8 01 2016


Mild weather is coming but first some sleet and ice.  Its suppose to be in the 50’s on Sunday with heavy rains.  Hope it washes the snow away.  I am good now with snow for the winter!


When my children were living at home we had a family membership to Old Sturbridge Village. A working village where you could see people of that time doing their normal day activities.  It was so educational and we loved it.  We went often.  I really felt at home and wish I could have worked there. I loved the Freeman Farm,

Freeman Farm is one of the popular living history exhibits at Old Sturbridge Village in New England

Picture taken with permission from the Old Sturbridge Website.  Freeman Farm

Freeman Farm was warm and inviting with chickens, a beautiful barn and sheep.  A spinning wheel in the parlor a herb garden  in the front and a huge Lilac bush on the side of the house,I could have moved in.


At the end of our tour we always stopped at The Bakery which the kids would each get a huge home-made cookie and we would buy another bag to bring home.  I bought their small recipe booklet and have been making cookies from this book ever since.  


If you ever want a wonderful place to visit that’s both educational and fun visit Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, Mass.  It on my lists of fun things to do this summer.  I haven’t been there in years and think of  it often.  

I would never be in this place in my life if I hadn’t visited Sturbridge VIllage.  It inspired me to learn to spin and I have shared that love with hundreds of people.  You never know in this life what will inspire you and send you on a different path.  Thank you Sturbridge Village for inspiring me and sending me on this path of spinning, sheep the love of herbs, chickens and homespun crafts..

Below is an embroidery piece of “The Salt Box” house I did years ago.  I need to frame it again.


Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.  Carole.

Sturbridge Village has a website which gives you information on the many activities and special events it also lists their normal hours.  Check them out .



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8 01 2016
Eliza Waters

Sturbridge is a great living history museum. I haven’t been since the kids were little, either. I remember being impressed with the mill and sluiceway and their heritage breeds. And the gardens, of course!

10 01 2016

The gardens were lovely weren’t they? In The spring and summer the air was full of wonderful smells drifting through the air.There was always wood smoke in the summer which brought back fond memories Of my Aunt Elizabeth in Chesterfield who cooked with wood all year round. Yes the mill was so interesting. the kids enjoyed seeing it run.

9 01 2016
Sharon - creativityandfamily

Your embroidery is beautiful Carole. It sounds an amazing place, I have often thought it would be lovely to go to one of those back in time places but we don’t have one locally. How great to have a while village. I shall look forward to hearing all about it when you go back. X

10 01 2016

That embroidery was done so many years ago. Has the flood stopped? Hope all is well. I hope to gt back to the village this summer.X

9 01 2016
Francine Keating

I love Sturbridge Village, too. I have fond memories of going in to the Freeman Farm decades ago on a very chilly day in November. At the farmhouse they had just baked gingerbread which smelled so good–ginger, cinnamon, molasses. This was the warm, moist, cake-like real gingerbread not the firm (hard?) cookies. There were only three or four of us visiting so “Mrs. Freeman” gave us each a nice piece of the steaming gingerbread. What a delight. I still bake traditional gingerbread and it is still a comfort especially on a cold winter’s day. Carole, thanks for reminding me.

10 01 2016

I think the Freeman Farm was the best, what a treat having that wonderful gingerbread. I make the cake gingerbread often love it with a spoonful (or more) of home made whipped cream. A place of good memories for us both. It looks like there may be a Camp WOol this April. I will let you know when the details become final. It will be great to see and spend some time with you again. Love, Carole

29 08 2018
Kathleen j. Bond

Love the cookie book my son came home with back in.1987 from a trip at OSV.
I went there today to replace my worn out book and buy one for a gift.Sadly the lady behind the counter told me , there are no more there out of print
.Do you know of a way to get a new book or two? Love the cookies !! Thank you
.mrs. Kathleen j. Bond

31 08 2018

I dont know of any available. I could copy mine and send it to you. I am saddened that they no longer sell them as the recipies were so good.

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