22 06 2017


The hot stiffleing weather is gone and we have had a couple of wonderful days  and cool sleeping nights.  Welcome rain for the crops came and went.  Summertime in New England.


11 years ago an acquaintance called and asked me to take in a kitten with a horrible beginning.  At that time I had many cats and thought nothing of taking in another.    I knew it came from a feral family but thought for sure that she would adjust.  11 years later and I have only touched her about 4 times and can never catch her.  She had got very ill.  For weeks I tried every way I could think of to catch her.  Finally the vet gave me a name of a cat catcher (i have to say that I am a little upset with the vet as I have been trying off an on to catch the cat for a few years and they knew it.)  She has always been a tiny cat looking more like a kitten than an adult car.  She has enjoyed the company of many cats and has made friends and has been loved by them and me. .  Her name was Marion but I called her Baby.  She would watch me from the end of the bed but can never got over being feral.   I accepted her as she was, she could never change.

On Monday night Mary (who caught her in the first place 12 years ago, I had forgotten what her name was) came over and caught her and brought her on Tuesday to the Vets.  The vet called and told me that she had a growth the size of a baseball near her heart.  She is now running, free of pain and this world, with her friends across the Rainbow Bridge.  It has left a deep void

Willie the elusive Baby and Shorty resting on the sofa

here at the farm.   She was always in view or with the other cats.    We will all miss her.



I am happiest when the barn is full of hay the pantry is full of cat food and litter and chicken food is in good supply.  My animals come first .

I am glad  to have a great hay supplier so hay will always be there for me.  I am getting 5 bales today  and picked up 10 last week.I plan to get 40 more the end of the month then another 50 off the field this summer.   I want to go into the winter with 100 bales in the barn, it will fill the barn up to the top. I will continue to buy it weekly 5 or 6 bales at a time so I can keep the 100 number


Haying has started here last  weekend.


I have two books on my bed stand at this time.  CROW PLANET BY Lyanda Lynn Haupt and AMERICAN WOVEN COVERLETS by  Carol Stricker.   Two wonderful books and so different.

Crow Planet takes one into the realm of crows.  An interesting and mysterious bird.  Lyanda entwines the lessons about crows with the what is happening  to our environment.  She takes us deep into the lives of crows their behaviors and quirkiness.   I am really enjoying this book.

American Woven Coverlets is a book that I have had since the late 80’s when I was learning  to weave at Hill Institute.  I want to delve into it more now that I am going to weave again.   Carol takes one into all things about coverlets.  From why and how they were made to drafts and pictures.  An interesting book for the person who loves coverlets and for the weaver who wants to learn more.

This saying was in her book  by R. Kipling: The Elephant’s Child

I kept six honest serving men

(They taught me all I knew)

Their names are What and Why and When

And How and Where and Who.

Many thanks for reading my blog on this cloudy day.    Carole











2 responses

22 06 2017

So sorry to hear that Baby didn’t make it….but you are right, she is running pain free now and had 11 safe years with you….

22 06 2017

Thanks so much for your kind words, Got a show this weekend will call you next week.

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