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Looking through the barn window at life on the farm

My name is Carole Adams and I live in a small tomn in the Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts.  The farm is small under 1/2 and acre.  On it live 4 sheep and a llama, 16 hens one chick, 2 roosters and  8 cats.  I grow many herbs, vegetables, flowers and some fruit.  In my spare time i sew, rug hook, spin, dye wool, read, and hopefully get back to weaving again this winter.

Whispering Pines Farm
8 High Street
Colrain, MA 01340
Telelphone Number: (413) 624-8974
Email Address: wspines@aol.com

I have chicken and sheep as my animals in the farm. My chickens produce great organic eggs which can be picked up in the Greenfield.

>>Book s that I am reading 

  • Sun Dancing by Geoffrey Moorhouse

This is an interesting story about life in a medieval Irish Monastery. Its a detailed book on how they lived and Celtic Spirituality.

  • The Complete Compost Gardening Guide by Barbara Pleasant & Deborah L. Martin

This is a book that i am extremely excited about. Living on such a small piece of land I don;t have a lot of area to put barn cleanings. This is just what i needed. Its 320 pages of tips like the abc’s of composters, with some many composters out there i couldn’t decide which was best for me. After reading the article I bought 2 one for the sheep and one for the chickens at a very reasonable price at home depot. Composting in the winter with worms, which i hope to try this year. If you want to learn all about composting and being green this is the book. Story is the publisher, i bought this on Amazon.

>>What I am Hooking

I finished these two rugs in the spring. Both are done with mostly handspun. I have been a spinner for almost 35 years. In that time I have made few things. The pleasure has been in the spinning and dyeing. Now after all that time I have a huge room in my house filled with bins full of colorful dyed yarn. ALthough I do hook with the traditional wool I do enjoy using up the yarns. At this moment I am hooking a approximately 3 X 5 rug for a tiny bedroom in my house. I am using Elliots roving dyed with black walnut for the background color, I will put a picture in soon.

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5 07 2012

I saw in a comment of yours on Collette’s blog (which I love and have been following since Feb) that you were from western Ma.. I am in Northampton and wondered where you were. When I clicked on you I found your blog. Small world. I live in a small cottage in a little neighborhood in the Florence section of Northampton and am just learning about permaculture. I have expanded my compost and gardens and I got 5 baby chicks in May. Just hens, we aren’t allowed roosters. I would love to visit your farm! I would love to have sheep…as I am a knitter and weaver who wants to learn spinning this winter. But I don’t think our zoning would alllow it. So I would love to visit yours. Please let me know if that would be alright. And when would be a good time. I am a retired teacher and very flexible. Will you be blogging now? Thanks, Patti

19 05 2013
Patricia Smith

Carole, We are in Maine and went to the dentist right away. My hygienist has 14 hens and her friend has sheep and is worried about the wolves, etc. I remember one of your blogs you mentioned that your llama does guard duty. Could you email me that blog so I could pass it on to her? I love your blog. Patricia Smith palosmith@comcast.net

22 03 2015
Walking On Sunshine Blog Hop Party | handmade. homegrown. beautiful life

[…] am excited  to share a wonderful blog…Whispering Pines Farm. Carole has been blogging for 4 years and her site is filled with a wealth of information and […]

22 03 2015

Thank you so much for sharing

8 07 2015
Deb Damari-Tull

Hi Carol~am new to all this, not sure what blogging is…….
I was on the Salems Cross Rug Hookin site and it keeps coming up with YOU, at Whispering Pines. Am wondering what one has to do with the other.
I am a ‘farm girl’ also!! Also a hooker, and did not make the ‘cut’ to get into
the hookin. I’m DEVESTATED!!!!!! Its the first year I’m not working and am
free to come. Ugh. ANYHOW, I saw “Deb’s Rug, There are worse storms
at sea”. I don’t know who Deb is, but I NEED TO KNOW WHERE I can
purchase that pattern. I didn’t know it was a commerical one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I would ABSOLUTELY love it if you could let me know!
It would ALMOST make up for not getting into the hookin ;-(

8 07 2015

The reason my name and Farm come up so much as I love the event so and talk about it and put pictures on my blog. I am sorry you won’t be there this year are you on a waiting list? There are often people who can’t make it. My friend Deb and I have been coming to the Hook In since it started and just look forward to it so much. The info on Deb’s rug is downstairs so I will send it in another message later. I called Deb right away and she told me that its a Canadian pattern, and she hooked it exactly as the pattern maker had. I love the rug too Deb is a great rug hooker. Are you local? Deb and I both belong to The Green Mountain Rug HOoking Guild from Vermont. They have several hook ins during the year one is coming up the end of this month in White River Junction. Check out their website. Hope to meet you sometime. Thanks for reading the blog

8 07 2015

Her name is Judith Dallegret she is on Facebook and also has a blog good luck and I would love to see the rug when it’s done

8 07 2015
Deb Damari-Tull

Re: Salems Cross Hookin~
THANK YOU so much for Judith’s name!! I’ve just been dying to do that rug!!
You made my day. Now if I can just figure out HOW to do facebook……….:-)
(I am not of this modern ‘era’)
YES!!! I AM on the waiting list for the hookin!! My sister and I are #9&10.
Keeping out fingers crossed!!)

8 07 2015

Hope to see you there Deb, let me know if you get in. Glad to help

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