1 08 2016


We have gotten the much-needed rain and slightly cooler temps.  The garden is happy.   Sammy has found a wonderful place to spend these hot summer days in comfort.  Under the umbrella bench at the top of the stairs.  With a nice hooked rug underneath who could ask for more.




Yesterday I picked up my bushel of corn from The Farm Stand n Colrian.  They grow the best non GMO corn around.    Many more ears were added to that bushel and the cost was a mere $25.00.  I made a spicy corn relish yesterday with a couple of hot peppers from the garden.


If you are planning to freeze corn the little device above is a time saver.   Unfortunately the red peppers weren’t ready so I used purple peppers.

Today I hope to get lots of corn in the freezer.  Going to try freezing a few ears too.


The Day Lilly’s are mostly gone and its time for Phlox and Tansy to take over.



The tansy has grown quite tall it must love this area.   I will keep planting more to fill up this space.


The pumpkins have come down the hill and spilled over the stone wall.  I will have to gently remove them from Mr. Peppers fence.  I don;t have any idea what kind of pumpkins these are I thew all the pumpkin seeds into a dish and just planted. 


The hops are forming and have provided shelter  and shade for the side yard chickens.


The hot peppers are doing well.


I have had a few of these tasty heirloom tomatoes already.  Many more to come.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and if you are in the area tomorrow stop by at The Tuesday Greenfield Market.  I will have a limited supply of eggs from the gals.  Carole

The age old question why does everyone want to lay their eggs in the same box at the same time?

The age old question why does everyone want to lay their eggs in the same box at the same time?



2 responses

1 08 2016
Dora Friedli

Corn relish looks delicious! Do you water bath or pressure can it? If water bath, do you add citric acid or lemon juice to increase the acidity?

1 08 2016

Hello Dora
Water bath boiling 15 minutes. Cider vinegar was enough acidity. I tasted good yesterday and will get better with age. Carole

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