14 03 2016




We have been enjoying some beautiful  for March, although today we had a little sleet and snow this morning, all gone now.. The long-range forecast is good too.  I am thinking of planting my peas soon.


What a difference a day makes.  Yesterday her eye was a mess.  I called the vet and it seems what I have been doing isn’t working.  She suggested giver her the pain meds again as they help with inflammation which could be why her eye is so itchy.  I did stop some of the itching but not all.    With all her troubles she is still her wonderful, sweet self.


My original tree has grown to over 20 feet tall.  This year I decided to root some cuttings and plant them in a few places near the woods.  They need a damp place to grow.  There are two schools of thought.  One is to root them in water and the other is to plant them in a pot and after all danger of frost is over put them in the soil.  I am trying each method.  I started with the rooting in water which  has worked so far.


People do say that water roots take longer to adjust to the soil.  Today I have planted two in a pot.  


Another interesting fact is that pussy willows have a natural rooting hormone so if there are other cuttings you want to root add  a branch of  willow and it will root faster.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.  Carole



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16 03 2016
Anne Wilson

Bits of chopped up willow will also keep cut flowers fresh for longer. When we do willow cuttings we just stick them straight into the ground at this time of year 99% take.

16 03 2016

That is so interesting. I will remember that this summer. We are subject to frost and possibly snow still. So in the house they stay . Ireland must be beautiful now, I love springtime there. My best to you.

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