10 03 2016


Yesterday was so beautiful.  Temps close to 80.  Today somewhat cooler with some rain.   I still have that retched cold they seem to be hanging on this year.  And the flu is going around too!


The chickens are all happy to be outside and are wondering where the snacks are!


Maude is doing well.  Improving slowly .  My friend Patti and I were talking today about how animals adapt better than people.   They don’t think about tomorrow and beyond they have a disability and adjust and go on which is what she has done.  I feed her grain through the gate, (she is still a little unsure of me) twice a day now.  She is in and out of the barn and eats hay..  There is some movement in her eye underneath the white covering.and that is encouraging.



I want to finish the Market Rug and I had forgotten what dye I used to dye Elliott’s wool so there the rug  sat for a year..  I got together some dyes to dye rug strips and found the color I used.  Pro Chem’s Forest Green.    I will be spinning the wool shortly .



Shorty went to the vet yesterday and was not pleased at all.  He is going on 19.  Blood tests were done and results are not as bad as I thought. There is  a new lab which tells if a cat is going into renal failure so that things can be done to slow down the progression.  It showed that Shorty is in the first stages and so now I will go ahead and have his teeth taken care of before that is not an option.  He has lost a pound since September.   Shorty was quite put out with the vet visit and avoided me the rest of the day.


He is usually such a happy cat, he has some arthritis too and takes it easy most of the day.

I hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.   Carole






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11 03 2016
Sharon - creativityandfamily

So glad that Maude is improving. Hopefully Shorty will soon get over his grumps and forget his vet visit! I’m glad things aren’t as bad as you feared. I hope you soon get rid of that cold Carole. I hope you have a lovely weekend. x

12 03 2016

Hi Sharon
Shorty got over the grumps and is my best friend again. The cold seems to hand on , just when you think its gone its back again. The weekend is going to be lovely. Spring has sprung here. Hope you have a lovely weekend Sharon.
Carole X

12 03 2016
Sharon - creativityandfamily

The most gorgeous spring weather

11 03 2016
Eliza Waters

Thank you so much for my beautiful pussy willows – they are so plush! I was very excited to receive them! 🙂
Love the pic of the inquisitive chickens 🙂 Glad to her Maude continues to improve and Shorty is doing well as old as he is – all that love and TLC pays off. 🙂

12 03 2016

Glad that you are enjoying them. One thing about the bush is that the pussy willows start to come out in December but don’t fully bloom till now. The other bushes I have had before just bloomed now and didn’t come out in December. Shorty has gotten over the Doctors visit. I was ignored for a day! Maude continues to improve slowly. I will call the vet and give her an update. SHe is rubbing her eye more now that I am spraying it so I did stop that and will see what the vet says. Be glad when things get back to normal. More nice weather coming.

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