2 06 2016


Delightful weather is here with some needed rain tomorrow and Sunday.  I am starting to put in the garden today, late as usual.  It always works out.


Tomorrow night my daughter, Cindy will graduate from Law School.


Its been a dream of her since she started college.  It was put on hold for many reasons.   When she decided to go ahead with it nothing could stop her.  She persevered through serious health problems, the sudden death of her beloved Mother in Law and other obstacles.  Tomorrow night she will get her degree and all will be worthwhile.  I am so proud as is her Husband Rick , her two sons, and her extended family  She will go on helping others.  My Dad and Mom will be watching from above and cheering her on.

Cindy and Rick, Ricky and CHris

Cindy and Rick, Ricky and Chris



I don’t know where they came from. Maybe from some tansy that I got along side the road.  But I love them they have filled in and created a path way to the side yard chickens.  The smell is heavenly.



Francis is going on 14 this summer.  She usually lays beautiful blue eggs in the summer, and loves dirt baths.  You can see age in her eyes but she still goes out every day, looks for worms and takes her dust bath.  She will often, these days come in and take a little nap and head out again later in the afternoon. 



Thanks for reading my blog on this delightful summer day.  hope you day is wonderful.  Carole





7 responses

3 06 2016
Sharon - creativityandfamily

Huge congrats to your daughter Carole! The phlox looks beautiful 😊 I hope you have a lovely weekend. Xx

4 06 2016

Thanks you so much Sharon. It was a beautiful ceremony, she worked so very hard for this, even surgery and cancer couldn’t keep her from her goal. I am proud. The phlox were an unexpected addition to the garden. I love them and the smell is heavenly.

4 06 2016
Anne Wilson

Congratulations to your daughter Carole, you must be so proud. The plant that you show is Sweet rocket, you can use the flowers in salads, ours are all out at the moment, as you say the perfume is beautiful.

15 06 2016

Sending out the package end of the week. I am putting in a rose salve which I made, and now can make the cat toys which will go into the package. I am proud of my daughter, she has been through a lot to get this degree. Now she is studying for the bar. Thank you so much for the name of that plant. I always thought it was wild phlox. Now that you mentioned the name I remember t. They are still in bloom and ever so sweet smelling.

5 06 2016
Eliza Waters

Congrats to Cindy! You must feel quite proud of her.
The flowers are Dame’s Rocket (Hesperis matronalis), a biennial in the mustard family, originally from Europe. It self sows readily and since it grows green the first year and flowers the second year, you might not have any flowers next year. Let it go to seed and those seedlings will flower in 2 years. After a while they might come every year if you save some seed to sow in the off year.

7 06 2016
Francine Keating

Congratulations to Cindy! She worked so hard and she did it. I know how happy you must be for her.

15 06 2016

I am proud and glad that that part is over.

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