31 03 2016


I have been working in the garden area moving hay around, cutting up branches and logs for next years wood burning.  The weather has been good for doing out side work.  Now they are saying that next week we will have a little bit of winter back.


The backyard


As you can probably tell Maude is my favorite of the sheep.  I love the others but Maude  is special.  I have been so worried about her eye.  The swelling has come down and I think her body is taking care of it  Dr. Vassar at sometime may have to stitch the eyelid shut but for now things are going well.  She is still on the pain meds which also help with the inflammation.  A very small dose but it’s just enough.



I have been making these small embroidered lavender squares for a while.  I am looking for more things to put into my booth at shows.  They are a fun project.


Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a lovely day  Carole


27 03 2016


It’s an overcast but warm day here, too early for spring flowers only the pussy willows are out but tulips are sprouting up and soon bouquets will be all over the house.  Cindy bought me an Easter Lily which is one of my favorite flowers.  The kitchen smells of them and the last hyacinth.



I love Scented Geraniums.  My friend Susan sells them and I always buy a few.  This is the first time I have tried to start them myself.  I used a rooting hormone that my Mom had and so far so good.


The Pussy Willow starts are all doing well.


I have found embroidery again and love to do it evenings.  I have this pattern which I plan to do for some of my shows this year.  I will make them into little whimsical pillows



I picked up my pea seeds and will be planting them soon


.  I have also ordered some flax seeds from The Hermitage in Pa.  Just enough to grow a small 5ft x 10ft plot of flax.  Hoping that I can produce enough to spin into linen yarn.  So exciting.  I have been picked as a volunteer for The Linen Symposium which will be held in August at Old Deerfield Village.  I am over the moon about that.    The symposium is full with a waiting list.


When my children were young we spent a lot of time at Old Sturbridge Village.  I love the time period and it was an educational experience for all.  I did this piece in the early 80’s and it has been frameless for many years.  This has become a priority in recent weeks to find the right frame.  There are fewer places to find old things these days but I did find a shop and was thrilled to find this frame.  It is perfect for the piece.


I also found a marble sink that may be a replacement for the ugly 60’s sink that is in the bathroom now.  Measurements will be taken to see if it will fit.


This is my favorite quote by him and something I try to live by. As we see our country declining we see an increased rate of animal cruelty..

“The Greatness of a nation can be judged by the way it animals are treated”

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20 03 2016



What a year for Pussy Willows!

We have had a week on unsettled weather, with bright sunny days , unexpected high winds, sleet and rain.   Spring is here but winter is taking what I hope will be its last breath.  It’s turned cold and now we are expecting some snow for tonight  It won’t last long as warmer temps are coming in.   We have had a real warm winter.  It is really interesting that there are still some people who don’t believe in Global Warming..  Our whole country has been hit by floods, tornado’s,  weather that is too warm, these are warnings I fear that much worse is yet to come.



This year’s pattern is out and ready for you to print.  Ella Gordon who knits delightful, whimsical Croft House pillows has designed this years hat.  I hope to make one.  Get yours by going on to the Shetland Wool Week site.  Shetland Wool Week is on my bucket list.


Its a slow process.  Today Lauren and I will try and trim more wool off of her face.  Her eye is healing but its slow .  SHe doesn’t seem to know  that there is a problem.  Animals are resilient and live in the moment


Violet overnight got all broody.  COllecting eggs and screaming if anyone came near  She settled in the favorite nesting box and the only egg I left in there was hers.   Someone broke her egg I think it was overcrowding.  With two hens plus VIolet in the nest box it was bound to happen.   There are two other very nice nest boxes but they all seem to want the same one .


She’s all fluffed up, ready to keep the eggs warm.


The first bach of salve is made and labeled.  I am going to make a dandelion salve soon and a Poison Ivy salve too.


Many  thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.  Its Maple Sugaring Weekend here in Western Massachusetts.  VIsit your nearest syrup maker. Carole








14 03 2016




We have been enjoying some beautiful  for March, although today we had a little sleet and snow this morning, all gone now.. The long-range forecast is good too.  I am thinking of planting my peas soon.


What a difference a day makes.  Yesterday her eye was a mess.  I called the vet and it seems what I have been doing isn’t working.  She suggested giver her the pain meds again as they help with inflammation which could be why her eye is so itchy.  I did stop some of the itching but not all.    With all her troubles she is still her wonderful, sweet self.


