6 10 2015


We are lucky to be having beautiful fall weather while other parts of the country are in crisis mode with severe flooding.  The wash is on the line and I am ready to get going a full day of chores.



I put this wreath together yesterday with Chinese Lanterns and bittersweet from the yard.  The bittersweet is not quite open yet but in a few days it will be in full bloom.  This morning it was in the low 40’s so I had better get my herbs picked and dried.  Frost will be here before we know it.


I got the window up in the Chicken Coop.  The wire in front needed fixing so that was done too.  While I was doing that I noticed a few boards that needed to be nailed in and did that.  It’s never just one thing!!!!  I also decided to get the evergreens picked and put in the window box before a hard frost.  I added a pumpkin and some bittersweet for a  fall decoration.


So many of my bird houses this year need repair.  I am painting one of them and hope to get it up sometime tomorrow.  There are three more to fix and get up.  


I got my old walnut hulls saved from last year and am now doing some dyeing .  I have left the wool in with the hulls overnight.  I am hoping that it gives the wool a darker color.




I have been looking all over for a Chervil to embroider.  They are none that pleased me.  The other day I was going to the bank in Shelburne Falls  and parked in the parking lot and saw some Queen Ann Lace.  It looks great in its fall state so I picked three and now am working on a pattern.

I cut them in half and put them on my copier.  I hope the copy is clear enough to  copy free-hand on my fabric.  I plan to start it tomorrow and will let you know how it comes out.


I hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.   Carole






2 responses

7 10 2015
Anne Wilson

What a brilliant idea to use the photocopier, you could create some very interesting pictures this way.

9 10 2015

It worked out well I will post online when get the pattern on the material.

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