1 11 2016


What started as a few snow flakes lead to 3 or 4 inches of the slushy stuff with bad driving.  It will melt in a few days when the temps get back to normal.  I hope that this isn’t a sign of what is to come. I did like last winter’s snow.  We need just enough to keep the rivers full of water but no more!!!!!!  The new stove-pipe was installed by my son so the stove is going on these chilly days














I bought this book in  1995   and in those days I was working full-time and taking care of a farm and doing many shows.  I bought books that interested me in hopes to read them.  Most of the were skimmed over and put away.  Now I a going through all my books and this one popped out.  I am into it and find it so interesting.  It is about the people of the south, weaving and so many other things.  Coverlets are covered at length.  Overshot weaving is has been my favorite thing to weave and is why I will probably get back to weaving but on a smaller loom  It discusses the patterns and how people wove and how they were put together.  So many interesting  facts are explained in this book.  One example is when you do see old coverlets where the blocks don’t match it may be because when they were taken apart to wash the person decided that there was too much wear and reversed the material.  Another fact is when a house was burning you got all the people out and then got the coverlets.    Most were family heirlooms. .   This book is full of interesting facts both for the weaver and the historian.


Another year has passed by and we enjoyed what may be the last hook in at The Salem Cross Inn.  It is a big undertaking and Sandy has done such a wonderful job.  We will know in the spring if it is to take place.  For my friend Debbie and I it has been a day which we had looked forward to all year.  Our favorite day to be exact.  Full of hooking, seeing old friends and meeting new ones.  A time to replenish stocks and get new ideas.  Always a wonderful atmosphere and a great meal.   We hope if Sandy decides not to do it someone else will take it over.  



This wheel was given to me in a box.  I have spent many hours trying to put it together but it wasn’t until I went to Lavender friends Sandy and Glen did we three finally figure out how it all goes together.  Glen is going to glue the pieces he can, and fix whatever he can, he is a genius woodworker!!  I am in the process of sending pictures to THE BOBBIN BOY, the fixer of all wheels.  I just found out about him and he and his wife are extraordinary people.  I hope I have a chance to meet  them in person..  I will keep you informed of the wheel’s makeover.  This wheel is very small and is decorated with some fine carvings  of leaves and acorns.  It looks to have been used a lot which is wonderful  I can’t wait to spin on it.

Many thanks for reading my blog today.  The snow is almost gone but the cold is here this morning.  Warmer weather is coming in for a few days.  The forecast for this winter is cold and snowy.  Hope you have a wonderful day.  Carole




5 04 2016


From a dusting to snowing all day we ended up with around 5 inches.  It’s cold !! Temps got down to the teens last night.  We had just gotten use to the warm temps!   Cornelius is back  I saw him in the lower part of the barn last night.  He is the one who moves hay against my kitchen door .  It has been happening a lot and I wondered who was doing it Mystery solved.  I am glad he is back. 

THE SHEPHERD’S LIFE by James Rebanks


I read about this book online and i got it in the late fall.  With all the goings on here i started it and put it aside.  I have picked it up again and wanted to share this great book with you.  When I started this book I was also reading Beatrix Potter’s Gardening Life by Marta McDowell  and fell in love with Herdwick Sheep.

SO many British breeds have died out but Beatrix raised these sheep on her farm and in her will said that theymust forever remain there.  They are a hardy sort that live on the fells in Northern  England.  They have their babies there and their lambs have their babies there.  This has gone on for centuries.  The fleeces are very coarse and would be so good for rug hooking.  The rugs would never wear out.  This book is about the shepherds who care for these sheep.  It takes you through the seasons with centuries old traditions that are passed on from generation to generation. The ebbs and flows of a life with sheep and farming.  A must read for anyone who loves the old ways, sheep, farming, wool, and this kind of life.

On my first visit to Ireland I felt I belonged , I am finally home..  Now I realize that it wasn’t just Ireland.It was the land of my ancestors to which I felt a connection  including Scotland and England.It was hard to explain to anyone.  I want to pack up and move immediately.  Buy a small croft and have some sheep.  Live in the old ways.  Now I think that this longing is deep inside my DNA and although the move will not be made in my lifetime it may happen to another ancestor down the line.  I have tried to make my life somewhat like the life I wanted and am satisfied.  But if I won the lottery the dust would fly and I would be there .

