26 11 2015


HAPPY THANKSGIVING  to all my American friends and to my friends afar I pray for peace in this world .  The world has changed in just a few days. We are uniting to fight terrorism and we can do it together.  In American this day is a time to reflect and be thankful for the things we have.  America is a land of plenty yet there is still hunger and homelessness.  Its something we all should strive to eradicate.  This year I am so grateful for my children.  All three have helped people and animals in one way or another and continue to do so.

Hope continues in many ways and on my farm this fall day.  Matilda is the shinning star.  Calmly sitting on her nest.


 This farm has given me peace in the most trying times.  The gentle baaing of the sheep, a beautiful egg and cats purring can take your mind off of the troubles.  

I thank you so much for reading my blog and hope that his day beings you joy and happiness.  Peace to all Carole



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