25 09 2015


We are still enjoying the great weather. It has enabled me to get the fencing done.


I am so gad that its  done.  Moving and setting up those 16 foot sections of fencing was harder than I remembered.  Of course I am a lot older now.  Today I hope to start seeding, small areas of the fenced in area.

The sheep had been in the barn for 4 days.  They were glad to be out but bewildered by the fenced in area.

What's going on!

What’s going on!

All was forgotten soon enough when acorns were spotted.  Soon they were  gobbling them up.



Still lots to do out of the sheep area and fixing up the gardens there.  


Its fall and time for my annual visit to John Peters (The Chicken Man)  It’s a trip I always look forward to with anticipation , what kind of hens will come home with me this year.  I promised myself to get only two birds.

Lynn and I met Sheila a fellow chicken lover from Williamsburg and off we went.  Between us we bought 9 hens.  Sheila getting the most at 4, Lynn got two and I got three.  I bought an Easter Egger and two bantam Easter Egger.  They will all start laying in late fall.

Lynn with Emma

Lynn with Emma

I put them in the dog house and there was quite a bit of discussion between them.  There is just enough time for the adjustment and they will be part of the other flock.


Emma is the buff colored Bantam and Rosemary is next to her the bigger bird is Dorothy

Emma is the buff colored Bantam and Rosemary is next to her the bigger bird is Dorothy


I had beautiful large peaches this year but this is how they looked.  I think it’s caused by a moth but don’t know what to do about it.  Any advice?



Woody is back

Woody is back

Many thanks for reading my blog on this beautiful day.  Carole



4 responses

25 09 2015
Eliza Waters

The sheeps’ wool has grown a lot over the summer, bulking up for the cold weather ahead. 🙂 How did ‘only two’ turn to three? 😀

26 09 2015

Yes the sheep are growing another good wool supply. They are happy with the gifts from the heavens that are falling from the Oaks.
Well there were two bantam Easter eggers and eventually I want to have an all bantam flock. Smaller eggs yes, but smaller spaces, easier to manage.less 50 pound bags of feed. I am working slowly on building up a flock.

29 09 2015
Prince Snow Farm (@princesnowfarm)

We have the same woodpeckers.They love our maple.

29 09 2015

There is a dead tree right across the road and they are busy getting all the insects in it. Love watching and hearing them

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