I highly recommend both these books.



A friend told me about this wonderful BBC series.  I am enjoying everything about it. A great history lesson and lessons on how to make a paintbrush out of a feather,  how to make a wattle weave fence and so much more.  Check it out on You Tube.


Wllie longs to be in the room where Cosmos has chosen to live so this week I have left the door open and come what may.  So far so good.  Willie is a cat who longs for quiet and this room suited him.  I am hoping that Cosmo comes around and accepts these cats as friends.  If it is too hard for him things wil go back to the way they were.  I think it will take some time.

Hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.  Carole



17 02 2016


This winter has been one for the record books  With very warm weather to temps plummeting to more than 15 below.  And the winds were howling and bringing wind chills  close to 35 below.  Last night we had snow and now all the trees are covered in ice.  But the temps are suppose to go up to nearly 50.  With the help of Chris we have gotten through this cold snap with no frozen pipes. What a relief.



This wonderful newsletter about antique wheels and looms is put together by an old friend Florence Feldman Wood.  She and I worked together with many other folks forming the first “GATHERING” a local SOAR type event held in New England.  We reconnected  when I started the FIBERuary Blog.  IF you are interested in wheels  and looms this is the newsletter to have.  There is so much information about upcoming events where to get a wheel repaired and more.



I can’t seem to find any of my mittens  I have  cheap pairs to wear when I am doing dirty chores but my regular ones are missing.  So this year I am making more.  I have done the fleece lined and now I am making a pair of Checker Board Mittens.


The pattern is from The Fox Geese and Fences pattern book by Robin Hansen.  I have made many mittens from this book .


Many thanks for reading my blog today. Carole



31 01 2016


Another sunny day and in the 40’s.  The days are longer and Spring is coming.  The last week has been a week of  sudden events.  My youngest daughter Betty fell and broke three bones and has had surgery and my oldest daughter, Cindy lost her beloved Mother-in-law quite suddenly on Tuesday.  Most of the time we live our lives without consequence but these two things happening to me remind me how one instant can change things and how short and precious life is.


What the heck happened here.  I am guessing that this hen didn’t lay an egg in a couple of days and this was what happened.  It looks like a combination of two eggs.  Some solid shell with a membrane over part of it.  Never a dull moment in raising chickens.    



The blog is up and running  I am so excited about the wonderful articles that are coming in.  Don’t forget the Valentine event at Sheep and Shawl.


On February 7th I will be speaking  at Sheep To Shawl.  Here is the blurb from the local paper.

Stories From The Farm – Carole Adams of Colrain will tell her stories SUNDAY, Feb 7 between 1:00 and 3:00 with time for questions at Sheep & Shawl in South Deerfield. She has raised sheep on a very small farm for over 20 years, has compiled a book of stories, is a spinner, dyer, weaver, rughooker, and fleece judge. Free. Refreshments provided.  Presenting speakers every Sunday of the month of “FIBERuary.” 265 Greenfield Rd, Rte 5/10 in the Tibetan Plaza, South Deerfield, MA  413-397-3680

I am looking forward to sharing my life as a small  farmer with you.  Join us at Sheep and Shawl.


I have been trying to get this book for several months now.  I finally got it today and it looks great.  I can’t wait to start reading it.  According to my blogger friend Anne, who has used this method you do get better yields and flavors.  Thanks Anne for the info.


Thank you so much for reading my blog    Carole





9 11 2015


The warmer weather has gone for the time being and its a bit chilly in the mornings.  I am busy getting ready for The Crafts of Colrain which is this coming weekend, so far the weather looks great for it.


It seems that this past month I have been going to Greenfield  a lot.  Picking up 25# of Oatmeal for the Chickens, several appointments, and I have been parking in a parking lot.   In cracks in the pavement are milkweed ready to send off their seeds.  Each time I am in  town I pick off a branch and bring it home to spread around my yard.  Its a good feeling that hopefully some of these seeds will take and more beautiful Monarch’s will be around.




Birthday wishes are popping up everywhere.

  Liz of Sheep and Shawl gave me this wonderful book, The Chicken Chronicles by Alice Walker author of many books including The Color Purple.   A wonderful story of life with Chickens.  I am thoroughly enjoying it.


