29 09 2015


The huge harvest moon lit up the sky Sunday night and the eclipse was a sight to behold.  Cooler weather will be arriving with burst of color in the trees.  Rain is coming in for the next few days and we certainly do need it.



The three hens seem to be doing quite well.  Before the end of October everyone will be in the barn.  And in December most of the gals will be laying again.  I am getting two or three eggs a day now and just a few months ago I was getting 8 or 9

Eddie is quite happy with the new arrivals



Keeping this farm going is a full-time job.  I just don’t have the time to keep up with old projects.  Here are a few of the projects that I want to get finished and will be working on them this fall.


I love this Camp Wool rug of Nubble Light.  I want to finish it this year.  I would hate to say how long I have been working on this rug.  Taking it out and doing the rocks, then its put away then doing the grassy areas and put away etc etc etc.  Its been a hard rug for me as I didn’t want it to look like all the other rugs in this pattern.  I wanted it to look real and after taking a class at Deanne’s in Nova Scotia I was able to get the look I wanted in the rocks, sea, and grassy areas. I have used all kinds of material, from handspun yarn and roving from my sheep to special wool material picked up here and there.  The pin is something my Mom used to wear and I will put it in the sea when I am done.  The puffin flying is Cindy’s favorite bird.    I have to get this done as I have two more rugs to make for David and Betty.  As my friend Deb said its just a weekend’s work.  Will keep you posted on the progress.


This rug pattern I got many years ago too.  I started it and then put it away. Didn’t like the look of the straight lines mixed in with the lettering.   I am not a straight line person. I think I will rip out everything but the lettering.  I do love the chicken and cat and will do the area around the lettering in cream and white.  Drawing little circles to the design which will add depth to it.  I may change the middle to include a sheep or two!

Rug Hooking is so much fun and as you gain  experience your hooking changes..  I love hooking with yarn, I think you can be more creative with it and am so grateful to Deanne for showing the world  how creative one can be with hooking.  I have come to a place in my hooking where I am mostly satisfied with what I do.  Most times its very different than others do but I never was one to follow rules!


Usually I plant the garlic late when its cold.  Yesterday was a beautiful, warm day so the garlic got planted..  Today I will mulch it.   Last year I just didn’t get around to it and I was very sorry.  I love having my own garlic and not having to worry about adding it to my grocery list.  Organic garlic is around $5.00 for 4 bulbs.  Planting garlic cost me $.85 per bulb.   Each bulb had at least  10 cloves on it so I come out way ahead even it only half of them survive.  I hope to get a few more bulbs..


I have a little more room in the hill garden since the work was done in back so more things can be planted in the spring.  I am getting my raspberry patch ready for plants that my friend Joan is giving me .  My two apple trees have survived all the work that has been done on the house and I hope to have a grape arbour put up in two places next spring.


Bird watching

Bird watching

Hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.  Carole



3 responses

30 09 2015
Eliza Waters

Nice rugs – they’ll be wonderful when done. Classic cat photo of Cosmo 🙂

30 09 2015
Sharon - creativityandfamily

I love catching up your life Carole, it is always so interesting to see what is going on. Your hens are so pretty. Your rug hooking picture is looking beautiful, it will be so special when it is finished. x

9 10 2015

Likewise I love seeing what you are doing too.

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