6 11 2015


It has been such beautiful weather and it continues for another day or so, before some cooler but not cold weather comes.  Then another bout of warm weather next week.


These few are done and ready to tag.  I sold them some years ago and are fun to make.  Used to put hot dishes on the pad is full of  fall and winter spices.



In 2011 I went to Nova Scotia to take a class from Deanne Fitzpatrick.  It was a wonderful drive.  I took the highway to Bangor and then took the scenic route from there.  Up and down  evergreen covered mountains, passed fields of low bush blueberries turned crimson and scenic ocean vistas.   I fell in love with Nova Scotia, the people and the land.    If I was younger I would have moved there.  

The class was exciting and Deanne was wonderful to each class member.  We did short travels around Amherst and went to PEI for a day.  On our travels I picked up this Cookbook.  There it has sat on my bookshelf full of cookbooks.  I go through my cookbooks every year sorting out ones that I don’t use and finding new homes for them.  This year I had to move the bookcase and put the Blueberry cookbook to the side.    When I had time I looked the book over.  The author told stories of how she came to write the book, it as so interesting with lots of tidbits about Nova Scotia scattered throughout it..  This gem is full of blueberry recipes, I know you will enjoy it.  The Blueberry Cake recipe was great.  You can get it on Amazon.





Here is a blurry picture of Cosmo with his very own cat nip toy.  He was having a great time and no one was gong to take it away from him!


Many thanks for reading my blog on this warm day.  Carole




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9 11 2015
Kellie from Indiana

Hi Carol! I love anything with blueberries! Speaking of which you had recommended a place to order blueberry bushes and strawberries awhile back. I ordered them both from this place but we had to move and now I cannot remember the name of the catalog. Starts with an N… Ring any bells? I took the blueberry bush with me and now need to order the strawberries again.

9 11 2015

Norse Farms they are online. They ship all over the world. DId you move? I have been thinking about you a lot lately. Remind me to send you some pussy willow branches in the spring. Hope all is well. SO good to hear from you.

11 11 2015
Kellie from Indiana

Yes. Our home was foreclosed on. Fought it till the end. Still very upset about it.

12 11 2015

I am so sorry Kellie, wish you had lived nearby. My Daughter and her Husband have a program for people in your situation called Mass Debt Relief. Helped many people. Thinking of you and hoping things get better real soon.

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