A surprise  box in the mail yesterday from my friend Jan contained a book she though was perfect for me.  The Stillmeadow Road by Gladys Taber.  I  have started it and love it.  Its about a woman who buys an old farmhouse with blinders on ( sort of like me) and takes you through the fixing up the trails and tribulations of her dogs,cats and gardens.


I want to learn more about this author and read some of her other books.


My friend Debbie went on a wonderful trip to Nova Scotia and went to Deanne’s shop.  She brought me back this wonderful sheep pattern.  I just love it and am now thinking of how I can do it. I can’t start it till after the first of the year by then I hope have it all figured out.



Okay so I said I wasn’t going to get anymore sheep. I promise this is the last one.  I just couldn’t resist this one.  Her name is Annie, which endeared her to me right away.  We called my Mom Annie for the last several years of her life.    She was in a breeding program to promote better sheep and wool.  She is half English Leicester and half Merino.  One can only imagine how wonderful her wool will be.   She is only 2 which is nice.


She will fit in nicely with the girls and offer me some really wonderful wool to turn into yarn in two years time.

Here is another sheep that is looking for a home.  My friend Lisa, who raises beautiful sheep is downsizing and Sorrel needs to find a home.  I wish I could take her but 5 is enough.  


I don’t know how anyone can resist her.  She is beautiful and an English Leicester.  They are the nicest sheep

Many thanks for reading my blog, there seems never to be a dull moment around the farm, never expected another sheep to fall into my lap.  Hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole




6 11 2015


It has been such beautiful weather and it continues for another day or so, before some cooler but not cold weather comes.  Then another bout of warm weather next week.


These few are done and ready to tag.  I sold them some years ago and are fun to make.  Used to put hot dishes on the pad is full of  fall and winter spices.



In 2011 I went to Nova Scotia to take a class from Deanne Fitzpatrick.  It was a wonderful drive.  I took the highway to Bangor and then took the scenic route from there.  Up and down  evergreen covered mountains, passed fields of low bush blueberries turned crimson and scenic ocean vistas.   I fell in love with Nova Scotia, the people and the land.    If I was younger I would have moved there.  

The class was exciting and Deanne was wonderful to each class member.  We did short travels around Amherst and went to PEI for a day.  On our travels I picked up this Cookbook.  There it has sat on my bookshelf full of cookbooks.  I go through my cookbooks every year sorting out ones that I don’t use and finding new homes for them.  This year I had to move the bookcase and put the Blueberry cookbook to the side.    When I had time I looked the book over.  The author told stories of how she came to write the book, it as so interesting with lots of tidbits about Nova Scotia scattered throughout it..  This gem is full of blueberry recipes, I know you will enjoy it.  The Blueberry Cake recipe was great.  You can get it on Amazon.





Here is a blurry picture of Cosmo with his very own cat nip toy.  He was having a great time and no one was gong to take it away from him!


Many thanks for reading my blog on this warm day.  Carole



19 08 2015


The heat and humidity are still here, it can’t last forever!


He really looks like he go into a bad fight.  Thing all this damage was from him pecking the hardware cloth.

He really looks like he got into a bad fight. Think all this damage was from him pecking the hardware cloth.

Poor Hazel something happened in the night.  Mrs. Brown is perfectly fine. After getting them both back in the house and cleaning him up I found a hole under the fence.  My son and I both feel that something tried to get them and he was protecting her. Nothing was done to the cage.  He is still quite feisty and crowing.  I will get some baby food  for him and I won’t put them out again.  He will need time to heal.

Much has been said about rooster.  I am glad that I have them.  Their brave instincts are amazing.  Protection and making sure the girls eat are  priorities.

The love that these two birds have for each other is a sight to behold.  He called out to her while I was taking him upstairs and she was pacing back and forth talking to herself.  They were so happy to see each other.


STILL LIFE WITH CHICKENS  by Catherine Goldhammer


I have had this book for a while, there are some books that need to be read over and over.  Each time taking something new away from them.  It’s a memoir of starting over.  Her marriage ends and she takes a huge tax bracket dive.  Life changes for her in so many ways but with the addition of chickens and a new life she perseveres.   I highly recommend this book, life has twists and turns this book shows something good can come out of the worst of times.


The jewel weed outside my computer window is now over 12 feet high.   Hope to get to puling that soon.


Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope that its cooler where you are.  Carole