6 01 2016


The cold has arrived and it was 4 degrees this am, tonight falling to about the same then a slight warm up.   Not use to the cold at all.  No frozen pipes so far.




I have many unfinished sock projects and have finished the first of them today.  Have enough yarn left over to make a hat.

I have mending to do on these other two socks, it won’t take long.


Here is another project that I started some years ago.  It will take me quite a while to finish it but I hope to be able to wear it on my next trip to  Ireland.  I am using yarn  from my sheep Wilbur





I bought two packages of bulbs this year.  Just started one yesterday and will be doing a few every day from not on.  Can’t wait till they bloom.  Have had no luck with my Amaryllis this year.  The bulbs are good and they were stored in a dark spot for 6 weeks.  Guess they just aren’t ready.


Every year I buy a Lunar Calendar.    This year I hope to plant my garden by the moon.  My Blogger friend Anne does and her gardens are wonderful  and so productive.


Many thanks for reading my blog on this cold winters night.  Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow.  Carole






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6 01 2016
Sharon - creativityandfamily

Your lunar calendar has me fascinated Carole, how does it work with planting? x

6 01 2016

My blogger friend from Ireland, Anne got this book Gardening and planting by the moon. Her gardens are always so productive so I ordered the book and it will arrive today. The calendars are a different thing. I have had them in my house for years. I often don’t know when there is a full moon and this way I can keep track. So now I have the tools to plant my garden this year. Its worked for centuries and anything that can make my garden better is worth a try. Its a UK book x

6 01 2016
Mary Jane

Happy Mew Year, Carol!

6 01 2016

I have been thinking of you a lot. Hope you have a wonderful and healthy New Year. Hope we see more of each other during the year.

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