23 04 2016


We are getting a few showers today but we really need a soaking rain which may come next week.  Its very dry and many brush fires have gotten out of control.


Maude has had quite a bit of stress and changes in her life. Separation from the flock, shearing.  She was doing quite poorly so today the vet came.  The Vet was pleased with  her eye the swelling has gone down considerably.  But she has a little temp and a few other things so today she got two Vitamin B shots and an antibiotic shot.  We are hoping that brings her back to the way she was before shearing.  She has had the chills so She became stylish wearing one of my button down Irish sweaters.  Now she is wearing an old Irish wool blanket.  She looks so cute with her poodle cut and her blanket on.


I have been making these sunflower pins to sell at shows.  Yesterday I decided to add one to one of my summer hats.  I love the look.


We have had showers on and off all the chickens are trying to get cover under a 6 inch wide board.   Only Eddie doesn’t mind the rain.

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you had a wonderful day.   Carole

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for The Massachusetts Sheep and Woolcraft Fair on Memorial Day weekend.







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