17 02 2016


This winter has been one for the record books  With very warm weather to temps plummeting to more than 15 below.  And the winds were howling and bringing wind chills  close to 35 below.  Last night we had snow and now all the trees are covered in ice.  But the temps are suppose to go up to nearly 50.  With the help of Chris we have gotten through this cold snap with no frozen pipes. What a relief.



This wonderful newsletter about antique wheels and looms is put together by an old friend Florence Feldman Wood.  She and I worked together with many other folks forming the first “GATHERING” a local SOAR type event held in New England.  We reconnected  when I started the FIBERuary Blog.  IF you are interested in wheels  and looms this is the newsletter to have.  There is so much information about upcoming events where to get a wheel repaired and more.



I can’t seem to find any of my mittens  I have  cheap pairs to wear when I am doing dirty chores but my regular ones are missing.  So this year I am making more.  I have done the fleece lined and now I am making a pair of Checker Board Mittens.


The pattern is from The Fox Geese and Fences pattern book by Robin Hansen.  I have made many mittens from this book .


Many thanks for reading my blog today. Carole




5 responses

17 02 2016
Eliza Waters

I hope with all this rain your barn is staying dry. What crazy weather!

21 02 2016

I was surprised that the rain did stay out of the barn. Even though the ground was frozen it found its path. Wasn’t yesterday lovely? I see the sap buckets out so Spring can’t be far away.

21 02 2016
Eliza Waters

Yesterday was so lovely! I sat in the sun on the front porch and read – delightful!

19 02 2016
Sharon - creativityandfamily

I love the colour of your mittens Carole , it sounds as though you need them!! I love the snow for a few days but I’m glad it doesn’t get as cold here!!! How do you keep the house warm enough out do you just wear loads of layers?

21 02 2016

What crazy weather with temps way below zero last week yesterday was in the 50’s. There are huge ice jams all over . the river. My house is more like a British or Irish home. It is old and made of cement. Its very hard to keep warm but nice and cool in the summer. I wear layers, and have tons of woolen blankets on the bed. Hope all is well with you

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