4 03 2016


We are having a cold snap again but warmer next week.  The ground is still frozen can’t wait to plant some peas .


Poor Maude.  I noticed that she wasn’t rushing to get grain and not eating right so I called the vet.  She came Wednesday morning and its probably an infection.  By the time she came her face was swollen and her eye shut.  She gave her a three day antibiotic shot and some pain meds.  She did eat some Denji last night but would not take  the sheep drench which would giver her body a boost..


She was hard to catch and now is afraid of me  Although Maude and Carol K. were socialized with people the other two sheep were not.  My Border Leicester were trained as lambs to come when called .  I spent countless hours with them and it paid off many times over  Maude is scared.  At noon yesterday I brought up some grain and Denji and she came right over to the fence and ate it.  I was also able to give her her pain medication before that.  I hope to do the same today.


This is another quilt my Grandmother put together.  I like it a lot.  I am gong to keep it on the dining room table and work on it there.  I will have to try and find some old fabric or new reproductions of old fabric.  They have it at my local fabric store.


When I look at the quilt I see pieces of fabric that my Mom must have gotten with the old treadle sewing machine that my Grandmother had.  I think of all the clothes my Grandmother made for her family of 8. 


I have been dyeing wool strips that I have had around getting them ready for The Massachusetts Sheep and Woolcraft Fair.  Some I overdyed with black walnut and others I dyed with with Chemical Dyes.  I am getting rid of a big part of my stash of wool fabric.  I have so much handspun to make rugs out of that I just don’t need it all anymore.  Look for it at the show on Memorial Day Weekend.


Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.  Carole




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4 03 2016
Sharon - creativityandfamily

Poor Maude, I hope she soon picks up, she looks rather sorry for herself! The quilt looks so well loved and reminds me of the task I have in the summer to mend mine! Have a great weekend Carole! x

8 03 2016

Maude is improving it will be slow going but she is a determined girl. I will help her get use to her situation. I hope and pray she will have many more good years.

4 03 2016
Eliza Waters

Hope Maude recovers quickly. Spring is right around the corner – my snowdrops have popped through the ground and will hopefully bloom with the warmth next week!

8 03 2016

I don’t have much popping up right now. Being on the back side of a mountain means spring is a little later here. Still have ice around. Although I think today and tomorrow will solve that problem. Its mud season in the driveway though!!!!! The pussy willows are out in force and spring birds are back Yea

9 03 2016
Eliza Waters

I used to have a black pussy willow, but lost it when we had to redo the septic. Wish I had some – I love them this time of year!

9 03 2016

I can send you a branch to root. Mine are not black but they are the large fluffy kind. I am rooting some more to plant in the woods.

9 03 2016
Eliza Waters

Ooh, that would be delightful. I don’t want to trouble you, though. I could stop by, unless you are heading into SF, I could meet you?

9 03 2016

Good morning Eliza
Would Thursday work for you? My Grandson is going to help me cut some branches today. We could meet in Shelburne Falls.

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