29 12 2016


The snow is coming down lightly this morning with heavy snow predicted for the afternoon and evening.  In the end we are suppose to get between 6-12 inches. I  have mixed feelings about winter.  I love these quiet days of snow.  The time spent indoors doing winter projects.  I really dislike the below  zero days and frozen pipes.  I love the sound and smells of a wood fire but at the end of winter I am ready to give up bringing in wood and cleaning out the stove. I love seeing the sheep with their full coats of wool.




  I find each season offers just what I need and I am looking forward to getting lots of winter projects done.  

 Lil wants a pair of ice skates this year.  What fun.  I wouldn’t dare skate now  but would love to!!!!!!  I miss the old days of skating on Bray Lake in Holyoke as a child, the beautiful lake with snow-covered pine trees on the lakes edges.  The fires to warm up with and hot chocolate and marshmallows.  My children were able to enjoy that fun winter activity too.   Maybe Lil will be the fourth generation to skate on Bray Lake.







This year I am trying to keep a small part of their outside yard shoveled .  On the days that are above freezing they can and do go out.  I do cover the area with hay.


Next year the hoop house.


Tis the season to eat lots of oranges.  Don’t throw the peels away.  You can make this wonderful cleaner with two simple ingredients.  Cider vinegar and orange peels.  This is my second year making it and this year I need to make another jar of it  to last the year.  And it smells great too.

I usually don’t have enough to fill a jar so I put whatever peels I have and add the cider vinegar to cover and continue this till the jar is filled.  I leave the jar on a shelf for about a month, shaking occasionally before pouring it off into a permanent jar.    To use put two parts water to one part orange cleaner in a spray bottle.  This is so easy and it is antibacterial too.




As I write this the birds are flocking to the feeders, Mamma and Papa Blue Jay  brought the three kids to the feeders.  I have watched them grow and its so nice to have the here again. Thank you so much for reading my blog on this winter day.  Wish you all a healthy, and prosperous New year.Carole








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29 12 2016
Eliza Waters

Happy New Year, Carole!

30 12 2016

Happy New Year Eliza. If you ever need more yarn please feel free to e-mail me. I have tons!

29 12 2016
Francine Keating

Skating on Bray Lake–it was one of the wonderfully fun parts of long ago winters. It still is very pretty there at the foot of Mt. Tom. MacKenzie Field’s flooded skating rink was another place. It had a brick warming house with a fireplace where you could get warm and get hot chocolate. Another winter joy was sledding on wooden Flexible Flyers down hilly streets that were closed to traffic. Saw horses with signs “closed for coasting” allowed us to spend hours rushing down hill and then, with all that childhood energy, running back up to do it all over again.

30 12 2016

Thanks for reminding me of some other wonderful winter things. What fun we had good memories. I remember that they froze the park area on Westfield Road near my house. I spent many happy hours skating there. No worries in those days. Happy New Year

30 12 2016
Anne Wilson

Hi Carole, hope you had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year to you. We had Pattie and Bill over today which was great. Did you get the little gift and card I sent to you, I posted it at the start of Dec. so you should have got it by now.

30 12 2016

Hello Anne
No I didn’t get it yet. Mail ls slower coming this way. We had a half a foot of snow yesterday. Glad you enjoyed Patti and Bill’s visit. I do miss Patti. SHe has settled into Irish life as I knew she would. The holidays were good now the seed catalogs are coming so I am looking forward to the 2017 gardening year. Happy New Year. Will let you know when the package arrives.

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