26 04 2016




The past 6 weeks have been difficult ones for all here on the farm, especially for Maude.  SO many changes for her.  Her eye has not improved and has gotten worse over the past week.  Being a sheep she is always hitting it or rubbing it and it just hasn’t healed.  Yesterday Dr. Stephanie and I decided to take the eye out.  A radical move but the only one that makes sense.  She can’t see out of it and has managed well without the sight from it..  She will join Cosmo and now there will be a one-eyed cat and a one eyed sheep at the farm.  It’s common for farm animals to have eye problems and have one of their eyes removed.  It doesn’t seem to affect the quality of life.

It will happen tomorrow afternoon and there will be a team of two Vets.  Dr. Stephanie and Dr. Amy.  It is the best choice for my sweet Maude and the sooner that she can be with her friends again the better.  She is so sad to be separated from them even though she can see them.  They eat their hay near her and sleep near her fence. It will be nice to get back to normal.

I will post after surgery  and I hope that it all goes well.  Thanks for reading my blog on this rainy day and I hope you have a lovely day.  Carole




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26 04 2016

Poor Maude…but it does seem like the right thing to do. Nothing else has worked and it will be so much nicer for her to be with her friends and get back to normal. I will be thinking of you both tomorrow. Sending healing thoughts.

26 04 2016

Thanks Patti, I think it’s the best thing to do we have tried everything else. She needs to be back with her buddies

27 04 2016

Surgery over two vets helping each other. She looks good and is under pain medication and antibiotics. She will look like Cosmo when her wool grows in.
She had her grain and hay. THe vet will be back on Saturday to give her another antibiotic shot and check things. They did it in the hay area. I did not watch!!!!Thanks for the good wishes.

26 04 2016
Eliza Waters

When you’ve tried everything else, surgery is the only thing left to do. Not an easy decision, I know. Hoping all goes well for her tomorrow.

27 04 2016

She had the surgery and it was not cancer . She is recovering and had her supper and hay SHe will not be able to go back with the others for a while. So glad its over for the both of us. The next few days I will be watching her like a hawk. Thanks for the good wishes.

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