17 02 2019


An almost full moon shines into the woods and barn tonight.  Making long shadows in the woods.  After a warm day we will be having colder temps tonight. 




What a surprise when I opened this years Christmas present from my Cousin Gary.  MY favorite Sheep show has always been the Maryland show.  It’s the biggest and most exciting show.  I was a vendor for many years and miss it so.   The group of people who put on the show are accommodating and so nice.  My Cousin always helped me at this show, he lives about an hour and one half away.  We got T-shirts every year.  This year I got this wonderful quilt with lots of memory T-shirt pictures.  It’s a treasure.


20190214_131110_HDR (1).jpg








I have been asking the universe for a few more cats, it has been sort of empty with only two cats here.   I spotted an ad on Facebook about the Inky brothers.  Two three-legged cats that were mostly feral that needed a home.  They were sitting in a cage for some months  in Rhode Island with two adoptions that fell through.  I talked it over with my Grandson, Ricky and came to the conclusion that I could take them in.  I have a small sunny bedroom with two windows that overlook a bird fly-way.    With help from Gayl, Genevieve,, and Dr. Annette Rauch they are now here safe and happy.

I am hoping that eventually they will come to trust me but am giving them some space to get adjusted.  I will eventually spend time in the room  and i talk to them every time I go into the room so they will know me..  There are dozens of nose prints on the windows so I know they are watching bird tv every day.  PAAWSRI did a wonderful job with them giving them all the time they needed to find a new home  Thank you .

Moxie came to me as a 8-year-old cat who had been with the same person his whole life.  The gentleman needed to move in with a family member who was allergic to cats.    He has had a bit of a tough time adjusting here.  He was quite mad  at me and wouldn’t look at me for days.  He has been in my downstairs bedroom  but because he has weight issues I don’t know when I will put him with Sam and Willie.  He is such a sweet boy and know he will fit in nicely here.





An article caught my eye on Instagram and I develed into it further.  At the least to say I was shocked but not surprised ro find out that our own government may be responsible for the tick outbreak.

Dr. Ken liegner had this to say about Lyme:  In the fullness of time, the mainstream handling of lyme disease will be viewed as one of the most shameful episodes in the history of medicine.. because elements of academic medicine, elements of government and virtually the entire insurance industry have colluded to deny a disease. 

I know this to be true because the clinic I go to many of the doctors have told me so, I have been laughed at, told I never had the disease ect.  He is  reveling  his secret role in developing bug born biological weapons. I am going to buy the book BITTEN The secret history of lyme disease and biological weapons.  300,000 Americans are affected with Lyme disease each year.  This book devels into Willy Burgdorfer the man who discovered the microbe    The author believes that it was an experiment gone wrong.

This disease is in epidemic proportions and has affected so many people.  It has taken their life away.  Only if you are lucky enough to have Doctors that know this disease know how to treat it can you ever hope to get some resemblances of your old life back.

I have been sick again since October.  Through blood work taken at Integrated Medicine I have a very high level of mycoplasma.  Which means that I will be under treatment for the next month .  It is an interesting disease as it has no cell covering so I have to take one medicine which encapsulates it so the two antibiotics that I will be taking will work.  I am also taking an immune booster to try to improve my health.


 I have so many wonderful birds coming to the feeding station.  Lots of cardinals, Mourning Doves, all kinds of Woodpeckers, and so many more.    The cats are enjoying wild bird tv.

Many thanks for reading my blog on this clear moonlight night.



















3 responses

17 02 2019
Dora Friedli

I am so sorry you’re still having problems with this disease. Hope you’re better soon. I am not too far from Camp Pendalton, the Marine training base. Often these young men pick up Lyme from training in the fields and hills surrounding the base. It is a sad thing.

17 02 2019

THis too shall pass Dora, I am lucky to have found a great medical practice that knows what to do. Hope all is well with you.

17 02 2019
Mary Jane

That quilt is wonderful!

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