23 10 2015


We had a warm spell yesterday but a frost last night and we will be in a cooler pattern for the next week.   I have been spending my time trying to get the house buttoned up.  Windows closed and some covered with plastic. I love the fall but its full of busyness.


Yesterday I spent most of the day getting ready to bring the outside chickens in .  The screen door which separates the two flocks needed to be repaired and the Waterer needed to be put in a different place and feeders put back up.  Last night I bought the two new hens and Morticia and Violet in.


 They quickly settled  on the perches.  This morning I tried to catch Eddie with no luck.  I did get Gladys so she is in.  Three more to catch within the next few days.


I made this many years ago and have hardly worn it.  It started off as a sweater but then was made into a vest.  The yarn is thick and the vest is toasty.  I rarely wear coats in the winter now, I do prefer heavy sweaters or vests.



This is my latest project for fall shows.  Woolen hearts with sweet little birds on embroidered  branches.  They will hang with some twine and be filled with balsam.  They are fun to make and I quite enjoy the hand sewing.



Next Wednesday we will be at The Salem Cross Inn for the annual Rug Hooking day sponsored by Woolen Memories Shop. Deb and I have been attending this even for years at least since 2004.  We have so much fun and we catch up with friends that we only see once a year.

Hope you have a wonderful day and thanks you so much for reading my blog.  Carole





6 responses

23 10 2015
Mary Jane

The vest is gorgeous! Can’t wait to see you at the Salem Cross Inn event!!

23 10 2015

Looking forward to catching up with you there

23 10 2015
Sharon - creativityandfamily

I love the vest so much Carole, I can see how you wouldn’t need a coat with that! You hearts are cute too, I love the birds, I always enjoy a bit of hand sewing too. I hope you manage to catch the other hens without too much bother!! I hope you have a lovely weekend. x

23 10 2015

Thank you Sharon, I do love a bit of hand sewing. I think Eddie is going to be the The hard one to catch I brought out a towel this morning to throw over him but he knew what was going to happen I hear you’re having a bit of a cold spell over there we are to have a wonderful weekend

23 10 2015

I made that same sweater in those same colors. It is toasty warm and I wear it on very cold days. I like it as a vest as well. Hmmmm.

23 10 2015

Interesting that we made the same one. Mine is the best because I never finish the sleeves. it’s spun thickly so it’s heavy. Will be warm this winter.

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