31 03 2016


I have been working in the garden area moving hay around, cutting up branches and logs for next years wood burning.  The weather has been good for doing out side work.  Now they are saying that next week we will have a little bit of winter back.


The backyard


As you can probably tell Maude is my favorite of the sheep.  I love the others but Maude  is special.  I have been so worried about her eye.  The swelling has come down and I think her body is taking care of it  Dr. Vassar at sometime may have to stitch the eyelid shut but for now things are going well.  She is still on the pain meds which also help with the inflammation.  A very small dose but it’s just enough.



I have been making these small embroidered lavender squares for a while.  I am looking for more things to put into my booth at shows.  They are a fun project.


Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a lovely day  Carole



2 responses

1 04 2016
Eliza Waters

Glad to hear Maude is coming along. Wasn’t today fabulous? I spent most of it in the garden!

1 04 2016

It was wonderful, I have been cutting up kindling and wood for next winter Still have more of that to do. I planned to plant my peas but a bit of winter weather coming I think I will wait.

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