23 06 2016


Cool nights and warm days, my idea of summer.  It was blanket weather last night but will warm to the mid 80’s today.  More gardening to get  done..  The weekend will be sunny, perfect weather for The Lavender Fest.



Joe called last week and was haying.  I bought 20 bales to start my winter supply.   Hoping  to get 50 more bales from him next month and slowly increase my supply to 100 bales.  This will be the hay I use when hay is scarce in April through June.    John, whom I get my hay from now assures me that there will be more than enough. It always makes me feel secure when I have a barn full of hay.  We never can count on a winter like last year.

10 bales fit in my van!

10 bales fit in my van!



My favorite show is coming up.  Be sure to come and visit, the weather will be perfect and there will be good food on hand.  Lots of vendors and some fiber animals will be there.  Bring you spinning wheel, rug hooking or knitting and join us.



In my plans not to have to buy holiday decorations I planted 3 Winterberry bushes about 5 years ago.  First of all it was hard to find a place that sells them.  Then finding the perfect place for them.  Only one survived and this year is full of blossoms.  Last year there were few flowers and only one berry which was eaten by some lucky bird.  This year the bush is full of tiny flowers.  I may cover it later in the year.




How lucky we are to have such a unique yarn shop nearby.  Last night I attended a workshop given by Emily who works at Sheep and Shawl.  I have been wanting to take it since I found this sweater and its instructions and hand-spun yarn in a bottom of a trash can full of wool.


I started this in the early 90’s in a workshop. then put it away.  I am grateful that I liked baggy clothes then as I have put on some weight as I have aged and the sweater will still fit me when finished.    I have had to relearn the Linen Stitch and hope to have all the decreases of the arm holes done by next Wednesday night.

Do you have a project you would like to do but need help or like me many unfinished things call Sheep and Shawl and get  started.

Many thanks for reading my blog on this wonderful summer day.  Carole




6 responses

24 06 2016
Eliza Waters

Hope to make it to Lavender Fest. Maybe see you there.
Re: winterberry – you said you have only one plant left so in case you don’t know, all hollies require separate plants (male and female) to bear fruit.

24 06 2016

Hello Eliza
Hope you can come, its such a wonderful place. I did buy a male and two females. Maybe the male survived , can’t remember now where I planted it I was thinking that there may be another on in the neighborhood. Are working in your gardens every day. The weather has been perfect for it. Hope to see you soon.

24 06 2016
Helen Trejo

Excited to see the finished sweater! Are you combining the yarn colors to get the pebbled color effect?

24 06 2016

Good Morning Helen
There are about 6 different yarns being used in it.The linen stitch gives it the pebbled effect. Its a two row stitch. knit 1 yarn in front slip stitch and continue and second row is purl 1 yarn in back slip as to purl. It’s and interesting stitch which adds interest to whatever you are making.

28 06 2016
Prince Snow Farm (@princesnowfarm)

I wish my lavender was that early! Going away for a week and praying it arrives beforehand!

28 06 2016

I think being so near the sea might have something to do with the lateness of your lavender. But you are further south. Who know. But it is blooming always around the end of June here. Perfect time for a Lavender Festival. Hope your travels are for enjoyment. Carole

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