22 02 2016



Goodbyes are never easy and this one will have its effects on the coop for quite some time.


He was hatched on the farm with his Mother fulfilling her lifelong dream of having a little chick and dying two days later.  He was raised with Hazel and Mrs. Brown soon towering over them.  He was kind and gentle and always let his ladies eat first and protected them from everything even sheltering them with his wings during rain storms .. He was always last to go in at night waiting till all were in safely.  

Even though now the terror Eddie will take over  it will not be the same .  People think its ridiculous to be sad over a rooster  Murphy played such an important role here on the farm and love to be petted and made over, he will be missed by all who knew him.  See you gain my friend.





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22 02 2016

Oh not Murphy! What happened? He will be missed. I am so sorry. I have been thinking about you. We should try to get together. Hang in. Patti

22 02 2016

I have been thinking about you too I lost your cell number could you sent it to my e-mail will give you a call. Don’t now what happened to him looks like he may have had a heart attack. He wasn’t young and they say rooters don’t live long. He was a healthy weight and was eating well but not crowing as much. Crowing takes so much effort. I was lucky to have such a nice rooter. The three that are left aren’t so nice and that made me appreciate him more.

22 02 2016
Francine Keating

So sorry to hear about Murphy. He was King of the Roost and a definite personality. I know that you must miss him terribly. Take care my friend. Fran

8 03 2016

He was a special rooster and is missed Thanks Fran.

23 02 2016
Anne Wilson

Sorry to hear about Murphy, he was a lovely looking bird. Did his comp turn bluish or purple? that is normally the sign of a heart attack.

23 02 2016
Eliza Waters

Sorry to read your news. Not silly to be sad about losing a good rooster. Most can be ornery, so having a gentleman rooster is a blessing.

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