27 10 2015

sheep 005It is with great sadness that I tell you that Marley crossed over the rainbow bridge tonight.  He was an imp and I will miss him terribly.

Only three days ago he was fine wanting me to  scratch him and running about.  I noticed something was not right  2 days ago so the Vet was called.  A wonderful new vet named Stephanie Vasser came and checked him out.  He had stopped eating by then she thought it was a urine blockage.  She gave him a pain meds shot and we hope it would correct itself.    He hadn’t eaten in well over 24 hours and was in pain so the decision was made.    There was no way for him to come back unless he had an operation which in the majority of cases doesn’t work.  I am sure he is running around with his friend Elliott on this starry  night.

Losses are to be expected on a farm, it doesn’t make it any easier.  The death of any member of my farm family is a loss  The barn seems bigger now with two loses within a 6 month period.

You will be missed Marley.  Till we meet again………………hurricane 009



6 responses

28 10 2015
Anne Wilson

So sorry to hear about Marley, he was quite a character.

28 10 2015

Many thanks for your kind words, yes he was a character and those are the ones we seem to miss most.

28 10 2015

Oh Carole, so sorry to hear about Marley. He was an imp, but lovable all the same. I know you will miss him, but I am sure you made the right decision…it is nice to think of him back with Elliot..sleeping under the stars and eating lots of yummy grass. Thinking of you. Patti

28 10 2015

It was so sudden I never even thought of him being the next one to go. I will miss him. Thanks Patti

28 10 2015
Eliza Waters

How sad for you Carole. It is always hard to lose an animal buddy, and so soon after Elliott. I hope they are romping happily together.

28 10 2015

I will miss him, he was such a deal. He is safe and free of pain now and he and Elliott are together again.

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