9 06 2016



I am so glad that I didn’t put all my winter clothes away.  It is so cold here today.  The winds are blowing and temps are cold enough for mittens when feeding the outside chickens.  Now I did complain about the hot weather but I guess we do need that to keep the plants growing.


Some pictures of Cindy’s graduation.  Chris drove me back and on Sunday David and his family, myself, Chris and Lilly ad went to Wayland for Ricky’s graduation.  Rick made all sorts of wonderful food and Ricky made Pizza on a new wood fired pizza oven.    It was a wonderful day.

Chris.Cindy.Rick and Ricky

Chris.Cindy.Rick and Ricky




I was so sadden this spring when my large Rugosa rose didn’t sprout leaves.    How would I replace such a beauty.  Recently I decided to cut it down and look for another one.  Lo and behold there was new growth hidden by jewel weed.  




I would love to know why people think that this is a wonderful drop off place for unwanted cats.  I have rescued cats for years.  I love taking in animals that need homes but  there is a limit.  How can these people live with themselves.  There should be a law that every animal be chipped then the people who do these unspeakable things can be fined.  There are three cats living at my son’s barn.   I will trap the latest cat as it is small and probably won’t survive in the wilds long.    A sadness comes over me when I think about animals and people in need.  People think animals have no feelings.  Its taken my Sammy some time to understand that there will always be food and water here.  When a dish gets close to being empty he will stand by it till it gets filled.  It also took him a while to understand that when I reach down to him I am not going to hit him I just want to pet him.    I don’t have a lot of hope for the world.  Yes there are a lot of good people in it but so many child and animals abusers.  So many people hungry and homeless and we here in America can’t seem to do anything about it.  It’s all about corporate greed and now the two people running for president are both corporate people.  I would love to move to a country that cares about its people and animals.  I could see my self living in Nova Scotia.   Well I am here to stay and make the best of this life I have been given.  I love taking care of the animals I have and am becoming more self-sufficient.  I have distanced myself from the corporate world as much as possible and will try give back to people in need.

Many thanks for reading my blog on the cold, windy day, hope its warm where you are.   Carole


On our way to get hay on Saturday Chris and I came across these two.   Herself was on one side of the road squawking and himself on the other.  We stopped and let her cross and all was well.  They look like they had been out for a stroll and were headed back to the barn.






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