3 01 2016


HAPPY AND HEALTHY NE YEAR.  May this New Year bring you joy and happiness.

With immune system difficulties I am sick again and slowly recovering.  I did get over a nasty cold which I had over the holidays.  My resolution this year is to keep my immune system in top shape .  We are getting the coldest weather of the year tomorrow.  I have enjoyed this long spurt of warmish weather.  Got so many more things done outside this winter.



My Grandmother was a seamstress I am not, but I do love to sew.  My friend Fran and I are so grateful to our Mom’s for teaching us that skill. I started  helping my Mom  treadeling the machine  while she sewed I was around 5 at the time.  She made all my dance recital costumes, slip covers and clothes.

I made this quilt in the late 70’s and now its in dire need of repair.  It was made in pieces and I would sit in front of the fireplace on cold winter nights sewing.  Most of the fabrics are from old clothing.  The red and white leaf is from a maternity dress I had made.  




I am getting to know Cosmo in many different ways.  I realize change upsets him immensely.  The holiday week that Chris was here Chris slept in my upstairs bedroom.  Cosmo  got sick and  he is fine now.  This has happened when things changed before.  His life has been full of change last but not least an eye operation and moving here.  I will try to keep things constant for him.

Chris was a big help , bringing in the grain is a big task that I didn’t have to do last week Yea.



The seed catalogs have been arriving since before Christmas.  Wonderful to look at and plan

Hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my log.  Carole




7 responses

3 01 2016

Our little dog doesn’t like change, Christmas and new year has played havoc with her, she goes off her food and goes very quiet, and really sulks when the nephew’s stay,
Hope you are feeling better and have a fabulous new year

4 01 2016

I think the holidays effect us all, but now that I know I can make it better for him next year. Love seeing all your wonderful pictures.I am better, hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year

5 01 2016

I’m glad it’s over with and everything is more or less back to normal, glad you like my pictures and I hope you all have a great new year 🙂

4 01 2016
Sharon - creativityandfamily

Poor Cosmo, hopefully he will gradually become more confident as he realises that there is only love in your home. I now have a quilt reparing hob too, my quilt top that is over 100 years old received a bit of a battering when Hubby and Josh were tussling and messing about on our bed!! I’m really not looking forward to tackling it. Have a lovely week Carole. x

4 01 2016

Its so interesting we both are tackling the same project. This one I am doing has been on an upstairs bed for a year, I am finally making myself do it. This year I will work on finishing all my Grandmother’s quilts that she didn’t finish. I hope the horrible weather is over for you. We are getting quite chilly weather with it going down to 4 above zero tonight. Its only for a few days though and back to normal temps the end of the week. I have enjoyed your blog and getting to know you over this past year. Happy New Year

6 01 2016
Anne Wilson

Hope you are now feeling better Carole. I love patchwork quilts they are a wonderful way to keep memories.

6 01 2016

I am feeling good now, I ordered the moon planting book, so glad you talked about it. It will be here tomorrow, I can;t wait to stat looking through it.Hope all is well. I enjoy your blog so much Just wanted you to know.

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