7 03 2016


Beautiful weather is heading our way.  Looking forward to it.  Wash will be handing on the line. Spring birds are starting to arrive  and sing their cheerful songs.  Betty’s leg is improving and Cindy is awaiting the results from the Bar Exam.  David and his family and myself are all trying to get over colds.  Spring time change comes this weekend.




The vet was back again on Saturday.  Now we think we know what happened.   Instead of a tooth problem the infection was in or near her eye.   In looking things up on the internet I find that this is something that happens to sheep.  She got something in the eye or ate a something that caused an infection such as a berry cane.    Another shot of antibiotics which will last for 10 days was administered.     The swelling on her face has come down quite a bit but it looks like this will leave her blind in that eye.  We are waiting for the swelling to come all the way down before making a decision on the eye.  But for now she cannot see out of it.  She has adapted to that now at first she was very anxious but she has calmed down  and is handling herself well.  She is a sheep that is loving and sweet and she will come through this.

In time if the sight doesn’t come back she will have the eye sewed shut and then I will have a one eyed cat and a one eyed sheep.  It is amazing how those animals figure out ways to compensate.  I am hoping to have many more years with this sweet girl.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole





2 responses

8 03 2016
Eliza Waters

Poor Maude – how sad. A tough break for you. Hope she heals soon.

8 03 2016

Good Morning Eliza
Maude is improving every day. The swelling is coming down slowly She is a trooper. Don’t you ust love this spring weather? Many thanks for the kind words.

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