25 07 2016


Today is supposed to be the hottest day so far this summer and with humidity added to that I have gotten all my outdoor work done by 10 am.  All the animals have plenty of water and shade.



There were two jungles of grapevines with jewel weed mixed in on both sides of the yard.  Both yards need lots of work.  I think all the hard work is done in each now its just the tidying in the driveway side .




The side yard near my Son’s house will require more work.  The people who have lived here before used the side yard as a dumping area.  I though I had cleaned it all up but found more roofing material , a saw and light bulbs . I will finish it up this week.


 I am going to put another raised bed there and hope to get some carrots in soon.  I want to put a window frame on it in the fall so I can have carrots most of the winter.  I did this before and it worked fine.



Things have calmed down in the side yard chicken area.  I think Beatrix took over and Prudence  is in the mix.  Beatrix is now sleeping in the caravan with the rest of the chickens but Prudence is still in the dog house.  She will join them when she wants to.  Emma is being picked on by the jealous Mrs. Brown and Beatrix so there is something I can but to put on her that tastes awful  I may even have some of it and I am going to try that.  When I am there they will get a squirt.



For the past three years my Son and his family and myself have made a day of it at my Cousins Blueberry farm in Chesterfield.  Saturday was a hot day but there is almost always a breeze in Chesterfield.  The berries were huge and sweet  and easy picking.  Some people ate more than they picked!


The following pictures were taken on the way home.  Lots of interesting sites that day.



Many thanks for reading my blog on the sultry, summer day.  Carole



4 responses

27 07 2016
Eliza Waters

That photo of Lil is so charming! 🙂

28 07 2016

She ate more than she picked!

28 07 2016

I am disappointed that Beatrix would pick on anyone. After 4 years of being on the bottom of my shrinking flock I had hoped she would be more gracious than that. Apologies to the lovely Emma who has had a lot of unearned abuse to contend with.
And I hope Prudence is finding her place without her usual pecking. Hope you get some cool temps and some rain soon!!!

28 07 2016

Hope you are enjoying the Irish weather its still hot and probably will be when you get back. How was the cottage? No worries about everyone. Beatrix and Olive are friends. She needed this after being on the bottom for so long. Everyone gets along in the day time. I did bring Emma in she was getting out every day its better for her anyway she was the odd hen out. Prudence is fine she still sleeps in the dog house and doesn’t seem to mind at all. SHe hears the bickering for prime spots and probably is glad she is there.
I do think everyone has sorted things out. Off to Vermont rug hooking tomorrow hope its a little cooler there. Enjoy the rest of your stay. Did you get to the Dunnes in SLigo?

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