15 01 2017


I have been out of commission for a few weeks with a wrenched back.    Getting back into the swig of things again.    The weather has sure been fickle and  there are many bare spots now.  We are in for a cold snap of zero temps at night for the next few nights then back in the 40’s for a while.

Winter Sights

img_7409 img_7410

These were all taken in Colrain.

Mable the chicken

I got Mable this summer with Edna.  Both were due to lay  in the fall.  Edna laid beautiful  pinky-beige eggs and I waited and waited for Mable to lay.  She is the second Cuckoo  Maran that I have had.  Maran’s are suppose  lay very dark almost chocolate colored eggs.  I never did get a dark egg until one cold night I was doing my nightly count and I noticed 5 dark eggs on the floor.  Mable had finally done it and the eggs are dark with some chocolate specks all around them.  A delight for me.  These two sweet birds are named for two of my favorite Great Aunts.  This coming year I would love to get another Olive Egger.  The kingdom of chickens has changed since I first started with them.   It’s exciting to have such a selection of birds to pick from in the spring.

Cranberry-Rosemary Vinegar

I have had the most fun making this delightful vinegar during the holiday season.  It’s easy to make and  can be used as a marinate or as a salad dressing.  I used it in making a dressing for Coleslaw and it added a new dimension to the dressing


If you want to make this find a nice  bottle.  I have friends saving wine bottles for me.  Get some organic cranberries and place them in the jar.  Add one or two branches according to the bottle’s size.  Fill with a quality white vinegar.  Cap and let stand at least two weeks.  A festive holiday 


Cosmo has been doing very well, although the tumor has grown.  He snuggles with me in bed now and talks up a storm when I am on the computer.   Each day is a gift.



Many thanks for reading my blog on this cold winter day.  Carole








8 responses

15 01 2017
Rita Kay

Sorry that you haven’t been feeling well. I was not able to open the picture or info. on the flavored vinegar. It sounded so good.

20 01 2017

HOpe you got the picture

16 01 2017
Eliza Waters

Good to see your post, Carole. Hope you are healing well. Hard to believe Jan. is half gone already. With all the snow melting away, it hardly feels like winter, except for those bitingly cold days. I brought in a pot of forced bulbs today and expect I’ll have a little bit of spring blooming in a few weeks. 🙂

20 01 2017

I don’t know where the time is gone I do like winter to pass quickly though. I am better and slowly getting back on track. I can’t wait to see the tulips again. Soon I hope. I hope to plant my hyacinths today for a spring look in a few weeks. I think those potted bulbs help us get through the winter.i

16 01 2017
Dora Friedli

Your posts are always so calming! A pleasure to read, in such a nervous world. Sorry to hear you hurt your back. Hope you have no more trouble with it.

20 01 2017

Thank you so much for your kind comments. My back is better, doing too much lifting!!!!! Thinking I am 50 still!!! You comment gave me pause to think how lucky I am to be living this life. With all its ups and downs its a wonderful life. The sheep are so calming, the cats so interesting and the chickens are a joy to watch. Thanks for reminding me of this. Often I get so busy with the details that I forget how lucky I am. My best to you.

19 01 2017
Anne Wilson

I do hope you are feeling much better now Carole.

20 01 2017

I am doing much better now. Too much lifting. I realized that I lifted over 300 pounds in a short period of time that day. I have to keep reminding myself that I am 70!!Hope all is well and spring is upon you.

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