23 04 2017


The woods in back have that spooky feel to them this morning.  The remains of yesterdays rains have turned into a foggy mist. I do love spring rains they bring out more foliage and blossoms. Busy days are ahead with much planting, and mulching to do besides getting ready for The Tuesday Market in Greenfield, and shows.


A week or so ago I noticed that Cosmo was not quite himself.  As of late he has been scampering up and down the stairs and very active.   I worried that his cancer had spread.  Off to the vets we went.  He was terrible in the car howling and about 1/4 mile from the vets he stopped moving.  I raced into the vets office saying that I think Cosmo died on the way there.  They came racing out to the car and there he was in full glory meow.  I look back now and think he has been through so much moving here  loosing his eye right before moving here so many things that he probably panicked.  Well so did I.    He had an ingrown toenail an eye infection.  He gained almost a pound since he was there late last summer. (all those cans of fancy feast!)  He throughly enjoyed most of  his visit,  they gave his tummy a shave which as odd as it is he loves being shaved and of course gave him lots of treats and love.  He is doing well again..  


A few weeks ago  a friend Lynn called me and asked me if I want to visit mutual friends of out Ulla and Dick  I have been wanting to see them for sometime .  They live a few towns southwest of here.  We brought pizza and had wonderful lunch with homemade bread and wonderful home-made blueberry ice cream.   Her sheep are adorable and so friendly. we check out all their projects and spent the afternoon chatting away.  At the end of our visit Ulla  brought out a sweater which she wanted me to have.  All handspun with wool had given her years ago.


 I also came home with this wonderful jar of homemade blueberry jam.

 Hope to visit more often. Great friends and a great day.


Marti and one of her wonderful Finn lambs

I never tire of sheep.  I love all kinds.  A spinning friend Marti just got sheep last year and this is her first lambing.  I never have had lambs but I think that one never tires of the wonderment of it all.  Each one an individual with its proud Mama standing by.  They were running and jumping.  What a wonderful day.  Sheep tend to relax me.  When troubles come I can go and sit among them and the troubles  disappear.

Hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.  









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