7 01 2019



I have missed blogging and my readers so much.  I have been down to an IPad for many months now and finally got another computer which is now up and running thanks to Ricky.  In trying to get it up and running, Staples told us twice to throw a hardly used, 3 year old Dell computer away.  But Ricky was determined and all that was wrong with it was the charging cord.  It does pay to be persistant.


Wow, what a bad year for the garden.  I planted cucumbers, and pumpkins three times and they never grew, too much rain.  I was able to harvest few tomatoes and some string beans.  The one watermelon plant that I planted produced 8 small watermelons..  I did make some pickles but they were soft and i ended up mulching them.  The cukes that I bought would mold overnight.  The garlic and raspberries were great this year luckily.




My hazelnut tree produced two nuts.  Global warming is here to stay.



I have been longing for another Border Leicester sheep since Sadie passed away some years ago.  I love them and they were my first flock of sheep  A friend of mine had what she called a naughty sheep.  Gretel kept looking for greener pastures and finally had to be put into stonger fencing away from her friends.  She asked if I wanted her and despite my age and infermities I agreed.  

I was worried that she might not fit in.  My sheep have been a herd for quite sometime and sheep sometimes give a new sheep a run for their money.    Everything went fine and she is so happy here with her friends.  We are a motly crew here with two old dark sheep who are afraid of their own shadows, Carol K who can be a little naughty and Maude who has only one eye.  I am so glad that I got her.   Her Curly locked wool is sold o Camp Wool in Kennebunk, Maine.

The past year has been a stuggle with lyme, real bad gardening weather and tradegies but the New Year is bright with anticipation of travels with family, better gardening , spinning and rug hooking with friends and many adventures.  Hope you all have a wonderful and Happy New Year.