9 11 2017



Cosmos has had cancer since September of 2016.  Of course he didn’t know his diagnosis so he kept right on being  Cosmo.  They gave him up to 6 months but he kept on.  Every night I would say a little prayer that he would live longer, he had been through so much, changing homes and having an eye out right before he came here. He loved the Fancy Feast and Baby food and occasional treats but stopped eating yesterday.  I knew it was time even though I didn’t want to think about it.   The cancer had spread.

.   I will miss him so much and am grateful for Sue and Genevieve  for picking me to be his caretaker and companion.

Thanks for reading my blog today Carole




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9 11 2017
Eliza Waters

I know it is sad to say goodbye, but you gave him a good home with loving care. At least now, he suffers no more. Peace and blessings.

10 11 2017

Thank you for such kind words I know he would have gone on but in much pain. He us in a better place and my Dad is taking care of him now.

9 11 2017

Aw, Carole. I understand your loss completely. HOW LUCKY YOU WERE THAT COSMO SHARED HIS LIFE WITH YOU❤️

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10 11 2017

Deb, you are so right I was truly to have know him. Thanks you for your kind words.

9 11 2017
Mary Anne Komar

So so so sorry to hear this. What a lovely kitty. You are in my

10 11 2017

Thank you for you kind words, Mary Anne and you prayers.

9 11 2017
Mary Jane

So soory you lost Cosmo…always so hard to lose an animal companion.

10 11 2017

Thank you Mary Jane. My house seems empty without him.

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