My original tree has grown to over 20 feet tall.  This year I decided to root some cuttings and plant them in a few places near the woods.  They need a damp place to grow.  There are two schools of thought.  One is to root them in water and the other is to plant them in a pot and after all danger of frost is over put them in the soil.  I am trying each method.  I started with the rooting in water which  has worked so far.


People do say that water roots take longer to adjust to the soil.  Today I have planted two in a pot.  


Another interesting fact is that pussy willows have a natural rooting hormone so if there are other cuttings you want to root add  a branch of  willow and it will root faster.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.  Carole


10 03 2016


Yesterday was so beautiful.  Temps close to 80.  Today somewhat cooler with some rain.   I still have that retched cold they seem to be hanging on this year.  And the flu is going around too!


The chickens are all happy to be outside and are wondering where the snacks are!


Maude is doing well.  Improving slowly .  My friend Patti and I were talking today about how animals adapt better than people.   They don’t think about tomorrow and beyond they have a disability and adjust and go on which is what she has done.  I feed her grain through the gate, (she is still a little unsure of me) twice a day now.  She is in and out of the barn and eats hay..  There is some movement in her eye underneath the white covering.and that is encouraging.



I want to finish the Market Rug and I had forgotten what dye I used to dye Elliott’s wool so there the rug  sat for a year..  I got together some dyes to dye rug strips and found the color I used.  Pro Chem’s Forest Green.    I will be spinning the wool shortly .



Shorty went to the vet yesterday and was not pleased at all.  He is going on 19.  Blood tests were done and results are not as bad as I thought. There is  a new lab which tells if a cat is going into renal failure so that things can be done to slow down the progression.  It showed that Shorty is in the first stages and so now I will go ahead and have his teeth taken care of before that is not an option.  He has lost a pound since September.   Shorty was quite put out with the vet visit and avoided me the rest of the day.


He is usually such a happy cat, he has some arthritis too and takes it easy most of the day.

I hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.   Carole





7 03 2016


Beautiful weather is heading our way.  Looking forward to it.  Wash will be handing on the line. Spring birds are starting to arrive  and sing their cheerful songs.  Betty’s leg is improving and Cindy is awaiting the results from the Bar Exam.  David and his family and myself are all trying to get over colds.  Spring time change comes this weekend.




The vet was back again on Saturday.  Now we think we know what happened.   Instead of a tooth problem the infection was in or near her eye.   In looking things up on the internet I find that this is something that happens to sheep.  She got something in the eye or ate a something that caused an infection such as a berry cane.    Another shot of antibiotics which will last for 10 days was administered.     The swelling on her face has come down quite a bit but it looks like this will leave her blind in that eye.  We are waiting for the swelling to come all the way down before making a decision on the eye.  But for now she cannot see out of it.  She has adapted to that now at first she was very anxious but she has calmed down  and is handling herself well.  She is a sheep that is loving and sweet and she will come through this.

In time if the sight doesn’t come back she will have the eye sewed shut and then I will have a one eyed cat and a one eyed sheep.  It is amazing how those animals figure out ways to compensate.  I am hoping to have many more years with this sweet girl.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole




4 03 2016


We are having a cold snap again but warmer next week.  The ground is still frozen can’t wait to plant some peas .


Poor Maude.  I noticed that she wasn’t rushing to get grain and not eating right so I called the vet.  She came Wednesday morning and its probably an infection.  By the time she came her face was swollen and her eye shut.  She gave her a three day antibiotic shot and some pain meds.  She did eat some Denji last night but would not take  the sheep drench which would giver her body a boost..


She was hard to catch and now is afraid of me  Although Maude and Carol K. were socialized with people the other two sheep were not.  My Border Leicester were trained as lambs to come when called .  I spent countless hours with them and it paid off many times over  Maude is scared.  At noon yesterday I brought up some grain and Denji and she came right over to the fence and ate it.  I was also able to give her her pain medication before that.  I hope to do the same today.


This is another quilt my Grandmother put together.  I like it a lot.  I am gong to keep it on the dining room table and work on it there.  I will have to try and find some old fabric or new reproductions of old fabric.  They have it at my local fabric store.


When I look at the quilt I see pieces of fabric that my Mom must have gotten with the old treadle sewing machine that my Grandmother had.  I think of all the clothes my Grandmother made for her family of 8. 


I have been dyeing wool strips that I have had around getting them ready for The Massachusetts Sheep and Woolcraft Fair.  Some I overdyed with black walnut and others I dyed with with Chemical Dyes.  I am getting rid of a big part of my stash of wool fabric.  I have so much handspun to make rugs out of that I just don’t need it all anymore.  Look for it at the show on Memorial Day Weekend.


Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.  Carole