20 01 2016


These past few days have been frigid.  With wind gust from 30 to 40 miles per hour coming off the mountain, you can tell where the air leaks are in this old house!  The winds have died down and the temps will go up to 30 today.


The sheep were toasty with their warm coats, some nice grain and  the barn to selter them.



She finally laid her first egg and its a beauty.  Another Olive Egg Yea.  She is the white with brown hen.


  She has fit in with the crowd and knows to stay away from Samantha and Rosie who are the bossiest of hens.  Anyone within a foot area of them gets a peck.  Wish I had a separate area for them.  But in life we all have to know how to stay clear of trouble Rosemary has learned that lesson.


I have been on Instagram for some time now and thoroughly enjoy it.  It’s a chance to share ideas, view other countries see other people’s pets and children and learn so much.  Today while checking out new people to follow I came across something I want to share with you. A wonderful act of kindness.  A picture venue was set up with  a favorite, Beatrix Potter series laid out , a candle set on a sweet table.   The Woman wrote my Mother read these books to me as a child as  did her Mother to her.  And on her death-bed  I read them to her. This brought tears to my eyes as it did to many other readers.  Such a simple act  brought such comfort to her Mother.  I reminder to us all it’s the simple acts of kindness that mean so much to us.



On most Saturday afternoons a group of knitters and other crafts people will be found at Pine Hill In Colrain.  A get together  of like-minded people to share their adventures in crafts and in life.  Nice crowd last Saturday.

Many thanks for reading my blog on this bright winters day.  Carole





2 responses

20 01 2016
Sharon - creativityandfamily

It sounds so cold your way Carole! Well done Rosemary, the egg is beautiful. The Instagram story is beautiful. x

21 01 2016

It has been cold and has warmed up some. It was in the single number with wind chills of 20 below. That’s gone for the time being and we are looking at a possible storm for Saturday into Sunday. It could go out to sea. Rosemary’s eggs have gotten a little bigger now and she is laying almost every day. I do love that story too, kind and caring we can only hope that our last hours will be that way. Is the flooding over? Best wishes x

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