3 12 2015


It looks like its  a spring day instead of an almost winter day.  Mist is thick in the woods and the temps in the 40’s


My Mom had this wildly colored beach towel.   It was always taken to the beach in Florida.It was surprisingly unlike my Mom.  Inside her house was all painted white, she just didn’t like a lot of color, she was very conservative.  Of all the things I kept from her this one is precious.  But I had to do something with it so it could be used.  So its been sitting around for a few years.  Finally in the summer I cut it up.  It was a little fragile and there was little pieces of the towelling material all over.  I tried to crochet with it to make a bath mat but it raveled more.  Finally this week I decided to braid it.  Now its a table pad.  I do like it and it will go with my primitive red dining room.


In one of the houses I lived in all the rooms were painted white too.  Now I have moved on from that and am making my house so colorful. The kitchen is coco brown and mustard, one of the bedrooms is a pumpkin color and the dining room is primitive red and mustard trim.   This weekend a few friends and I are going to  an open house in Leyden.  Kristen Nicholas, a famous knitter and crafter extraordinaire is holding it in her very colorful house.  We are all hoping to get some new ideas for our worlds.  An exciting thing to look forward to.  And she has lots of sheep.  A kindred spirit.


Today I have made these Gingerbread Men and stars.  I will be bringing them to the Pop Up Shop that is coming up in Turners Falls.  I have made then before and sold them they are not edible and will last a long time.


 Most of the stars will be used in swags which I make.  There will be bay leaves, cranberries and the stars.  The whole kitchen smells wonderful


It saddens me on this night to see more gun violence in California.  I hope and pray that we can stop all of this around the world.

Many thanks for reading my blog on this rainy day.  I hope that you enjoyed the day.  Carole\

Shorty and Willie

Shorty and Willie



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