am hoping the event scared it as much as it did me and it has packed up its bags and moved on.

The FootStool

I worked on the footstool cover for an hour or so last night.   I like how its coming out.  I picked out a few colors and will use those colors throughout.

chicken caravan and minnie bisbee 017

Today is hot and humid,rain was expected this afternoon but none came, the river is so low.

I will leave you tonight with this picture of Minne.

chicken caravan and minnie bisbee 001

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a sparkling day.           Carole


19 05 2013


Today I spent a good part of the morning getting the Chicken Caravan yard ready for the hens.  The roof is metal and needed a good cleaning.  I used the Orange cleaner that I made over the winter and 2 years of grime came off easily.  I have it cleaned out and spent at least an hour getting the netting up.

LIL 006 I found that I really need one more pole to make it easier for me to walk around freely inside.    The netting is bird netting and it goes up like a circus tent.  I though of the idea last year and it worked.  I must say the putting up and taking down in not a lot of fun.  I hope to get the girls set up at the beginning of the week.


Lil is growing up so fast, in no time she will be crawling around.

LIL 002

The Rain Barrel

I have the rain barrel in place but the down spout is not in place.  I have some measuring to do.

LIL 007

  I plan to get another barrel for the pasture near the sheep.  I have 2 large water tubs for the sheep.  They need to be refreshed every couple of days in the summer and I have to dump the water.  I really would like to use that water.   I don’t have a pump so would have to bucket it into the barrel.  Gravity would bring it down to things that need to be watered.

Another picture from the Chicken Man.  He sells Peacocks, geese, ducks and bunnies too.  A did call him and leave a message about that sweet little chick and hoping to hear that he will save him or her for me.

lilac 005

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a lovely day.    Carole