30 11 2015


The cold spell is here and I am still getting a couple of outside chores done. Life moves at a slower pace after the first of the year.  I am already planning the gardens for next year.  One of the most important things I am going to do is plant a Christmas Greens Garden in  one of the new excavation spots near the stone wall and woods.  Every year I either have to scour the woods or buy Christmas greens and I am sick of it.  I would rather have them growing here for the birds to enjoy and me to pick.  I plan to get 3 Winterberry bushes.  I planted three about 4 years ago and realize that they were not planted in the proper spot and only one survived.  It had one berry on it and a bird got it! I also want to get a couple of of box wood, a couple more holly plants, my only female plant got winter kill during a bitter cold winter a couple of years ago.Add to that a couple of evergreens and I think I will be set.  These will add places for the birds and squirrels along a stone wall and will make a pleasant view from the barn and house.  I have the rest of the winter to look at catalogs to find the best plants.  What fun.


My birthday this year was full of surprises.  It started with a face time from my two daughter saying they had found a car for me.  My poor old car was falling apart.  Now I have a van which will carry more hay and allow me to take many more things to shows.


Next my son said he would rip up all the old floorboards in the barn and replace them.  I have been so concerned about the floor, the water has come in for several years and the floors were rotting.


Even Lil helped


These two things I needed most thank you so much to my children and their spouses.


Everything is set for winter now.  The hose is brought in and the electric water bucket filled and plugged in.




I am going to be involved with my friend, Christa in this Pop Up Shop in Turners Falls for the Christmas Season.  We will start on December 11th and will be open that weekend  each day from 11-5.  And then the following weekend.

I will be giving you more info as the time nears with lists of things that we will be selling.  Buy locally made things and meet the crafters .

Today I am drying oranges for the Christmas Balsam Mix.  The house smells wonderful.



This is the second year Cindy and I have spent Thanksgiving together at Chandlers restaurant and the Deerfield Inn.  Cindy has now finished Law School and will graduate with her class next June.  We may resume our annual Thanksgiving in Ireland next year which we have done for years.  We had a great dinner at Chandlers with a special treat of having my neighbor Christa (the pastry chef) come out and  visit with us on this very busy day.  After a peaceful night and a wonderful breakfast we both went back to our busy lives.

A wonderful raised Herb garden in back of the restaurant at The Deerfield Inn


Old Deerfield is a wonderful place to visit, History of America abounds here.



I wonder who it is   It doesn’t smell skunky, haven’t seen any raccoons around so it might be a possum.  I am sure I will find out.  But it is time for animals to find warmer quarters.


Many thanks for reading my blog on this chilly morning.  Hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole











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30 11 2015
Sharon - creativityandfamily

Happy Birthday Carole, what wonderful surprises from your children. I look forward to hearing more about your pop up shop and finding out who your visitor is. The winter greens garden sounds a great idea too. x

30 11 2015

It has been an exciting time I have been wanting to do something about the greens for a while. I use them all around the house and bring some to the cemetery. It will be a good thing and they will be fresher and last longer than the ones that I buy. I will keep you posted on the visitor hope all is well Carole

30 11 2015
Prince Snow Farm (@princesnowfarm)

Congrats for getting the things you needed most! Ooh orange and balsam yum! I have packed bags of holiday simmering pot pourri for many years.It’s such a sweet gift and makes the house smell wonderful!

1 12 2015

It’s funny how we in business look forward to for different things every year. I look forward to making up the balsam mix I just love it and you’re right the house smells wonderful at this time of year. Hope your day is full of cheer

1 12 2015
Dora Friedli

Hi Carole. Your little granddaughter is adorable! How nice to live close enough to watch her grow up! I have been looking at your pictures of your barn and animals and wondering if the barn is attached to your house? Or do you have to go outside to access it? How convenient for you if it is attached! Dora

1 12 2015

It is wonderful to live next-door and watch grandchildren grow up she is the only one that Live close. My barn is attached to my house and it was the only reason I bought this house never really lookingat the inside of the house when I was considering it the most important thing was the barn was attached. I had spent so many years running water and I see Paths spilling the water. The house was very neglected and after I moved in I realize such but I do love it it’s unique and I’m still enjoying and thankful that the barn is attached. Hope you have a wonderful day

27 12 2015

Where will you buy the Winterberry? We want to plant some this year, too. Vickie

5 01 2016

I will be looking for a source soon and will let you know. Are you interested in a bayberry bush too?

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